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    So many true words can be found in the previous posts.

    It is right that we got used to Phil and the overall impression because we love him - we love the guys. So, quality is not a parameter that counts in any way when you attend a concert in person.

    Lucky me had the chance to see all the shows in United Kingdom due to the fact of travelling with a group of crazy people calling themselves The Gaylords. One of them has a big caravan and we had the luxurious opportunity to stay where we wanted and it was possible to park the thing very close or right next to the arena. Maybe some of you noticed the caravan with the big Trick Of The Tail image grafittied all over it.

    It was organized by some real hardcore English fans who attended all of the concerts.

    Currently, they bring it over to the US for the next dates.

    Of course, the front man of a band says the same things at all the shows. So here is no exception with Phil. Anyway, no one has attended the shows to see something different each night. There is really enough variety all around the shows: the town, the people, the weather, the food, the girls, the traveling experience itself and so many more... just enjoy yourself!

    Anyone who says the performance was bullshit because he only saw some internet videos can not be taken serious. Of course it was a mediocre performance even if you were in the arena yourself. No suprise and to be expected. Yes, there are even a few people who admit it was just sad and bad. But you are really overwhelmed by so much more that you will not realize it. And that is all the fun.

    I just received an email from the Genesis website hyping the tour. It included a brief article about the bass pedals and guitars that Mike uses on stage, an ad for the CD linked to the tour, and a clock counting down to the first show (insert pun about Counting Out Time here).

    And they are counting only 21 days towards the wrong date which has already been postponed. They are such professional communicators ...!

    Actually, as of today, arenas let me know that people are allowed access if they are healthy or not. Only, if they have flu symptoms they are kept out of the arena. Anyway they also accept printed "proof" of any lateral flow self test. On the VIP access side they are no special checks. All in all it seems that the situation is like in the Netherlands today. There you are only asked on entrance "are you ill?" - "no" - "welcome in." as it is in any restaurants there. All things come to a good end, finally.

    Of course, they always add: This is today's situation and it may change anytime as we are following government's guidance and constantly check current development.

    A friend in NY was freaked out by receiving an official hurricane warning text message advising citizens to make all necessary arrangements to "preserve life". However she reports that little has happened so far and all is well, thank goodness.

    That reminds me of... spreading fear... to preserve life... and little has happened...

    Anyway, back to the weather.

    Really hot today when sitting in the sun. Thunder and lightning to be expected.

    This is why Tony Smith is a rich man.

    Imagine how rich he could have been if only he was not stuck to his fax machine and understood how social media or the internet works. Anyway, I wish him good luck, of course.

    Regarding "foreigners" travelling to the UK shows, it seems fully vaccinated people from any EU country are now welcome with a couple of PCR related caveats. There are other "green" and "amber" countries too where such travel is permitted.

    As some venues and the NHS let me know also 2nd class people are welcome. Everyone coming from outside the UK must provide a negative corona test and book the second test in advance before entering the country. Green country people do not even have to quarantine whatever their vaccination status is.

    The bad thing would be that anyone who travelled with someone who tests positive on day two must quarantine. That is my latest information from last friday.

    Hopefully, we all get as rich as Tony S. when we make it and visit every single show in the UK.

    So disappointing that they remove it silently. I desperately expected the usual empty phrases like: Due to underwhelming demand and unprecedented idiocracy Genesis confirm their unspectacular departure from Ireland for the first time in 100 years. Stay tuned and hold on to your fax machine for even less information because we do not know how internet works.

    Funny times.


    Of course that's you forgetting that bands and touring are business's. They need to follow what their insurance company tells them, what the venue tells them etc.


    Some "foreigners" as you put it, are in red list countries. That is why they cannot travel. Not a decision by the band or the band's tour insurance company.

    That is right. No one has the responsibility for decisions because everyone is told by someone. Like a Domino principle A tells B tells D tells E tells A. Finally, we do what we're told just like in Milgram's experiment. No surprise so far. Do not have to think about it. Just follow. Still, they are not dead yet. So, maybe we will really see some concert.