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    Re-imagined We Can't Dance:

    1. Behind The Lines

    2. Land of Confusion

    3. No Son Of Mine

    4. Driving The Last Spike

    5. Supper's Ready

    6. Carpet Crawlers

    7. Mama

    8. Throwing It All Away

    9. Abacab

    10. Jesus He Knows Me

    11. Dreaming While You Sleep

    12. Never A Time

    13. Home By The Sea

    14. Hold On My Heart

    15. Domino

    16. Fading Lights

    17. Drum Duet

    18. Los Endos


    19. We Can't Dance

    20. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

    21. Invisible Touch

    22. Turn It On Again

    Re-imagined The Last Domino

    1. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (first two verses, a capella)

    2. Land Of Confusion

    3. Behind The Lines

    4. Duchess / Musical Box (outro)

    5. Squonk

    6. Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea

    7. Hold On My Heart

    8. Abacab

    9. Jesus He Knows Me

    -- acoustic set --

    10. That's All

    11. Lover's Leap

    12. Follow You, Follow Me

    13. Mama

    14. Firth of Fifth / I Know What I Like

    15. In Too Deep

    16. Throwing It All Away

    17. Domino

    19. Fading Lights

    Encore 1:

    20. Misunderstanding

    21. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight / Invisible Touch

    Encore 2:

    22. Carpet Crawlers

    23. Turn It On Again

    "Mama" and "Domino" stood out; I think the key changes here really worked and gave them a real 'horror' movie vibe that exploited the darkness of both songs perfectly. "Mama" especially worked with the devilish red lighting and Phil's growling sounding especially menacing.

    Of course, "Duchess" really clicked on an emotional level and was played with incredible power and precision. I feel bad for the one show that got "Misunderstanding" in its place. The lyrics, several of which could be related to Phil's current situation, really hit home for me and I think everyone.

    Finally, I really loved the acoustic "Follow You, Follow Me." I thought it was so stunning and poignant and felt like it was being sung directly to us. Felt like such a tender moment between audience and band.

    Cool videos. I enjoyed this tour a lot, honestly, even if we know that Phil and the band were just about nearing the end of the line. I actually prefer it to the IT era. The Old Medley had some great selections and was a nice change of pace from the "In the Cage" variations, and I loved the trio only "Fading Lights" jam.

    Yea, I always hear "Ripples..." in the "far away, away"'s on "Fading Lights." I also wonder if they were calling back to "Supper's Ready" with the title; the jam also reminds me of "Firth of Fifth" in some spots.

    At this point, the only thing I'd still change in the set is the acoustic "Lamb" in favor of "Lover's Leap." It still bums me that "Supper's Ready" is not popping up in any form for the final tour. Other than that, everything is flowing very well and clicking.

    I'm glad "That's All" was finally brought back, that one went over big at the Garden and got everyone up and clapping.

    One song I'm surprised never made it to the set was "In Too Deep" - for one of their most (over)played singles from their biggest album, it feels weird that it was only ever performed on one tour. I do know it almost replaced "Ripples..." in the States back in 2007.

    Still on a high from last night. Amazing, epic show.

    My father surprised me with tickets a week ago for my birthday, then about an hour before we got in my brother who works hospitality at the Garden got us major seat upgrades. Fantastic view of the whole stage and a great crowd around us.

    The show itself was fantastic. Phil exceeded expectations and was in great shape. His voice sounded good and his humor and spirit were intact. Nic is an absolute beast of a drummer and I can only imagine how good he will be 20 years from now. Tony and Mike were as reliable as ever and Daryl was in fine form. The backing vocals were unobtrusive and added depth and texture to many songs, in particular "Afterglow."

    I'm so glad I wound up getting "Duchess," was really worried "Misunderstanding" would come back again. The visuals were absolutely stunning throughout, particularly "Mama," "Home by the Sea," and "Domino." I loved the acoustic set, particularly "Follow You, Follow Me."

    All in all, a perfect evening. I was exhausted as hell at work today having only slept 4 hours, but it was worth it. I love this band and they are going out in style.

    I listened to a very good recording of the second Chicago show throughout work today, and I have to say it's like night and day compared to first few shows.

    The band sounds very tight and punchy, with Nic especially on his A Game. Tempos, transitions, changes are all ironed out and sound much more deliberate and focused.

    Phil is in far better shape vocally; he actually sustained notes and put some power behind his delivery, particularly "Afterglow," the runs on "Misunderstanding," and "I Can't Dance." The backing vocalists didn't seem to be covering so much as embellishing the sound. I did miss "Duchess" (though it appears to have returned to the set), but "Misunderstanding" was a great version. His enunciation seems to have improved as well.

    I'm surprised they went through with it; in 2007 didn't Tony discussing dropping "Ripples..." for "In Too Deep," which of course they didn't go through with.

    And if anything needs to replace "Lamb" in the acoustic set, it's gotta be "Lover's Leap." I'm really upset they're not representing "SR" at all for the last tour. "Entangled" could've gone there as well, would've worked well with the backing vocalists.

    My ideal swaps:

    "Behind the Lines" for "Abacab"

    The whole medley for "Misunderstanding," "In Too Deep," and "Squonk."

    "Lamb" for "Lover's Leap."

    And put back "Duchess."

    I'm gonna get throttled for this, but drop the medley. "Fading Lights" is a great song but it's anemic slog this tour, especially without the mid-song jam. Drop the whole medley, "Lamb," and "Behind the Lines," then put in "Abacab," "Misunderstanding," and something like "In Too Deep" (by far their biggest hit that isn't being played in terms of still being played regularly on most radio outlets). "Duchess" isn't going anywhere, I don't think, as I think Tony especially recognizes as the show's emotional high point. It's the story of the band.

    I'm going to have to go with the Encore / Three Sides Live tour. At that point, the three man lineup had grown into such a tight, supremely confident lineup and had such a varied selection of quality material at their fingertips. That tour kind of felt like a farewell to the early days in retrospect, with the last ever full "Supper's Ready," the last full "Lamb," "It," and "Watcher" all in the set. And to conclude with the Marquee Gig followed by Six of the Best, the whole tour felt like a celebration of the band'd history up to that point.

    Second for me would be the Mama tour; you can he already sense the band was transitioning into the sleek pop juggernaut of the IT / WCD era, but there's a lot to love about this tour. The musicianship was terrific as always, and Phil was firmly in his vocal peak and never sounded as good live again. The revolving door of old medleys added some variety to the set, "In the Cage" was never done better, and there was generally just a real excitement and energy this tour that felt very natural. By contrast, IT felt like Springsteen during the BITUSA era, particularly the 1987 half: still very entertaining and fun but it felt like they were playing the role of pop stars as opposed to their more authentically honed previous stage presence. I actually think We Can't Dance was a better tour.

    Listened to three complete concerts now. The only bit I am unsure works is the new working of The Lamb. I know some like it, and I assume the band does, but I could dispense with it. From what both Tony and Nic say, I assume they tried adding the closing section of The Musical Box onto it but decided that didn't work.

    The idea that something will be dropped in favour of Abacab seems likely for the upcoming US shows. I can't see them simply adding another 6-9 minutes to the show. That would seem unfair to the British audiences. Abacab was a major hit single here.

    I wonder if it might take the place of TIOA? Does that get played stateside? It was not a significant hit there.

    "TIOA" may not have charted high, like # 58 or something, but it's still played often on rock radio and has been on every U.S. tour since its inception. It's one of their most rousing, well received and energetic rock tracks. I don't see it getting dropped at all. I stand by my projection that if "Abacab" replaces anything, it's "Behind the Lines."

    I have a very strong feeling that they are going to change the setlist slightly for the US leg. Given their talk about having Abacab 'in the wings', rehearsed and with a light production and everything to go with it, plus the fact that - as another poster pointed out and I can totally corroborate - it is still heard fairly regularly on the radio here. I think they will drop something for Abacab. For that reason, to the best of my ability, I'm actually going to avoid spoilers once the stateside leg commences. Fingers crossed 😃

    "Abacab" was on at the grocery store the other day, which made me think of this.

    As for something getting dropped, the only song I'd wanna see go is the cocktail lounge version of "Lamb." Be a shame if they lost "Duchess," which is the emotional high point of the show to my ears. They could also use it as the opener and drop "Behind the Lines," which opened the 2007 tour anyway. Then drop "Lamb" and put "Lover's Leap" in the acoustic section.