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    Yikes! This is, of course, subject to change:

    1) Selling England by The Pound

    2) Duke

    3) Foxtrot

    4) A Trick of the Tail

    5) Abacab

    6) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    7) And Then There Were Three

    8 ) Wind and Wuthering

    9) Genesis

    10) Invisible Touch

    11) Nursery Crime

    12) We Can't Dance

    13) Trespass

    14) From Genesis to Revelation

    15) Calling All Stations

    The way they blended "Behind the Lines," "Duchess" and "Guide Vocal" together in a sort of unofficial or unintended "suite" is what really carries this album. The quiet buildup at the beginning of "Duchess," revolving around the Yamaha CP-70 piano and Roland CompuRhythm drum machine is what really won me over on this album.

    Love this album, and really can't understand why it gets so much hate from some fans! :/ My picks are the following:

    1) Abacab-love the gritty, distorted synth sound on this one

    2) No Reply at All-I'm tired of hearing it everywhere, lol, but there is no denying how strong of a track this is (it was a hit single for a reason). Mike's bass work here is wonderful, as is the piano breakdown towards the end of the song.

    3) Keep it Dark-an interesting take on the new wave dominant at the time; a great churning guitar riff that carries the song, and probably the most interesting lyrics on the entire album.