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    In Birmingham it was doors open at 6.30pm. Genesis on at just gone 8pm. There was no opening act, the only time I saw a support act for Genesis was Invisible Touch at Wembley Stadium where Paul Young was support and he went down like a coal scuttle of vomit. Bottles were being thrown towards the stage. Heady days!

    Tonight Tonight Tonight has been posted finally, seems they had some issues at beginning and Phil forgot words also.

    Tonight Tonight Tonight Video

    Not quite sure how Phil could forget the words when he has the lyrics to every song on a laminated sheet of A4. I watched him slide each one into a little pocket on the edge of the table as each tune finished. I wonder if on the last show in the US he'll post each one into a shredder after each tune ^^

    simoncarbon Thank you. Tonight's the night for me. Did it take long to get through the entrance, do they check every ones phone for covid passes/tests etc.

    I am aiming to be there for 7pm.

    On Monday night it was much quicker than I expected. I was a bit miffed that we had to go through a metal detector to get in - the security guy asked me to hand over my phone so it didn't set it off. Only later I realised that he'd probably held hundreds of other peoples phones during the course of the evening - not exactly an ideal situation for a supposed 'covid secure' venue.

    The Covid Marshall said to us that they were there to count on a counter how many people had provided their covid passes etc. but there wasn't any way that they could stop people without one from entering so people didn't need to worry.

    I definitely showed them mine, because I went to the effort of printing the darn thing off.

    Caveat: This is specifically my experiences from the second birmingham show, and other venues may be stricter! It's safer to bring the covid pass than not!

    As it's a condition of entry I would have thought there was every way that they could stop people entering. Some friends of mine went to a gig at Birmingham 02 Academy the other week and saw people without correct Covid paperwork/status turned away. If they say they can't stop unvaccinated people or people without -ve LFT then what is the point of emailing all this info out to ticket holders?

    I love what I see/hear so far. I'm happy just to see then one more time. God bless Phil - to go what he's going through and still give it his all for the fans. We all get old and most of us coward away from challenges. He isn't.

    Nick is killing it. I understand the quality of the youtube videos is far from perfect, but it sounds like the sound of drums is way in the back of the mix. Drums are an important ingredient in the live sound. Can anybody confirm what they sound like in person?

    I was sat in Block C on the floor last night and the drums were mighty powerful in the mix. I was quite close though so maybe getting a little of the stage sound too.