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    Id be extremely disappointed if 'Follow You Follow Me' and 'Invisible Touch' are not in the setlist

    If i had to choose one it would be 'FYFM'

    Seems like Invisible Touch would have to be played. As for FYFM, there was a small segment where Tony Smith basically said Mike joining Phil on stage during his tour to do that song was the seed that got this whole thing going. So I could see that being played as well.

    Considering "Invisible Touch" is not there, that's hardly the full set, but still looks like a pretty safe, uninteresting show on paper. "Cinema Show" makes me think we'll get "In the Cage" after all, along with "Afterglow."

    Has there been discussion if we're going to get the full "Behind the Line"? It's a song where the backing vocals can fill out the parts Phil can't hit.

    Yes, but I'm still hopeful there will be some good surprises.

    Can't tell from the video as it's just used for the credits and not long long enough to get to any vocals. It is rehearsal footage for the audio though. As far as I could hear, all the music is rehearsal footage. Most considerably lower than the albums.

    Couple things I forgot to mention, Nick sounds extremely good. I've heard him, and he's obviously a good drummer, but I have a soft spot for Phil. I also hadn't heard Nick though a proper mix. He's very good. Cinema show was the highlight for me. Also, background vocals do not bother me nearly as much as I thought they would. They also seem to really help Phils' voice. I don't know if this was previous knowledge or not, but there's a funny segment discussing that fact that Mike and Tony, backup vocal wise, are now officially retired.


    Can you let us know where you saw the documentary? Which channel ?


    I actually work in the PBS system. Would rather not give more info that that. This show isn't available as a standard offer. In order for a station to air it, they'd have to pay extra in order to get this show, as well as other, usually music based programs as well. I'm not seeing a lot of stations airing this in general, and if they do, it probably won't be for at least a month or two.


    New to the forum. This will have A LOT of spoilers. Just keep that in mind...

    I just wanted to say I watched the APT program. It’s very good, but it’s more about them trying to get ready to tour before and during a pandemic. There's also no reference to the North American tour. So I'm thinking this was shot when they were rehearsing thinking the pandemic wouldn't last for long and they'd do the UK/Europe tour and that would be it. Anyway, since this is a setlist forum, here you go... (Don't shoot the messenger. Keep in mind this is for an American audience. So there may be some more obscure songs that wouldn't fit in a PBS program)

    Turn it on Again

    Carpet Crawlers




    That's All into LLDOB (Phil was pushing to give that a try, don't know if it stuck)



    Tonight x3 (Didn't play enough to know if it was the full song or not. I've heard rumors of the instrumental part, but what was filmed was the beginning of the song)

    Cinema Show (interlude) into Afterglow

    Behind the Lines

    Land of Confusion


    Throwing it All Away