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    Sorry this will probably be boring but I saw an interview once where I believe Rutherford and Banks were discussing wind and wuthering and they referred to it as their feminine album.

    That always rubbed me the wrong way. That’s like saying romantic classical is feminine like it is less worthy and not manly enough.

    Dark and gray, an English film a Wednesday play

    Sorry not a big forum guy so I don’t know the etiquette just wanted to talk about a couple songs that I completely dismissed for years and then one day last year it clicked these are great effing songs they have moved up to the top echelon for me for Genesis



    done ranting my wake and bake has settled in nicely back to bed sweet dreams everybody and remember if we can help you we will

    Dreaming of Mercy Street
    Swear they moved that sign
    Looking for mercy
    In your daddy's arms

    those lyrics give me the chills swear they moved that sign are you kidding me?

    I mean it can’t compare to the complex heart-wrenching lyrics of John Cougar lol

    Suckin’' on chilli dog outside the Tastee Freez
    Diane sitting on Jacky's lap
    Got his hands between her knees