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    My wife and I met you and talked to you before the Berene show. We were the Americans with a bunch of British fans with us. Doubt you remember though as you have met so many people.

    Good to see you still love Genesis.

    Some more thoughts. Obviously watching videos shot on phones and live streamed is not anything like being there. I have at least five friends who were at one of the first two concerts and they all had a great time, including one who was healthily sceptical about what to expect - in terms of Phil's singing and the set list.

    I also have perfect pitch so I do always notice songs transposed....but Genesis are far from the only older artists to do this. Elton John has been for many years. The Lord Peter Gabriel himself did when he recorded Lamb overdubs back in the late 90s for the box set. It's not a surprise and not an option to do anything else other than not sing at all. We all get older. Mama sounds even more creepy in the new key than it ever did. And it's supposed to sound creepy. Duchess somehow sounds right. Other songs, feel a bit different. But I would rather hear them sung by the band who wrote them that way than not at all. Remember folks, after this it's Hackett, tribute bands and karaoke.

    I'm surprised Apocalypse isn't in the set after everything Nic said. It now doesn't even appear to have been rehearsed in October 2020. I am stull unsure about the new arrangement of The Lamb but I do applaud the guys for spending time and effort on trying something different. Overall the concerts worked. Better than most expected. Musically the band is firing on all cylinders. Phil still sounds like Phil, just an older version. He does come alive on stage and is getting more enthusiastic about his banter with the audience. They'll be in the palm of his hand by the time they get to London.

    Thanks for the write up. I'll be seeing them twice in Chicago.

    During the 07 tour, there was a German guy who went to every European show and had front row. He was known by everybody. We hung out with him in Berne and Linz. Cool dude. I forgot his name, but did you see him there for these shows?

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    Highlights from yesterday, some very touching moments in here. Watch when they do Fading Lights....

    A lot has been said about the speed and pitch of the the songs. In depth analysis how they playing . I would like to post something form another angle. I'm not a musician and wouldn't know an A from an E or a Z for that matter. I rarely analyse music .

    I for one would have been less happy if they had played perfectly and re created perfect versions of the original pieces. I like see things being done differently.

    They are all getting on . This.tour is intended to be a farewell. Phil is not well. Voice not what it was. This was a tremendous show. Quite emotional. Phil joking about his voice, air drumming on occasions, ( looking a little sad and proud at the same time) doing the old routines one last time. The video throughout TIAA brought on a tear I don't mind admitting as did Fading Lights, it often does with me but Phil linked it with our Covid year and having lost people made it especially poignant. They didn't play perfectly, even I noticed the occasional moment of being off. Did it matter? Not I jot . I really wasn't expecting the show to be as good as it was but it held up as being one of their best. For me. Nic's drumming was out of this world . The light show just gets better . The love and warmth shown towards the band , especially to Phil from the crowd was uplifting,. especially when Phil did his sit down tambourine routine! Live music is about the moment .Players and crowd connecting . The time and place . The fun, the emotion. Genesis had it all. They held me in wonder , not for the first time . Genesis wanted to say a goodbye and so did the fans. Am going to say goodbye to them again , for last time I believe tomorrow. Can't wait!

    Wonderfully said.

    Wow, I love the full version and play it often

    I guess it doesn't matter as we will never hear it live! :)

    The original HBTS/Second is the best. Both the Philly and LA versions have a nice bass mix and Phil's drumming is amazing.

    Speaking of versions, does anybody else love the original Duke tour of Turn it On Again? I think it's the Musica version - I love it on so many levels. Tony's keys have more of a piano sound and Phil's vocals are much different. You can tell it was a new song for them. Every version after that is so/so.