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    What I've noticed is the pace, at least in 2nd HBTS. They seem to be playing it at about the same pace as they did in '92, which for me, is way too fast. '84 and '07, they seemed to play it a little slower, giving it more space and weight. This faster pace thins it out some for me. No need to rush it; take your time and let that mood settle in and build. Just my 2 cents.

    I actually like SHBTS speeded up a bit, but I respect everyone's opinion. I know how you fell, as that is exactly how I felt with the 87 version of Abacab. Way too damn fast....

    I have to agree. In fact, it was watching the full video of the first night that I managed to concentrate on the songs as opposed to the gig itself, where I was just so happy to be there and enjoy the spectacle. On playback, some of the lower keys really grate, and HBTS is the worst example.

    However, what the video brought to my attention is the fact that Mike's guitar playing seems much more focussed and natural now. I loved his solos, I loved Daryl's solos, Nic is just a monster on the drums (though without the jazzy inflections and some of his father's 'swing'), and Tony is - well, Tony. Even his keyboard patches were better this time round.

    I'm happy to take the whole package as is, and I'm so happy be seeing them on the road and seemingly enjoying themselves than pondering what was in the past and what might have been in the setlist.

    Drums set the power - and Nic's drumming is awesome. Even without the dual tone of Chester and Phil - it is driving the songs. SHBTS, LOC, NSOM, all sound great. I do feel that Mike's guitar playing is more focused as well.

    I’m also disappointed they didn’t play Abacab. To be blunt tho I’m not surprised. Mike hasn’t had the inclination to play guitar with any fucking energy for decades. The man who recorded “Out into the daylight” is on his way “out to the pasture”... I kid. Mike is doing a great job from the videos I’ve seen; ESPECIALLY when he’s slappin da bass. But his GUITAR playing has mellowed with age.

    Not on Second Home by the Sea it hasn't - I watched the video and he has really been into the guitar playing. From what I've seen/heard - It's Phil who can't get behind the lyrics of Abacab.

    Usually half a step or even a full step down doesn't sound too bad - but when they take E and lower it to a C - then that is when most of us even without perfect pitch notice the structure of the song has changed.

    But - it's that or nothing at all - we just have to train our ears but more importantly our brains. One band I was in everything was played down a half step, and it took me a while to really get used to it. After some time - I never even heard the differences any more because my brain was used to it.

    The only song from the videos that really strikes me odd is Home by the Sea - that just doesn't sound right at all, plus the energy of the song is like gone. But - they make up with it in Second Home by the Sea. :)

    Maybe he's feeling pressure having to tour the same time Genesis is touring? His post could be showing some insecurity on his part and he felt the need to lash out in humor, although nobody found it funny. This does nothing for the guy but hurt his image even more. Nad? No Sad...

    Maybe he is just an ass.

    I'm guessing the setlist didn't change on the third night in Birmingham either? That, I believe, was the only chance that they would introduce new songs on this British tour. I think that Jesus He Knows Me and Hold On My Heart are ready to go if necessary but probably won't be played unless they change it up slightly for the American tour. I think it may have been decided since last November's rehearsals that neither Abacab nor the Musical Box would be in the set this tour since they weren't printed on the T-Shirts. I still can't believe they did that as well as released the cd with nearly the same setlist order. I am still so disappointed that Abacab didn't make it since it is/was so popular and gives the set another harder rock song. It actually is still one of the songs that is played on classic rock stations here in America. If they did rehearse it though, I fear that it would be the edited version since that again is what is on the CD set. That to me would be worse than not playing it at all.

    I've been looking at the setlist and I thought that it seemed shorter than past ones but it still says it is 140 minutes, which is already over the 2 hours we expected them to play. I really don't know what they would consider dropping to swap another song in. I'm stuck on this.

    I'm disappointed by Abacab as well. I never saw them do it, and was saddened when Phil torpedoed it on the 2007 tour. Would have been great to see.

    I love this band til the end, but Phil/Tony/Mike suffer what many musicians do - judging their own work. To have the songs Fading Lights and TTT in the set in their current form is criminal. TTT the full version is one of their best tracks of all time - and they have gutted it since 92. Fading LIghts without the instrumental section isn't even worth playing.

    But for better or worse, I'll enjoy whatever they give me.

    Let's be clear, I'm not against lowering keys if it allows Phil to sing the songs better. This is pretty normal practice for many singers as their voices lower with age. Roger Daltrey is one of the few in the same age bracket that still sings most songs in the original keys.

    Neil Diamond sang in the original key all the way to the end. Paul Stanley of KISS tries.

    Of note - one thing I can't hear a lot on Phil's voice is effects. The vocal effects that are used today by artists are sick - above anything we could have ever imagined. A lot more than classic reverb, echo, etc.

    You're right Methos. But like many older fans, it's a last chance at seeing band that we've followed through our teens, '20s, '30s, '40s, '50s .... you get the point. I was in a Genesis tribute band for many years so I definitely can empathize with flubs (I was thrilled if I had 2 or less per 2.5 hour show). Unfortunately, YouTube and social media tend to show every wart whereas in the moment, those things are more forgivable.

    I saw Paul McCarntey use an Ipad a few years ago for his Hey Jude lyrics. In his defense, he only used it to start the verse.

    Thanks. Man, these songs are unrecognizable transposed so low. I remember thinking the same thing in '07 with Ripples and other songs but this seems much worse. Duchess also lost a lot of its punch in a lower key. I realize that this is the current reality. Also noticed quite a few flubs in some of the posted videos (e.g. Banks was off tempo pretty badly in Cinema Show last night). Hopefully, opening tour jitters.

    It is what it is. If it bothers someone so much, and I get that it's difficult at times, I would just not go.

    As far as getting lyrics wrong - LOL! I get Beatle song lyrics wrong when I play them live and I've known these songs for 50 years! The brain doesn't work at 50, let alone at 70 as it does when you are 20.

    When I was younger, I saw singers using lyrics, including Gabriel in his shows in 02 and was like WTF! Then when I started to perform, I got a quick awakening.

    Anthony is a great guitarist. In Milwaukee 2 years ago when Mike and Mechanics came though, Daryl opened up for him and during Turn it on Again - Mike, Anthony, and Daryl played it together. It was a great moment.

    I've watched a lot of the online videos - few thoughts:

    Nic is killing it. Sounds great - hits the patterns and the timing is very tight with the band. Do not underestimate how difficult that is to do. Yes - he isn't playing the small subtle fills and patterns that his dad did, but his dad had years and many performances to get the muscle memory locked so that he could play with the unqiue patterns. The power is there and I'm happy as hell we got Nic on the kit. No disrespect to Chester, but his drumming from 92 onwards wasn't very good.

    I love the backup signers. Kind of wish they were more forward in the mix, but hearing harmonies in Carpet Crawlers is a breath of fresh air. Kind of wish Genesis had them in 2007.

    The key changes are not subtle and I totally get why they do it. As a vocalist myself - you have to change the key for your vocal chords. I sing many songs down half a step or so as I can't hit the high E notes like I used to.

    I listen to the clips in my car without seeing the video. No Son of Mine, Carpet Crawlers, I can't Dance and a few others sound great - can't tell it's not 2007. Others Phil struggles with, but I struggle getting out of bed at my age now - so it's all good. Rock on.

    I love what I see/hear so far. I'm happy just to see then one more time. God bless Phil - to go what he's going through and still give it his all for the fans. We all get old and most of us coward away from challenges. He isn't.

    Nick is killing it. I understand the quality of the youtube videos is far from perfect, but it sounds like the sound of drums is way in the back of the mix. Drums are an important ingredient in the live sound. Can anybody confirm what they sound like in person?