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    In Birmingham it was doors open at 6.30pm. Genesis on at just gone 8pm. There was no opening act, the only time I saw a support act for Genesis was Invisible Touch at Wembley Stadium where Paul Young was support and he went down like a coal scuttle of vomit. Bottles were being thrown towards the stage. Heady days!

    Ahh.. so doors open at 6:30, but Genesis didn't start their set until 8? That's good news. I won't stress out about getting there in time now! Thanks for the info.

    Is there an opening band?

    I bought tickets for the Glasgow show on Oct 8th, and it says the show starts at 6:30? I'm worried

    about catching the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow and being there in time for the concert to start.

    6:30 seems really early for a start time.