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    There was an alternate recording bon YouTube but now since gone. Anyone no if it exists elsewhere I can see it? Said pulled or some unknown toe company copyright infringement which is odd as video footage like mine of most of the same show hasn't been pulled. Wonder if something in error. I saw it briefly but didn't get to save it not do o see it on the movement torrents. Any tips please post or if desired pm me. Thank you

    Well, for me, it was for numerous reasons. One doing it how I did I only watched mostly the beginning and just held steady or not much but best as I could while eyes on the band so I did see most of the performance "properly". I wanted a memory for myself. Glad I did. Memory didn't last as long and felt over so quick. Maybe the untealness of seeing vmy favorite band again after the 14 /15 year wait. Lastly, to give something however nonprofessional back to fans.

    Finally I got to contribute.

    Hi. I see assorted nice articles linked on the side of the site reminding us of how various Genesis albums have depending on the release date different anniversaries. Some of them have even hit 50, a rather notable anniversary or so I thought. I think, unfortunately I may know the answer to this question I shall pose but rather ask than assume. Genesis, much as I absolutely love them, are infuriating for what appears to me not giving a damn about their body of work at least with respect to releases. I see so many other artists I love, not all gigantic Rolling Stones/Beatles level bands either, putting out Super Deluxe or Anniversary editions of albums. It has been years since the boxes and even longer since the archives.

    Has anyone in the past 5-ish years (so sorta recently) asked any band members or authorized representatives, whomever that may be, why they do NOT A THING for their album anniversaries or hell even when the band itself hit 50, whether you count from the first incarnation of Genesis or just when Phil first joined, both are 50+ now?

    We know they have or had at The Farm tons of archive live shows. We know they had/have likely some very early stuff that didn't go on the archive boxes. I thought they would have with 50th anniversaries of albums and/or the band PLUS a farewell tour, done well something other than the very half assed greatest hits tour edition. It's bizarre to me relative to other similar sized bands hitting similar milestones, and of course most frustrating.

    Just wondering if anyone actually knows an official stance on this rather than guesses or 15 year old comments from the last tour era box sets.

    I am now uploading some of the video footage I took. More will come tomorrow and the next day. It is very late here. I am well aware, it's FAR from ideal. I was trying to figure it out as I went along with settings on a brand new (to me) phone. Nonetheless, despite my personal preferences which may drive some nuts of panning between people I have something if nothing else for myself that is a memento. I unfortunately only learned upon viewing (it was not apparent during recording on the phone), that I had zoomed in further than I had any business doing for many but not all parts.

    What I am hoping sharing this will do is any of the following:

    a.) Maybe someone can extract audio from it to contribute to a collection of audio that I hope emerges for this particular night of the tour (at least until hopefully something better quality emerges). I was pretty damn close, 6th row, front floor section to the left of the stage so while the live echo sound is present, it's to my ears at least, pretty decent sounding audio even if the video is fairly "meh" in parts.

    b.) Well, it may not be great video, but it's something which is better than nothing. Maybe another fan who was there will appreciate it as a memento too. If better emerges, wonderful. I'd be happy.

    c.) Since, usually no one records the ENTIRE show, perhaps some of my footage covers something no one else did, and could at least contribute to part of the show's footage in a combined effort, should someone who knows how to do that stuff (I do not) put together a video compilation of as much footage of that night as exists.

    d.) hopefully make someone else happy. that's what we're all here for and why we're sharing anyway

    This is the first time I've ever uploaded videos to YT so if I have something less than ideal, please politely clue me in and I'll do what I can if there is something I can improve.

    This is the playlist I'm working on of what I have:

    erglow light during Afterglow?

    I have never put up a single video on YT before and it will take some time, but I'll try and transfer what I shot to share in case it interests anyone beyond my own edification. I had good seats, 6th row, left floor section), but the tall people made shooting video a bit tough. I don't have a fancy camera, I had a Samsung Galaxy S21 (NOT the ultra). I was just learning how to use it so mixed results, but I think due to my closeness, I at least got what hopefully when I view it off the camera nad on my tv will be acceptable enough detail to be worth sharing footage of some of the songs. I tried to get it in 4k. I experimented with the 30 vs 60 fps. I tried between auto settings and pro and ended up realizing later than I wish that the auto kind of sucks for concerts as it was over-exposing too much even when I corrected with the slider thing to say go darker it tried to put it back to too bright too much so I had to constantly do that which is annoying. Pro Video mode allowed keeping settings. I for my taste wanted to pan to see some band members for some parts of songs, others for other parts so I'm not sure how appealing this will be to others, but I know for me it means something to have footage of the show I actually went to. There is doubtless much much better quality from other shows I saw people post. I did the best I know how. I'll share it when I can. Overall, a great show. Did I have more fun in 2007, yes, the show felt more energetic part due to Phils mobility but more I think due to the stage lights and related, but both were great. Phil sounded wonderful. The rest of the band was just as fantastic as before. I'm very glad I went to see them one last time.

    I am hoping so very badly, that someone recorded it that knows what they are doing for audio like some shows have been since they decided not to sell recording of the shows unlike last time. someone pm me if you can please, if you know where i can get an audio recording of Dec 15th Boston. I wish they made it to buy like last time. Hopefully someone went and did it. I have no idea how one does that stuff.

    Hi. I just got home after staying with family since getting out of the show late at night a few hours from home. No Hartford concert this time around so Boston it was for me. I thought the show (I went for the night of the 15th) was great. A few things stand out, some good, some not so good some neutral.

    Not so good:

    1.) I thought the merchandise was perhaps the laziest and stupidest choice of any of the 100 to 150+ "major band" concerts I've been to over the past 25 years. That may not matter to most, but for me, I get such a thrill of the memento of shirts and posters and programs from the shows I love that it was a major bummer. I still got all the shirts they had, but someone must have been an idiot or non-fan who made the choices of what to offer. To be specific:

    * There was not Boston specific shirt despite that less major cities like Belmont got one. If NYC gets one, Boston should too.

    * The shirts they did offer, if anyone recalls the last tour, there were something like 4 to 6 shirts most of which had the tour locations and/or the year on them. Not one shirt with a year or tour locations, not a single one. And of the tour shirts, only really two (for men's) which had dominos and said the last domino but you'd havet o know that's the tour name (yes all of us do and do now but x years from now it would have bee nice to look back and see oh yeah that was these cities in 2021).

    * the remaining shirts were for the I guess to my chagrin typical concert-goer that only knows Invisible Touch and Tonightx3 rather than oh anything else this most brilliant of all bands has done in their sizeable body of work. So we got a generic Invisible Touch shirt, and another shirt with dominos on the side.

    * The three tour "shirts" all were the same design mostly, two were just white vs black, the third grey with slightly different dominos

    *Posters, or more like lack thereof. There were at least 4 poster last tour all different. Some were of the concert images and lighting with the band, some were their albums, and there was that real neat Paul Whitehead art combining past albums art. Paul Whitehead did make a poster for this tour (IMHO, it was much more boring as the album art is barely seen on titled dominos vs the past tour art) but it wasn't sold at the show. The one poster which was sold must have been decided on by a damned moron. They picked Abacab of all things, an album as you all know they had nothing to do with on this tour. Jeez if they are going to do something to cater to fans either do something like a band photo or albums that were actually with material played on the tour or hell even for the I.T.-only crowd that album, not Abacab 40th anniversary with in super teeny tiny laters "tour edition" that you have to put your face right up to see. What a disappointing dumb choice.

    * The program is OK, but pretty lackluster compared to last tour (which not only had a program but a stage and light show based book). I understand Phils lack of previous mobility likely played an influence on stage lighting, but I felt the show could have had more lighting presence compatible with him being seated like last time which felt more ... powerful ... for lack of a better word coming to mind.

    * The VIP stuff for Tonightx3 selection was nothing shirt or poster-wise you couldn't buy at the stands, in fact i went and got an exchange for a hooded sweatshirt since it was not told to us in advance what we got and i had minutes earlier purchased the shirt and program and it was the same poster available. For the price they asked for the Tonightx3 VIP, they could have, like many other bands I went to at similar or less priced VIP given a unique poster or shirt. The necklace of cymbals made of teh type Phil uses or more like used felt also not thought out and in poor taste. The man by no fault of his own, doesn't play drums in this tour, and you are making the giveaway something advertised as the type Phil plays. Just seems like a poorly /no thought out thing. I would have been real happy with a unique poster or shirt or Idk something related to one of the guys who actually plays an instrument.

    So for me, the dinner was OK, but crappier than others have had based on menus I saw posted. NOt that I went for the dinner, but overall the VIP experience of dinner and "goodies" felt very much like no/low-effort even compared to other cities (at least for the food).

    I saw as some did the same lack of serious fans in the VIP section. To my frustration I just missed tying first place to win signed sticks, damn I would have loved that. I got 8 of 10 of the questions asked right on the written portion. some were stupid questions they asked then and after in the live stand up in front of everyone narrow contestants down part. I would have thought rather than what show used this whatever song for a show in the 80's, I admit I didn't know that useless trivia, that something like, hey where did the guys first play a show or when or when did Genesis form or When did Phil join would have been more appropriate. I got as a 2nd place consolation unsigned drumsticks that have wood engraved Nick Collins' name on them. I don't know if those are purchasable elsewhere or made just for this giveaway. it looks like an endorsed product like hey drummers, play with the same sticks your favorite drummer uses. So maybe it's sold elsewhere, but on the other hand, I thought Nick was outside of Genesis fans not really a known entity (he was great though and deserves to be known). If anyone can shed light on that or if the sticks were unique for the show I'd be curious.

    I will post for anyone's interest later when I get on my computer photos of the food menu and the trivia questions.

    Lastly, during the actual show, most was great, two points felt less great for me personally:

    1.) It felt like the show went by so fast relative to when I saw them i 2007 (I went to Boston and Hartford then). Can anyone tell me, was the show in fact shorter time-wise this time (I'd completely understand if so for Phil's sake) but I couldn't tell if it was that surreal type of wonderful experience that time flies by in or if it actually was shorter.

    2.) I didn't care for their re-working of the Lamb, and Dancing with the Moonlit Knight felt like a real shame to me to not do with that amazing guitar solo (I'm bad at telling instruments apart, is that a guitar or bass that does the super awesome fast paced solo in DwtMK?) . I would have gone nuts to hear that played, so it felt a bit like a tease.

    3.) I could have done without That's All or a repeat closer of Carpet Crawlers, though that is a very nice song

    4.) I had the bad fortune to have 3 super tall people in front of me standing the whole time, which the standing is fine, I did too, just stinks when you are short like me behind 3 in a row tall people and it's hard to see.

    Now the good and great:

    Phil did a damn good job. Better than I thought. If you are trying to imagine, I'd say, like others said he was a little lower energy the first song, but rapidly got great. Yes backup singers, but either it was very clever or they were not used as much, because it didn't feel like Phil was dropping out in singing at least that I could notice nearly as much as it appeared in footage I saw on YT of previous shows or the documentary they filmed around rehearsal time.

    Can anyone else tell me, does that match your experience too? Did it seem like Phil actually sung most of the stuff and used less backup singers? I know he didn't go for the high sustained notes so much but it seemed like he did damn near all the singing with much less backup finishing the bits like the documentary and other stuff I saw online for earlier shows, well... showed..

    The songs were a blast to hear. I loved hearing and seeing the video of Home By The Sea and Domino

    Great to hear Duchess (personally I would have loved In the Cage like last time or for something new from Duke, guide vocal too, but we know that wasn't going to happen)

    Afterglow has always been a favorite if not THE favorite song for me, so hearing that was a wonderful emotional thing, I just wish the purple vari-lights were in use like last show or whatever they used for the "Afterglow Purple" we know and love. Is that too nerdy to want the purple Aft

    do we know anything about what was seen when it was shown in twrms of which songs footage exists for? What about into on what exists audiowise. Anything beyond ehats been posted on youtube? Any setlists regardless of whether footage exists to tell us what they played that night?

    So as many of you know the fabled Roundhouse film included not just Genesis but apparently Bowie too. I thought it couldnt hurt to ask of any Bowie nuts in the Steve Hofan Forum knew anything about it. There was the alleged screening in England but my own personal efforts resulted in not finding a single person in attendance assuming it happened who could say anything about it

    The guy with the film had an I Turner presence trying to raise money for restoration or so he claimed but all contacts for him are now descends and no recent t year info exists. Well for what it's worth AI for a response in a Bowie thread saying the guy had been there, seen it, and the Genesis material was the highlight. Unfortunately he said no more. I figured a polite pm to ask of he might please tell me more about what he saw and heard couldnt hurt. I'll update of O get any response. Of course if any of you saw it, please tell what songs did they have or extra footage sile r or otherwise beyond what we've all seen on the short YouTube video and audio snippet of stagnation.

    In case it's of use here is my post andthe response. By all means I'd any of you have an SH forum account and are better question ask see fo ahes bur I asked by PM the relevant stuff so as said if a response is received I'll share it.

    Personally I think its utter crap management didnt pay the guy even if pricey considering they must have the funds I'dthey really wanted it. Genesis is no hole on the wall band even if not as lucrative as the Beatles FFS it's their earliest documentation, how does one not care enough about or to get it...

    Someone has to smoke the sky

    bluedemon25 said:
    What happened wi4h the roundhouse 1970 film of the atomic sunrise Festival? I know it was advertised as being shown. In England for a few nights. Whether that went through in reality I don't know. The guy who has the private copy that was to put together the airing in theaters was and has been hard ro find any extant fo tact information from. He apparently wanted a "ridiculous" amount so it was claimed to provide a copy or part with it. have heard the rumors that Yoko Ono was involved in financing or setting it up and so maybe a copy exists in apple. I come to ask this having been made aware as a Genssis nut and both Bowie and Genesis having been filmed at this show ( and in Genesis's case its rhe earliest known footage of them). I assume this would be the earliest video of Bowie, is that correct? It definitely exists, snippets by the holder of the Genesis portion were released. No one I the Genesis fandom seems to know anything beyond what I summarized. Anyone here amongst the Bowie experts know anything else? Small glimmer of hope that maybe through Bowie fans it will see light one day and in doing so the Genssis portion too.

    The film showing did happen, I went. The highlight was the Genesis footage

    yes he said as much in an interview too, but said nothing of actually releasing any. I gather unfortunately at best it will be a comp of shows making a best of or one shoe they felt came off best rather than 2007 style all shows released.

    Good to know, thanks. Hopefully someone attending Boston 15th will record since I've no clue how to do it. Speaking of logistics wise I'm curious ... how do people get dedicated recorders in shows. I know people do it as the movement torrent site mentioned equipment used on se audience recordings of the recent shows I looked up the device put of curiosity and it's a thing worth two microphones, really clearly dedicated for audoio recording. Csnt see with typical security checks sneaking that in. Are venues generally more permissive than I realized or is some degree of snarkiness I haven't thought of done to get such a thing in?

    How "easy" is it to record with one of those devices? Is it idiot-proof like just click record and hold it and that's it? I'm thinking of the thing I saw called a tascam.