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    Does anyone know without really expensive software how to take a few second clip a video and another clip and join them together in one file without losing resolution or quality? Apparently a lot of my stuff was being very faulty and I got a few seconds here a few seconds there I know it's nothing great but I wanted to put it together for me as one single file at least per song. I'm a bit intrigued where also I had camera snafu but was able to get some stills to throw those in as I've seen done but I have no idea how to go about doing this. A similar but completely different issue is stability of camera shake I know that stuff for this exists but I don't even know where to start and I don't have much budget to be going into pro level stuff is there any such thing as freeware that does this or any point or some people? Thank you everyone.

    I have a bit of an esoteric question but am I interest other people too. I'm sure you've all seen the pink and yellow lettering I /O album theme even if that does not appear to be from what we've seen the actual album cover. I have seen what I presume her some bootleg enterprising individuals I don't know what else to call redbubble and similar sites anyway since it's not their IP that are selling posters with the pink and yellow IO and the tour dates that match the European tour. I guess there are alternatives that have Peter Gabriel's face but I'd rather like the I/O.

    Here's my conundrum. I have found a few of the North American version images that use pink and blue instead of pink and yellow. It seems to be consistent so I'm assuming pink and blue are for the North American things. There is however one argument against this which is that one of the t-shirts one of the very few it is concerts that actually said much of anything was black with just a purple I/o and that was clearly different than the European version shirt.

    When I found these pink and blue North American images I have not found a single case where it's the full image rather than like someone took a horizontal crop and cut off most of the top and bottom of the image.

    Since as far as I know there have been no good posters or posters period really for fans to buy off the PG store that are official products (nor did I see any at the stand at the concert I attended) I'm willing to make do with either putting together my own or buying one from one of these enterprising individuals posters that I guess you'd call third party since there's nothing official from pg. However I've seen not a single one that does the North American tour dates or at least lists if nothing else Boston and state which is the show I went to.

    Given a choice I said prefer the one that has all the tour dates inclusive of Boston not just boston.

    So that brings me to this question for the group I see even our own website here lists at the following link I put towards the end. It shows an image that says dates and set lists, but it's a cropped image or it looks like one. Just making a guess but if there is a full image and it says on the craft one dates and setlists I'm assuming it might say on the full image either the dates and or setlists. And uses the correct pink and blue. That's exactly what I'm looking for if such an uncropped image exists could whoever is involved in the site whether management or art design that put it at the link I'm going to supply the end which is to the image on this very own site tell me if a full size image exists and if they would possibly be so kind to share it?

    I am not looking to do this commercially I just want to make myself a poster and maybe a t-shirt just for me you'll never have to worry about it going elsewhere on eBay or whatever. If that image was never made in full does anyone know where I can get one.

    I'd rather not have to delve down the rabbit hole of trying to find a high quality European one and in Photoshop, individually editing every single date not to mention the color to reflect North American dates and color.

    But I'm so bummed out not to have that poster with the pink and blue colors I like so much that he used for North America akin to what he used.

    If anyone knows where I can get either a full image with the reddish pink and the blue like you've seen in various advertisements and also on the image below but non-cropped and in full that shows the dates and locations I'm not as fussed about the setlist but that's a great bonus or even better if similar is shown and there's a non crop version of this one below that too and at least not terrible resolution so I can make it a poster printed to hang up in my room or a t-shirt for me although I'm really going for the poster. Thank you any fellow formers who may be able to assist with this much appreciated.


    Was wonderful. I have some extremely faulty footage I will try to upload at some point to share in case it would please anyone. I tried to record but I guess I kept my eye on Pete or not on the camera and often slipped of the hand so it's just the headless Peter singing oh well. Had some snafu issues with the record button actually being pressed and then stopped so I missed footage I really wanted hopefully someone else got it. I was on the side in second row. I thought the visuals were fantastic and he did a great job. I was disappointed there were no posters for sale and that the shirts were kind of bland and design compared to the creative visuals of the show and the whole link with art I thought there would be more in touch with that. Oh well. Maybe we'll do something like after the Genesis show and even after the tour is basically wrapped release a nice poster or shirt or both for it. I hope there's some official recording from the tour this was a great one. Especially fond of Love Heals paired with Darkness and Road to Joy.

    yes. I was curious about the box set and while I did think it had been put to rest as you said. I noticed on another forum posting of a possible product listing. Sometimes these things have been real so I was curious if anyone had any news. Besides even if it have been ceased previously it's not impossible to believe that see the dollar signs from doing similar that so many bands are putting out and having had now concerts in recent memory potentially evaluating that there would be more willing people to purchase something. This is what I was talking about that someone else posted. I am where it could be total BS but sometimes these things are legit so I was curious if anyone knew officially not just guessing.…-4-cd-6958595-muzyka.html

    They're about equal having lived at both. My point that you seem to have missed was Belmont surely is not yet it got a shirt. It was sloppy and crappy whomever was the decision maker for merchandise. If Belmont got one Boston should have. Ditto I'd NYC did. And every venue should have give top tier tickets the proper tour poster not just some.

    Well what about a best of your album or MOD location specific. You did post that engineer interview where he said the audio at least would be recorded. True he never promised what would be done with it. But it seems really s&&tty to just tease us with the info they're being recorded at least audio wise, and then just throw it in the black hole that is their archives.

    this is tangentially related but I thought possible worth sharing. I saw discussion in the SH music forum on a Bowie thread about his performance at AS festival. More specifically it said there would be a streaming event of it late Sept (22nd IIRC). This info comes by way of a YouTube Bowie at Roundhouse video posted and in the comments the owner clarified the streaming date. Whether it is a portion the whole thing including Genesis or just Bowie as usual info was extremely limited. Let me pass the place I saw this mentioned for Amy interestes to see themselves:

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    Does anyone know what they actually played at Roundhouse VS what was actually recorded? I assume as often not every song for recorded. I remember I think there was a snippet of stagnation audio a band member has turned up but what else do we KNOW or at least suspect was recorded?

    I wish the guy would actually for once answer. Every time he appears and says people say x y and z I'm ready and willing and interested to hear from him tell his story but he never seems to anywhere I can see. Just instead repeats frustrations with stated claims others made and disappears to never tell us anything.

    I'm glad they were eventually offered but po'd it was such that Boston a major US city got screwed with merch relative to other US stops.

    a. No Boston shirt but Belmont NY got one? Wtf?

    b. Poster was not available a crappy Abacab poster with teeny tiny "tour edition" as the only change to indicate anything about the tour (poor choice considering Abacab was prominently absent from the setlist) so a 40rh anniversary Abacab poster is a piss poor tour merch.

    c. Found someone selling the legit poster offered at I guess some stops but not to Boston at least not for top VIP seats (lame)' on eBay and a day after buying they now offloaded for much cheaper than I paid the posters in fact with shirts it came free

    D. The shirts variety sucked relative to last tour . Finally they put out the new shirt which is nice but heaven forbid they had that available at the time of the shows instead of shirts with nothing to do with the tour or 3 variants of the same image.

    I love Genesis my all time favorite for decades. But this tour which should have been a huge celebration considering its finality and 50+ years had such laziness with aspects I look so forward to as part of the celebration. It felt like such a bummer. Than to tell us that no filming will be done and no video or audio released. At all. For the last ever tour even though the audio engineer was interviewed and said they'd be taping the shows. Guess they love collecting recorded shows on The Farm but hidden for no one to hear. Really infuriating. Glad I and other fans made recordings to help with the memories of the band is going to be so damned stingy and act like they couldn't give a damn.