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    I am STILL buzzing over last night's show. Absolutely phenomenal for my first (and likely last) Genesis show. If this is what a "diminished" Genesis sounds like I cannot imagine how powerful they must have been in their prime. Some thoughts:

    - Phil did sound a little weak during Turn it on Again but picked it up for most of the rest of the show. Frail as he is, his charisma and stage presence is still intact and he had the crowd in the palm of his hand the entire evening. The intro to Domino was amazing, and hilarious.

    - Mama was STUNNING. Phil's laugh was mesmerizing.

    - The Land of Confusion video is tremendous, and the song sounds great in a lower key. More heavy. Loved it.

    - Home by the Sea had a great video as well.

    - Nic, to me, was the MVP. He is clearly his father's son behind the kit. He is a tremendous player, I am intrigued to see what he does going forward. Get this kid a band!

    - Mike, Tony, and Phil in the spotlight for Fading Lights was very moving. Mike with his iconic 12string/bass, Tony's swaths of organ, and Phil's delivery was beautiful. I've always really liked that song, and consider it the true "final" Genesis track. I watched some 1998 footage recently and while Ray Wilson is a fine singer, it didn't feel like Genesis to me...more like Mike and Tony play Genesis tracks live. The transition into Cinema Show was effective and not as jarring as some have made it out to be, and Afterglow was great to hear. Would've liked a little more from W&W or something from ATOTT.

    - The acoustic set was intimate and well done. The crowd loved it.

    - FOF>IKWIL was a huge highlight for me, and seeing Phil doing a pared back tambourine routine was awesome.

    I've come around to the 80s stuff as I get older (I'm 36), but Selling England and The Lamb will always top the list.

    - The sleeves of Genesis albums and the footage of their history during Throwing it All Away was awesome and a huge highlight of the IT stuff that they played.

    - The video/GIF for I Can't Dance was a riot.

    - Closing out with Carpet Crawlers was such a great way for Genesis to close the book on their career for me, that song served as the gateway into their Gabriel era back when I was 19 or 20 and got really into the prog Genesis.

    All in all, pristine sound quality and a great show. I wish I could go tonight.