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    I think it goes without saying that there will be a live recording available. Cd and/or DVD...watching the documentary I'm not impressed. Phil has to sing the songs in a different way now and, although he is in tune, I dont like it.

    I think (unfortunately) that for any official release they'll really have to do a lot of work on Phil's voice.

    His timing is all over the place - on so many songs the vocals are way out of sync with the music.

    And I hate autotune, but sadly I think it might be necessary too.

    Selling England By The Pound
    ...And Then There Were Three

    I simply cannot choose a third album, as it varies so much from day to day between Foxtrot, Wind & Wuthering and Duke. Today I'd pick Foxtrot. Yesterday it was W&W.

    There is not much of a Gabriel vs Collins split for me. Pre-Foxtrot and post-Duke, all the albums have some brilliant tracks along with some filler.

    That said, I do prefer complex arrangements, imaginative stories and a pastoral atmosphere in my filler rather than overproduced, slick-but-dated electronics and banal lyrics.

    When I play post-Duke albums, I will actually skip many tracks, whereas with pre-Foxtrot albums I'll let the albums play right through. (Except From Genesis To Revelation - I can't stand any of it!)