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    I'm from Manchester originally and would have got tickets for there but my son was intending to spend a year studying at Leeds Uni, so I thought I'd fly there and we could go to the concert together. Covid scuppered that last year and with all the uncertainty he decided to finish his degree at Uni here in Valencia. Coming over with all the rules and regulations about 48 hour tests on arrival was just too much and work is bedlam at the moment as well, so I'm forced to miss the concert. Not sure if anyone will take me up on the offer - I really don't know where else to post to let people know they're available.

    Hi. I've seen them at every tour since 1979 and have 2 tickets for the show in Leeds tonight, but living in Spain means that getting over would be just too complicated with all the test requirements, etc. My son should have been studying for 1 year at Leeds Uni as part of the Erasmus program, so I was going to fly over and then we'd go to the concert together. Covid put paid to that and it's just not feasible to come now.

    I had them for resale on Ticketmaster but they are removed from sale 3 days before the concert. I can transfer them though, so they are free to any Genesis fan who can arrange to get to Leeds at such short notice this evening. I paid 137 pounds a ticket, but at this stage would happily give them away rather than there be 2 empty seats tonight.