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Steve Rothery & Steve Hackett: Joint album in 2024

Rothery reveals plans during German Marillion weekend

Prior to the Marillion weekend that takes place in Berlin, Germany, Steve Rothery has revealed plans for a joint album with Steve Hackett during a pre-show concert on Thursday. Rothery said they have made progress during the last months and an album release is planned for September 2024. No futher details are available right now.

Steve Hackett and Steve Rotrhery have joined forces on many occasions, i.e. the rerecording of the GTR track When The Heart Rules The Mind a couple of years ago, but they never made a whole album together so far.

You can also discuss this in our forum in this thread.

Photo by Volker Warncke, taken 22 June 2023

published on 22.06.23 19:34 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

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