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The Backstage: A Steve Hackett Band project

First album "Isolation" out soon

Three members of Steve Hackett's live band have been working on a special project during the Corona-break. They have formed a band called The Backstage. Members of this band are Jonas Reingold, Craig Blundell and Rob Townsend.

The Backstage

The Backstage about how this project came about:

12th of March 2020, we just finished the gig with the Steve Hackett Band in the wonderful Miller Symphony Hall in Allentown PA. We had heard rumors that the rest of the US leg was in the danger of being cancelled or postponed due to a mysterious virus, we were worried. But to be perfectly honest, we’d been worried ever since January when in the news they talked about a new virus surfacing from this Chinese town called Wuhan which was very contagious. Jonas joked ironically to the sound engineer sat next to him, ok, there goes 2020. Little did we know how right his prediction would be.

Two days later scrolling through e-mails, boom, tour is over, you are going home tomorrow. Game over! It was quite clear that this virus would affect the whole year. We had tours in Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and in the autumn the Seconds Out tour through Europe ending in November with 27 gigs in the UK. A whole year of work wiped out in one e-mail. After reading the e-mail three times to be 100% certain, the mini bar was opened and ransacked!

On the way back we discussed what to do with the rest of this year and we recalled that we’d been jamming on things in dressing rooms and soundchecks to the “delight” of our fine soundman Ben Fenner. Hey, why don’t we record some of that and make a CD, invite people that we like and call the project The Backstage. The Backstage was born.

Here we are, 5 months later with this very CD in our hands. Yes, we all hate Covid-19 and feel sorry for all that have been sick, for all those who lost friends and family members in this tragedy, businesses that have gone bust, families that have been shattered. But this recording proves that you can turn things around in the darkest of times. Covid-19 kicked all our asses but we tued it into something creative and hopefully for you, something pleasant to listen to.

Thanks to each and everyone, guests on the album and people who supported us financially. I hope we can all have this CD as a historical document from a dark time, but a dark time that had strains of light seeping through the cracks and in the end made us all stronger.

Chris Lord Alge has mixed the album Isolation which contains the following tracks:

01. Some Skunk Blues
02. Swag
03. Stones And Pebbles
04. Distancing
05. 31 Ways To Lose Your Lover
06. All the Things you Were
07. Can I Have Your Number?
08. Isolation
09. Yuff Market
10. Covid Nights

There are several interesting guest musicians on this record:

Steve Hackett, Tom Brislin, Marco Minneman, Nick Beggs, Roger King, Roine Stolt, Pat Mastelotto, Mike Thorne, Andy Tillison, Krister Jonsson, Carl Orr, Adam Holzman, Luke Machin, Randy McStine, James Taylor, Lelo Nika, Chris Lord Alge and Lalle Larsson.

The album will be released by Reingold Records in a Digipak and can be preordered here. A digital version of the album is also available elsewhere.

Bandphoto: Jonas Reingold
Cover The Backstage

published on 20.09.20 07:34 by Christian @ Steve Hackett

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