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Genesis - BBC Boradcasts Boxsets 2023

Genesis - BBC Broadcasts (2023)

The 5CD and 3LP-boxsets in detail

Genesis and the BBC - there have been several radio broadcasts of the band's performances on the traditional British radio station. These go back to 1970 and the last time there was a broadcast of a Genesis concert was in 2007. There are many recordings and bootlegs circulating among the fans, because only a few of these broadcasts have been officially released so far. All the greater was the joy when it was announced in autumn 2022 that Genesis would be releasing a BBC box set. Genesis: BBC Broadcasts will be released on 3 March 2023 as a 5CD set or 3LP box. It can now be preordered, i.e. at Burningshed, amazonUK, amazonFR, and elsewhere.

We want to gather all the information (including details about the BBC archives) in this article, and later we will also add a detailed review of the music (sound quality, origin, etc.).

1. What is included in the two box sets?

The CD box set comes as a portrait format box and includes a 40-page booklet. The five CDs are enclosed as card sleeves.

The CDs contain the following tracks:

CD1 Early BBC

01 Shepherd (Night Ride, BBC Radio Two Session, 1970)
02 Pacidy (Night Ride, BBC Radio Two Session, 1970)
03 Let Us Now Make Love (Night Ride, BBC Radio Two Session, 1970)
04 The Fountain of Salmacis (Live at Paris Studios, London, UK, 1972)
05 The Musical Box (Live at Paris Studios, London, UK, 1972)
06 Stagnation (Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio One Session, 1971)
07 Harlequin (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
08 Get 'Em Out By Friday (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
09 Harold the Barrel (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
10 Twilight Alehouse (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
11 Watcher of the Skies (Live in Wembley BBC Radio One In Concert, 1975)

CD2 (Knebworth 78 / Lyceum 80)

01 Squonk (Knebworth 78)
02 Burning Rope (Knebworth 78)
03 Dance On A Volcano (Knebworth 78)
04 Drum Duet (Knebworth 78)
05 Los Endos (Knebworth 78)
06 Deep In The Motherlode (Lyceum 80)
07 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (Lyceum 80)
08 The Carpet Crawlers (Lyceum 80)
09 One For The Vine (Lyceum 80)
10 Behind The Lines (Lyceum 80)
11 Duchess (Lyceum 80)
12 Guide Vocal (Lyceum 80)
13 Turn It On Again (Lyceum 80)
14 Duke's Travels (Lyceum 80)
15 Duke's End (Lyceum 80)

CD3 (Lyceum 80 und Wembley 87)
Genesis BBC Broadcasts Cover CD-Boxset01 Say It's Alright Joe (Lyceum 80)
02 The Lady Lies (Lyceum 80)
03 Ripples (Lyceum 80)
04 In The Cage (Lyceum 80)
05 The Raven (Lyceum 80)
06 Afterglow (Lyceum 80)
07 Follow You Follow Me (Lyceum 80)
08 I Know What I Like (Lyceum 80)
09 The Knife (Lyceum 80)
10 Mama (Wembley 87)
11 Domino (Wembley 87)

CD4 (Wembley 87 und NEC 98)

01 That's All (Wembley 87)
02 The Brazilian (Wembley 87)
03 Throwing It All Away (Wembley 87)
04 Home By the Sea (Wembley 87)
05 Second Home By the Sea (Wembley 87)
06 Invisible Touch (Wembley 87)
07 Drum Duet (Wembley 87)
08 Los Endos (Wembley 87)
09 Not About Us (Live at Birmingham N.E.C., UK, 1998)
10 The Dividing Line (Live at Birmingham N.E.C., UK, 1998)

CD5 (Knebworth 92)

01 No Son Of Mine
02 Driving The Last Spike
03 Old Medley
04 Fading Lights
05 Hold On My Heart
06 I Can't Dance

It is striking that some of the shows (apparently to save space or CDs) start in the middle of a CD and are then split over two CDs. It is also noticeable that there is only one dedicated to the early BBC recordings and that some of the later ones have been shortened. Somewhat surprisingly, there are also two tracks from the show with Ray Wilson in Birmingham in 1998 - in the more recent releases, this period was often not included. These two tracks are not placed at the very end, but can be found as some kind of appendix on CD4.

The 3LP set is a heavily shortened version of the 5CD box set. There is no booklet here (at least the images we know indicate there is none) and the 3 LPs contain these tracks:


01 The Musical Box (Paris Studios, London, 1972)
02 Stagnation (Sounds of the 70s, BBC Radio One, 1971)
03 Harlequin (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
04 Harold the Barrel (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)


01 Get 'Em Out By Friday (BBC Radio One John Peel Session, 1972)
02 Watcher of the Skies (BBC Radio One In Concert, Wembley 1975)
03 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)
04 The Carpet Crawlers (Lyceum Theatre, London, 1980)

Genesis BBC Broadcasts LPLP2.A (Lyceum 1980)

01 Behind the Lines
02 Duchess
03 Guide Vocal
04 Duke's Travels
05 Duke's End

LP2.B (Lyceum 1980)

01 Say It's Alright Joe
02 The Lady Lies
03 I Know What I Like

LP3.A (Wembley 1987)

01 Mama
02 That's All
03 Home By the Sea
04 Second Home By the Sea


01 Throwing It All Away (Wembley Stadium, London, 1987)
02 No Son of Mine (Knebworth Festival, 1992)
03 Driving the Last Spike (Knebworth Festival, 1992)



Why the LP set was shortened is unclear. Presumably they didn't want to make the set too expensive and decided to create a best-of of the 5CD set.

2. What is known about the production of the box sets?

Nick Davis and Tony Banks were apparently in charge of this release. The press release states that it was "curated by Tony Banks" and the promo clip from the official Genesis website says that the music was remixed and remastered from the original master tapes by Nick Davis. It remains unclear whether he had access to all the available multitrack tapes or just some of them (there are actually no multitracks available from the sessions). More info will follow once we heard the content.

3. The Artwork

5CD-SetThe front cover of both versions is designed with a photo of the Knebworth show in 1992. The new Genesis logo is based on an earlier BBC logo. The CD boxset has a 40-page booklet, the contents of which we do not yet know. In addition, all five CDs (all in black card sleeves) have their own cover motifs. The CDs (see right) are all printed in a different colour and each has a different Genesis logo (Trick Of The Tail, Lamb/And Then There Were Three, Shapes, Invisible Touch and We Can't Dance). For the most part, the lettering does not match the content at all.

The 3LP set has corresponding accompanying illustrations on the inner sleeves of the vinyl records. Here, too, the chosen motifs and the music on the vinyl records do not match for the most part.


4. Which Genesis recordings does the BBC actually have in its archives?

The following list corresponds to our state of knowledge. Only the titles marked in colour are part of the BBC Broadcasts box set.

Four BBC sessions and one live recording are known from the early years:

a) BBC Night Ride - 22 February 1970 (Studio 4, Maida Vale, London)

Let Us Now Make Love*

Looking For Someone

b) Sounds Of The Seventies - 10 May 1971 (Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd's Bush, London)

The Musical Box

c) Sounds Of The Seventies - 09 January 1972 (Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd's Bush, London)

Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Harold The Barrel
Fountain Of Salmacis
Harold The Barrel
(Mix #2)

d) In Concert - 02 March 1972 (live, BBC Paris Studios, London)

Fountain Of Salmacis
The Musical Box

The Return Of The Giant Hogweed

e) Top Gear - 25 September 1972 (Studio T1, Kensington House, Shepherd's Bush, London)

Twilight Alehouse
Watcher Of The Skies
Get'em Out By Friday

* these track were already released on Archive 1967-1975.

In the following years, concerts were broadcast by the BBC and some of them were live broadcasts:

In Concert (Empire Pool, Wembley, London, 15 April 1975)
01 Watcher Of The Skies (7:45)
02 Cuckoo Cocoon (2:21)
03 In The Cage (6:49)
04 Back In N.Y.C. (6:00)
05 Hairless Heart (2:35)
06 Counting Out Time (3:54)
07 The Carpet Crawlers (5:43)
08 Lilywhite Lilith (2:36)
09 The Waiting Room (9:34)
10 Anyway (3:35)
11 Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats (1:13)
12 The Colony Of Slippermen (Part 1: Arrival) (1:53)
13 Ravine (1:28)
14 The Light Dies Down On Broadway (3:32)
15 Riding The Scree (4:41)

(Note: The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging (which was included on some Westwood One radio shows) does not exist in the BBC archive, also Watcher Of The Skies was an encore and not the opener of the concert, although this was arranged differently on the radio broadcast).

Saturday Afternoon Show (Knebworth Festival, 24 June 1978)

01 Squonk (7:03)
02 Burning Rope (7:49)
03 Ripples (9:58)
04 The Fountain Of Salmacis (9:34)
05 One For The Vine (11:12)
06 Deep In The Motherlode (6:22)
07 The Lady Lies (6:37)
08 Follow You, Follow Me (3:52)
09 Afterglow (4:40)
10 Dance On A Volcano (6:13)
11 Los Endos (5:45)
12 I Know What I Like (8:41)

Only four tracks from this show were included on BBC Broadcasts, presumably because many songs are also included in the following recording:

Friday Rock Show (Lyceum Ballroom, London, 06./07 May 1980)

01 Deep In The Motherlode (5:37)
02 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (1:50)
03 The Carpet Crawlers (5:36)
04 Squonk (6:44)
05 One For The Vine (11:16)
06 Behind The Lines (5:26)
07 Duchess (6:52)
08 Guide Vocal (1:41)
09 Turn It On Again (4:45)
10 Duke's Travels (7:15)
11 Duke's End (2:41)
12 Say It's Alright Joe (10:43)
13 The Lady Lies (6:18)
14 Ripples (10:07)
15 In The Cage (7:31)
16 The Colony Of Slippermen: The Raven (1:08)
17 Afterglow (4:41)
18 Follow You, Follow Me (4:48)
19 Dance On A Volcano (4:44)
20 Drum Duet (0:52)
21 Los Endos (6:05)
22 I Know What I Like (9:31)
23 The Knife (4:25)

Again, some tracks are missing (these had also been played at Knebworth 78) and The Colony Of Slippermen is titled The Raven on BBC Broadcasts (one of the parts of The Colony Of Slippermen).

More details about Lyceum London & Theatre Drury Lane

The three London concerts at the end of the 1980 UK tour took place on 5 May at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and on 6 and 7 May at the Lyceum Ballroom Theatre. All three were professionally recorded on a 24-track tape machine (the two Lyceum even on videotape), so the versions are hardly distinguishable from each other. On top of that, some radio broadcasts were also announced as "Live from Drury Lane", although - as in all cases - it was always the recording from the Lyceum (7 May). The differentiation or verification of the various versions was ultimately only possible with the help of audience tapes and the single-cam DVD bootleg from 7 May in a rather time-consuming process of elimination.

So these three concerts all belong to the same category. Of these, these pieces have been officially released so far:

Deep in the Motherlode (Archive 2, 5 May Drury Lane)

One For the Vine (Three Sides Live - 5 May Drury Lane); on the radio, the version from the Lyceum 6.5. was always played as an exception, because the band had messed up on 7 May during the transition to the percussion part.

Ripples (Archive 2 - 6 May)

The Lady Lies (Archive 2 - 6 May and as a green-transparent 7" flexydisc supplement of Flexypop magazine, 7 May)

Turn It On Again (B-side of the US Promo 12" of Turn It On Again, 7 May - on the label it says Drury Lane by mistake).

Follow You, Follow Me (Three Sides Live - 7 May)

Duke's Travels / Duke's End (Archive 2 - 7 May)

Additional remarks: The excerpts, which the BBC had broadcast as late as June 1980 on the TV programme The Old Grey Whistle Test, were officially released (with video) on the Duke SACD/DVD in 2007:

Behind the Lines
Guide Vocal
In the Cage
Colony of Slippermen: The Raven
Dance on a Volcano
Los Endos

Live broadcast 1987 (Wembley Stadium, London, 04 July 1987)

That's All
The Brazilian

In The Cage
In That Quiet Earth
Land Of Confusion
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Throwing It All Away
Home by the Sea
Invisible Touch
Drum Duet
Los Endos

Turn It On Again

Genesis played the last European concerts of their Invisible Touch Tour on four consecutive nights at the sold-out Wembley Stadium in London (1-4 July 1987). The last concert was broadcast live on BBC radio. Excerpts of these concerts first appeared officially in 1988 on the VHS video cassette Invisible Touch Tour, then again in 2003 on the DVD Live at Wembley Stadium. While it was known that all four concerts had been recorded in sound and vision, it was unclear until now which excerpts from which of the four concerts were used for the video and DVD. The In The Cage medley is missing from both editions.
A close comparison between the DVD soundtrack and the available recordings of all four Wembley concerts revealed that the DVD mainly used the 3rd July concert, with several shorter inserts from 2nd July. The first and the last of the four concerts were not used. So the recording of the BBC broadcast is previously unreleased.

Details about the audio soundtrack of the Wembley shows can be found in our new reassessment article about the Wembley DVD.

Live broadcast 1992 (Knebworth, 02 August 1992)

Land Of Confusion
No Son Of Mine
Driving The Last Spike
Dance On A Volcano
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Musical Box [closing section]
Firth Of Fifth [instrumental]
I Know What I Like

Throwing It All Away
Fading Lights
Jesus He Knows Me
Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea
Hold On My Heart
Drum Duet
I Can't Dance
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Invisible Touch
Turn It On Again

Parts of this show were eventually released on the bonus DVD of the Extra Tracks 1983-1998 SACD:

Old Medley
Home By The Sea *

* here, in the middle of the drumbeat at the beginning of Second Home By The Sea, there is a very hard cut to Domino's spoken introduction

Concert recording (NEC, Birmingham, 25.+26 February 1998)

1. Broadcast from 25 April 98:
No Son Of Mine
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Calling All Stations
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight [intro] [acoustic]
Lover's Leap [acoustic]
Not About Us [acoustic]
The Dividing Line


2. Broadcast from 10 October 98:
No Son Of Mine
Turn It On Again
Invisible Touch
Calling All Stations
Carpet Crawlers
The Dividing Line

Concert recording (Twickenham Stadium, London, 8 July 2007)

The concert in Twickenham from 8 July 2007 was not only released as an Encore 2CD, but also mixed from the multitracks by Nick Davis especially for the BBC. This recording was broadcast twice with different tracks.

Duke's Intro
Turn It On Again
No Son Of Mine
Land Of Confusion**
In The Cage / The Cinema Show / Duke's Travels**
Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea*
I Know What I Like
Los Endos
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
Invisible Touch
Carpet Crawlers**

* broadcast from 14 July 2007 only
** broadcast from 29 December 2007 only

5. The music

This section will be supplemented with details of the sound quality and comparisons with the BBC archive recordings, which we have digitally, as soon as we have the set.

6. Preliminary conclusion

It's a good thing that Genesis is finally making their BBC archive recordings accessible. That makes sense in many ways: there are some early treasures in the archives and complete live shows, also from the later years. Many fans will be happy about this release.

However, unlike other artists, Genesis have decided to cut down the content considerably and shorten complete shows as well. Why they didn't just make a decent box set with all available recordings and complete shows remains a mystery. Fans would never complain about the  duplication of various songs, especially since they would have been from different concerts and tours anyway. But now there are incomplete shows, and they are strangely arranged on the CDs. Important parts of the early 70ies recordings have been left out and the recording from Wembley 1975 is completely missing except for Watcher Of The Skies. The BBC show from 1998 with Ray Wilson, Anthony Drennan and Nir Z. is only represented with two songs. Vinyl fans are annoyed twice because there is even less material. This could have been solved differently: Complete shows as single vinyl releases would have been an alternative.

The idea of the artwork is good, but here too little care has been taken. Photos and logos from times when there were no BBC recordings at all, plus Genesis lettering on the labels without any reference to the recording (the Trick Of The Tail logo on the CD of the early years, for example, on which Peter is pictured with a flower mask; or the logo of the Shapes album on CD3 - there were no BBC recordings in 1983/1984 and there are recordings from 1980 and 1987 on the CD). One wonders what amateurs were at work here. So, unfortunately, we have to conclude that once again Genesis do not manage to produce a satisfactory archive release.

Author: Christian Gerhardts
BBC-archive details: Tom Morgenstern
More info is available in this Radio Show Guide (by David Dunnington)

Last update: 22 January 2023



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