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Genesis: 3D-Figures by Paul Whitehead

Why don’t you touch them, now, now, now, now, now?

Paul Whitehead should be known to many Genesis fans as the designer of the covers for Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot as well as the cover for Armando Gallo's first Genesis book (and also the first it fanclub CD, by the way). At the same time he was also responsible for some of Van der Graaf Generator's albums through the joint Charisma label; but also created the cover for the "Colin Scot" album from 1971, on which Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel contributed the backing vocals.

From 1974 onwards, Paul was successful in the United States, especially in California, with many designs for commercial advertising, typically in large format on billboards and trucks. Last year he published a little book about his life, illustrated with much of his work, called Paul Whitehead - The Life And Work Of An Artist. Of course, the Genesis chapter also plays a role there. For some time now, he has been increasingly focusing on the marketing of his classic Genesis designs and is now offering new products, especially on the occasion of the planned The Last Domino? Tour, with references not only to his own elements, but also to other characters from the Genesis Universe. Last year, this included a poster for the tour in the format 60 cm x 75 cm on canvas, and we can only congratulate Paul for not including the year on this poster! In the past Paul has repeatedly sold and signed his works at Genesis-related concerts, but of course it is not yet possible to say whether that will be possible this year or whenever.

In December 2020, the 3D figures of Cynthia and the 'Foxy Lady' were announced and they have been available for delivery since February 2021. The renowned sculptor Nathan Cartwright was hired to create the originals of the two figures. Hollywood Printing then scanned them for 3D printing and 'printed them out' so that Paul could paint them himself and of course he also signed and numbered them on the bottom. So the shape itself is identical every time, but the painting is manual. Cynthia is about 30 cm high and the Foxy Lady is a few cm shorter. The figures are limited to 50 pieces each. The price is $ 350 + shipping varies, it's $ 50 each for Germany, for example. You can order this directly via email at On his website you can purchase a lot more, including Genesis and other works.

Author: Volker Warncke
English by Christian Gerhardts



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