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Genesis - COVID-related regulations 2022

The Last Domino? Tour: Impact of the pandemic

Genesis will return to the stage for 14 more shows in March. All shows can take place, but there are different regulations in the cities that have to be observed prior to your concert visit.

Many people have approached us with questions and of course we recommend that you exchange them in the tour sub-forum here on this website. But we also want to try to put together the most important information for you here.

Please note:

We have carefully put together this info page - there is no guarantee. The rules communicated on the websites of the organising venues are decisive. These rules may change at short notice due to regional changes. Therefore, please ALWAYS check the website of the venue/organiser one or two days before your concert. You can also always contact us if you think we need to update this site.

While the shows in France, Netherlands and the UK  have been more or less safe for a couple of weeks already, the German shows were at stake until this week but now they can take place. Genesis themselves said in a statement on 24/02/2022:

We are happy to announce that thanks to the permits from the states of Berlin, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, we will be able to perform in Berlin, Hanover and Cologne in March. We would like to thank the fans for their loyalty and patience and look forward to performing in front of one of our favorite audiences".


Last update: 16/03/2022

Will all 14 shows take place?

Yes! In addition to Paris, Amsterdam and London, the shows will also take place in Germany (Berlin, Hanover, Cologne). The last permits were issued in February. As always, all dates are listed on our tour dates page.


Do the same rules apply for all shows/cities?

No. The regulations are made individually and regionally

What rules do I have to follow when attending a concert?

As things stand, we are aware of the following rules:


The venues may be used to 75% capacity, there is no limit (number of people) beyond this, as long as 2G+ rule is applied (2G+ means vaccinated or recovered, plus additional test or booster shot). The capacity rule does NOT mean that certain ticket holders are excluded. 75% capacity always refers to the maximum capacity of the venues, which cannot be reached anywhere due to stage construction and complete seating arrangement.

The 2G+ rule applies to all concerts. According to that, all those who can prove one of the following options can enter the venue:

- 3 x vaccinated ("booster")

- 2 x vaccinated plus negative test

- Status "recovered" plus negative test

Proof has to be provided via the known documents or the known apps, which can show the corresponding certificates (QR-code).

In addition, masks (FFP2) are compulsory in the venue. It is not yet 100% certain whether this will also apply while seated, but you should be prepared for this to be the case.

Note: The possibility of official restrictions has been pointed out by the main ticket sellers at the time of purchase.


UPDATE 16/03/22:

For seat ticket holders there is no test required for the access to the concerts.

All standing ticket holders will need a test. This is regardless of vaccination and/or recovery status.

A statement of Ziggo Dome from yesterday (15/03/22): Test from abroad will not be accepted to fulfill the entry requirements for the Genesis concerts.

We highly recommend all standing ticket holders to book a test appointment via Testen voor Toegang in time for the concerts. Test are valid for 24 hours. In addition to that all standing ticket holders should load the Dutch CoronaCheck-App on their mobile phones. Test certificate will be loaded up to this App and can be scanned from there at the venue doors.

Maybe in the end tests from abroad might be accepted at the venues doors as well. But this is not guaranteed. Therefore we are giving the before mentioned recommendation.

Yesterday, the dutch authorities announced that the 1G-regulation will be lifted from 23 March 2022. As the concerts take place on 21 and 22 March 2022, this regulation will still be effective for the Genesis shows.



UPDATE: After 14th March, neither a Vaccination proof nor masks will be required!. See here.


There are no more restrictions for London.

Can I return tickets? What will be refunded?

The decisive factor here is where you bought the tickets. You must contact this company for a refund or ask there whether a refund will be granted at all. Since the shows can take place and the conditions were part of the purchase of the tickets, we assume that the reason that you are not vaccinated, for example, will not apply.


What happens if the concert is cancelled at short notice?

Then the normal rules for concert cancellations apply and you will get your money back from the ticket provider.


When and where does the tour continue after the shows in March?

According to the information we have, no more shows are planned after the London shows. So the last London concert will be the last Genesis concert ever.


Where can I ask further questions?

There are various topics in the tour sub-forum of our forum, including topics about each individual concert. Should more frequently asked questions arise, we will of course expand the FAQ list accordingly.


Compiled by Ulrich Klemt and Christian Gerhardts