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Mike + The Mechanics - Dresden 2012

Website Special about the Tour 2012

On 12th July 2012, Mike + The Mechancis performed at "Alter Schlachhof" in Dresden, Germany. In the frame of this show, we had the chance to attend the soundcheck and to conduct interviews with all members of the band. We have put together a little Website special for this reason.

Mike + The Mechanics - the Live Show 2012

You may or may not have seen the tour, so we have taken a closer look at their show and for good reason, we have chosen the Dresden show to do that. So what is new, what has improved compared to 2011 and what can be criticized? Find all answers in our show report here.

Mike + The Mechanics - Photo Gallery Dresden

We have compiled a special photo gallery for you, spanning impressions from the soundcheck and the show up to the after-show interviews. Photos were taken by Holger Lorenz, who was a great support for GNC's Christian Gerhardts during that day. Click here to see the gallery.

Mike + The Mechanics - Interview in Dresden I

Before and after the show, Christian Gerhardts had the opportunity to talk to Mike Rutherford about recent and upcoming projects with the Mechanics. Also, Anthony Drennan and Luke Juby made themselves available for short interviews. Gary Wallis was also interviewed. The interviews (part 1) can be found at this link.

Mike + The Mechanics - Interview in Dresden II

After the show, Christian Gerhardts also sat down with Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar to discuss the show in detail. Upcoming projects, the Mechanics chemistry, a new album and solo activities were also discussed. Find the interview (part 2) with Tim and Andrew at this link.