Single Ticket Holders for Birmingham 5th Dec Gig!

  • I'm curious as to who here are going to the Brum show. The reason I ask, is that I'm going on my own, as no one I know were willing to pay the hefty ticket prices. Would be good to meet up with a number of you before the show. So us single ticket holders (I'm sure I'm not the only one) have someone to share the excitement with.


  • Not sure what happened there as my deleted post was posted without any reply.

    Anyway, I think based on my past experiences with Genesis meetups here in the States you should organize one and open it up to all.

    I met some wonderful people at meetups in 07 and we have remained friends to this day. I went to a handful of shows and we had meetups at all of them, some I went by myself, some with a friend or two and a couple with my daughter. My daughter has remained friends with people she met as well.

    It's been my experience our love for this band extends beyond the band itself and to the people who are fans like ourselves. I have to say the meetups I went to by myself, I sure wasn't left out or felt alone. I think if you or someone organizes a meetup you'd have a very similar experience as I did regardless of going alone or with others.

    Enjoy your show and hopefully you give us a review of it and the meetup.