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    Well as I mentioned earlier in the thread my 1st vinyl LP was Selling England, not any sort of brag, just that I was a fan in 1979 which was about when I got it. My brother already had Three, W&W, Trick, Lamb, Foxtrot and NC so I decided to get the missing one.

    I'd never thought about what my first live album was but in fact it was Seconds Out, also in 79. But I quickly fell out of love with it and haven't listen to it for over 30 years.

    Ahh well the humble brag part was because the first time I saw Genesis live was on that tour and not only was it my first live album purchased but it was the first live album by a band I saw the tour it was recorded on.

    Even though it wasn't from my show (MSG in February ) it felt like my own official bootleg of sorts at the time to me. I've since seen other tours by bands where they released live albums from but Seconds Out was the first and I still love and listen to it to this day. Sorry you're not into it.

    Very cool and thanks for posting!

    I'm sure the first time I heard it my jaw was on the floor at MSG as it wasn't until I first saw them there in 77 that I actually heard Firth.

    It's also the first tune I play for someone when they want to get turned on to the band and how I explain my lifelong love of this band and why they're a huge part of the soundtrack of my life.

    You're all being miserable pessimistic old so and so's. I've spent most of this year being depressed , stressed and angry so I need cheery stuff. I don't think they'll do April if there remains a risk. They can't put it too far back. Phil's not a well man. They have to try whilst they can. It's good that they are being optimistic or at least hopeful about the future, so I am going to try. Don't really have the money to get more tickets but thought about it for a second and decided life's too short. (Anyway haven't spent much recently) . My therapist is advising me to focus on the moment , and not worry about what I can't control. It's unlikely I'll feel like going if any of my vulnerable family die , but if I'm dead I'm still going to give it a try . So I'm accepting April for now and being hopeful that all will be well in eight months time. If it's not I'll deal with it then.

    Well this so and so has been an eternal optimist his whole life and in this case I don't feel I'm being a pessimist. More like a realist as I just can't see things being back to normal enough by April to have indoor gigs.

    If we were talking Summer 2021 and outdoor shows I'd be a heck of a lot more optimistic about them happening. To be clear though, I hope I'm wrong and the shows starting in April can go on without a hitch. It would certainly be a huge pick me up for everyone and I know I'd be checking out YouTube like a madman. ;)

    There's plenty of reasons why people would want a refund. Perhaps the main one being putting yourself at risk. April seems far too early, as some others have stated too.

    I agree with you. April seems far too optimistic to me, especially for an indoor show.

    I'm hoping to resume some type of concert going by next summer, and then only outdoor shows at that. Places where I'd be able to move around and social distance comfortably.

    Then fingers crossed by fall 2021 we'd be able to see some indoor shows.

    Big fan of breakfast and I guess that's why it's my biggest meal of the day. :)

    Today I had an egg white, spinach, and potato omelette. A small cup of strawberry yogurt and followed that up with a bowl of oatmeal with some fresh blueberries, and two cups of coffee.

    That explains why Jon Favreau referred to a scene in one of the Star Wars films as a "deep cut" in a recent documentary I watched. Who comes up with these idioms? I'd love to know so I can smack them upside the head as a reminder that the language was working perfectly well before they started dicking about with it.

    Haha, so "dicking about" is a perfectly fine idiom? :/ Sorry man but that comes off as just a wee bit hypocritical.

    As for "deep cuts" it's been around for a while and while I agree some idioms are a bit much and we could do without them, this one kind of fits for me, and it doesn't bother me at all.

    IE, a track on an album has been called a "cut" for as long as I can remember, and sometimes you have to dig deep on some albums to hear a gem you wouldn't normally hear on the radio. Put them together and "deep cuts" works perfectly fine to me.

    Yes, I've read this article before and it's spot on. By the way, what is this phrase "deep cuts" that I've been hearing lately? What does it mean? I have to say, I don't subscribe to these faddish phrases - I remember when "game changer" was on everyone's lips way back when and I turned my nose up at that too!

    Deep cuts usually means lesser known songs by a band. Ones not getting much if any radio play and usually only really appreciated by big fans of a band. Casual fans won't be familiar with a band's "deep cuts" but they're often favorites of some hard core fans.

    So one of the organizers of the protest at the State capital in Michigan the other day said he invited the Michigan Liberty Militia to the rally for security. He then went on to say anyone opposed to their presence should read the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, and stop living in fear.

    Seems to me someone needing armed security might be the one living in fear. I also think while legal, it was clearly meant to be an intimidation tactic and has no place in a political forum.

    I can't help but wonder what the reaction to this would've been if these protesters were of a shade or several darker skin color or a a different religious belief. Somehow I don't think this would've been accepted as a simple protest, and I really don't think the Orange one would've called them "really good people."

    Now our game show host of a President is stopping Dr. Fauci from testifying before Congress.

    This is the Nations top Epidemiologist who people look to for knowledge, and guidance to help get through this pandemic. A man who's advised six Presidents on health issues both domestic and world wide. Yet our President out of fear of looking even worse is playing politics with American lives.

    He's using the excuse it would be counter productive for Fauci to testify before Congress (a Democratic led one btw) but strangely enough he'll be able to testify at a Republican led Senate hearing a week later.

    Calls to Poison Control centers have quadrupled since Trump's suggestion to ingest/inject disinfectants as treatment for the coronavirus. Trump was asked if he feels responsibility for these upticks. He said he's not responsible for this and doesn't think his comments prompted the increase in calls, even though many callers feared they had ingested bleach. Bleach has also been disappearing from store shelves since he made these comments. The White House infectious disease specialists appear to now believe that the Trump administration isn't qualified to deal with the pandemic. We've lost so many lives due to Trump's inability to focus on anything but himself.

    Yet if you've listened to his latest nonsensical rant, it's all Obama's fault. Evidently Obama left him with broken tests. You know, tests for a virus that didn't even exist when Obama was in office! Lol.

    Seriously, does anyone not think this guy is completely off his rocker?

    IMO, it's all about his ego (as always) and his desire to be reelected. He knows he's in trouble there and in his warped mind his best hope is to get the economy rolling again. He's willing to sacrifice lives in order to get what he wants and not only is that reprehensible, I think it's criminal.

    OMG! Trump is trying to walk back his comments regarding his suggestion that people inject disinfectants as a possible cure for the coronavirus. He says he was being sarcastic, knowing reporters (whom he hates) would take it out of context. What a piece of sh*t this a-hole is. He obviously felt this was a breakthrough moment of genius proportions because he (on camera) told the infectious disease specialists to look into it. He always does this. He makes a completely idiotic comment then walks it back or in some cases denies that he ever said it, even though it's recorded and the entire world saw and heard him say it.

    He's an ass.

    I completely agree he wasn't being sarcastic and it was not only one of his dumber statements yesterday (and that's saying a lot) it was incredibly dangerous.

    Even if he was being sarcastic which we'd have to be bigger morons than him to believe, is this really the time for the leader of our country to make light of this pandemic or be joking around about potential cures in any way?

    Trump has just said we should investigate injecting people with disinfectant.

    I can't even believe how off the charts crazy this lunatic of a President is. He's always been out there but now he's off the rails delusional.

    Anyone with even a thimble's worth of common sense knows injecting or ingesting disinfectants is not only dangerous but potentially deadly. Medical professionals have come out and said this is a common way for people to commit suicide, and the leader of our nation thinks it's a good idea to combat this virus?

    It sure seems like it is. All they did was drop the postponed and rescheduled wording from their policy. It's not like they've eliminated refunds altogether. It's a pretty low thing to do but when have they ever not been sleazy?

    I'm sure with all their money they've had their legal teams go over this and think they're in the clear legally.

    I didn't copy JBJ's official statement but off the top of my head he made reference to getting his fans their money back in order to ease some of their financial strains from the pandemic and made specific mention of using the money to buy food and essentials. A clear shot across the bow of Live Nation/Ticketbastard.

    Here's hoping they wake up and do the right thing.

    I have never been a fan of his music or the man himself even though we're both New Jersey natives but I have to give Jon Bon Jovi his due today.

    He announced the cancellation of his 2020 tour instead of his postponing it. The sole reason being it will enable ticket holders to now get refunds and as a way to combat the Live Nation/Ticketbastard refund policy change.

    Bravo Jon and maybe other artists will do the same.

    I don't know but that would be extremely harsh on people who can no longer attend following the complete reschedule of the tour.

    I and thousands of others agree and have voiced their gripes but that hasn't helped yet. Maybe if more and more people flooded Ticketbastard with their complaints it might help but I honestly doubt it.

    TB holds all the cards in this and as evidenced by them changing their refund policy recently to only refund for cancelled shows, I don't think they care what the public thinks. If they cared about us they wouldn't have changed the policy from postponed/rescheduled to only cancelled. As long as they can hold onto our cash as long as possible, they'll do it.

    Even if some type of legislation is passed to force their hand, they'll still have made millions in interest in the mean time. It's a win/win for them and while it's a dirty move, it's a shrewd business one.

    I guess moving the gigs back removes the need to refund for now?

    That's exactly what's happening here in the States.

    Ticketmaster or should I call them by their appropriate name of Ticketbastard, has changed their refund policy. It now only covers cancelled events where before it covered postponed and rescheduled ones too.

    Most shows have only been postponed ( with no actual makeup dates announced) so TB is sitting on a lot of cash in the mean time. They may not be making money putting on shows but they're sure as hell making money on from all the interest our cash sitting in their bank accounts is getting for them.

    Not sure what happened there as my deleted post was posted without any reply.

    Anyway, I think based on my past experiences with Genesis meetups here in the States you should organize one and open it up to all.

    I met some wonderful people at meetups in 07 and we have remained friends to this day. I went to a handful of shows and we had meetups at all of them, some I went by myself, some with a friend or two and a couple with my daughter. My daughter has remained friends with people she met as well.

    It's been my experience our love for this band extends beyond the band itself and to the people who are fans like ourselves. I have to say the meetups I went to by myself, I sure wasn't left out or felt alone. I think if you or someone organizes a meetup you'd have a very similar experience as I did regardless of going alone or with others.

    Enjoy your show and hopefully you give us a review of it and the meetup.