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  • Yes, I also remember the "fan request" component. Curiously, Roger Waters did the same thing on his Radio Kaos tour in '88? I was there and I remember a phone booth where people would go in and talk to him on stage. I also remember some stoner asking him why he wasn't reuniting with Pink Floyd and that set him off quite significantly. I had the "pleasure" of doing a group interview of RW on Sirius XM about 10 years (?) ago in NYC and he was definitely an odd character. All politics when he was on air and then he would crack jokes once the red light went off (i.e. during breaks). That made me think that this was all one big act (his left wing politics) - his diamond encrusted Rolex also seemed to clash with the Marxism lol. Anyway, sorry for the tangent.

    Your comments on RW's dual personality remind me of a comment of his I had cause to quote in another thread:


    I do like something Waters said when an interviewer was pressing him for pearls of wisdom about the origins of Pink Floyd: "Look, you won't get me to take any of this seriously. We were just 4 young blokes hoping to make money and get shagged."

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