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    Personally I like all the Star Trek movies. 4 is my favourite, but equally they are all good.

    Just watched maybe at 91, Clint Eastwood's last movie Cry, Macho 2021. Set in Mexico, Clint is hired to retrieve the son of his ex-employer and bring him home to Texas and from the alcoholic mother and party animal.

    After a quarter way through the movie a relationship between Clint and the teenager evolves and blossoms. Also the mother has sent a body guard to capture the boy and prison Clint's role. Avoiding trouble, they hang out in a local town where a relationship with a Mexican restauranteur develops with Clint.

    The movie is well worth the watch and like myself, a Clint fan, enjoyed it immensely. Though maybe not his most capturing of films he's done, at his age it's a worthy watch and he's still not afraid to throw a few punches around!...^^

    The title Macho sends a message to the film, with this relationship of the teenager and Clint, Macho means nothing unless you're willing to stop in later life. It about loving and caring. The kid also names his Chicken or Cock( Macho) from the boys most recent cock fight.

    Never heard of them, might have to check them out.;)

    History maker, record breaker

    With this victory, Raducanu becomes:

    • The first British female winner at Flushing Meadows since Virginia Wade in 1968
    • The first qualifier in the Open era to win a Slam
    • The youngest women's Slam champion since Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon in 2004
    • The youngest Briton to win a Grand Slam title
    • The first woman to win the US Open without dropping a set since Serena Williams in 2014

    She will also take home £1.8m in prize money, rise to 23 in the world rankings and will become the British number one on Monday.

    I don't really wish to wade into this, but when the statue of Robert E.Lee was pulled down in Richmond, Trump came out & said that Lee would have won the Civil War except for Gettysburg. A former President wishes the traitors to the Union, the slave states, had won the Civil War. There is no way to sugarcoat this or pretend otherwise.…lee-statue-removal-510732

    Personally I'm disappointed at our politics in the World. Nobody has a clue what they're doing anymore.

    We vote to get them elected on so called promises only to disappoint us.

    Trump likes to make headlines regardless if they are stupid.

    And she's gone and won it. Straight sets in the final. 20 sets in a row.

    Beyond extraordinary.

    Edit: let me go out on a limb here and predict that in the next 100 years, a qualifier is not going to win a grand slam without losing a set.

    Absolutely amazing. Emma Raducanu has just made history in Tennis, being the youngest and also qualifier to win an Open.

    Let's hope she does not fade away and have many more titles.:)

    Emma Raducanu UK, 18, against 19-year-old Leylah Fernandez Canadian for the US Open title.

    Wow!!! Emma was ranked 338 in the World and now in the finals in a major open.8|.. The youngest ever player.

    Very happy indeed that in Formula 1

    George Russell will partner the 7 times World Champion Lewis Hamilton for 2022. He drives for Williams at the moment in what seems to be the worst car on the grid, but despite this he always manages to qualify the car in the top 10 mark. He's always managed to out qualify his teammates including the most experienced Robert Kubica, who's now a reserve driver for Alfa Romeo Racing.

    Valteri Bottas signs multi-year deal with Alfa Romeo Racing replacing Kimi Raikkonen as he announced his retirement from the sport. He's won 20 grand prix's and 1 WC.

    I am quite a huge fan of Anthony's work. Think I have all his discovery. unless he popped out another release without me looking.:D

    The Private Parts and Pieces collection is very good indeed. 8)

    Though I like this part of his discovery. I also like the Missing Links, specially Finger Painting.