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  • Hi Noni, Is the place to DM, haven't set one before on here. Thanks for posting the Vid, I don't think it will get banned by YT but any way you mentioned some websites to download from?

  • Hi Dave,

    Big Big Train are playing the Opera House in Toronto on 11 May. Just a heads up if you ever wanted to see them live mate.

    • Thanks Dave for the heads up!... :)

  • Hi Dave. Just wondered how life is going with you? All fine here in our retirement. Lots and lots of new music and not enough time to hear it all. Been cold here with -10 the other night. Now preparing for Christmas and hibernation with short days and long nights.

    Family are all good. Ross has been touring across Europe for last 5 weeks a comes back home today. He will be glad to be home as it's tough life on the road.

    Got the Pendragon box set and interesting that The World and The Men who Climbed Mountains have been remastered with up to date keyboards added. The other 3 albums are live. Also got Afraid of Sunlight Deluxe (Marilion) plus a 10 disc Hackett box set featuring rare and reworked classic tracks. Think it was released in Japan (legally?) In 2018. Other additions include Marilion's Friends with Orchestra. Hackett's Genesis Revisited with Band and Orchestra, Bruce Soord, Dave Kerzner, Ant Phillips, Gandalf with Hackett, plus tons more.

    Have a good day, hope you are well and drop me a few words when you get time.

    • Hi Dave

      Been busy with work, I'm pretty much up too date on the music front, and Yes, I do have the new Pendragon box set

      , though I have not listened to it yet. :(

      Keep up the recommendations :)

  • Hi David

    Will sort Skype out this week and call you. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow so will be able to speak once that is over.


    • I can also speak to you on Facebook too, got it sorted!..

    • I saw your wife on line yesterday

  • I'm good for at least a month here. The owners, who I know we pass anything on after that.

  • Hi David

    I have a package all set to go but apprehensive to send to your current address particularly since last one went missing but moreso if you are moving in 4 weeks time. What do you want me to do? Send and hope it arrives before you move or wait until you have a new address?

  • Hi David,

    Do you have the latest Band of Rain album?