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    Boy, has time flown! When I joined the old forum in February 2011 I was 17, going on 18. I was in my last year of secondary school and only months away from university.

    Happy belated birthday NoSonOfVine.....Yes time flies when your having fun :)

    These past few weeks we've had rain, sun and strong winds knocking branches off trees. Not bad for the summer.

    Ontario is still in major lockdown and if you fancy a pint, you need to sit out on the patio and put up with the climate.:/

    Just finished watching the Jeremy Clarkson's season the Clarkson's Farm season 1. Very funny and amusing with real characters. This is nothing like Top Gear but has the usual Jeremy's wit. Worth watching. This is definitely a real documentary of owning a farm and the struggles farmers face in UK are leaving the EU.

    Not sure if this is TV?...But I would find this amusing to read people's verdicts of the flat earth.:D

    Southgate's tactics were off. He kept two talented young players on the bench until late on, then pitched them into penalties 10 minutes later when barely warmed up. It was never going to end well.

    The players are currently being bombarded with repulsive racist abuse online. With that and as you say the violence, yet again way too many England fans putting their country to shame.

    Sad to see England lose like this :(... We need to get a major Championship under our belt. 1966 is too long for younger fans of this sport to enjoy. Come on the World Cup and win the title. ;)

    Shame they don't make iPods anymore.:(

    Went through a phase of buying too many CD's. For convenience of playing them I would transfer them to mp3 and place them on a separate hard drive. While I live in Canada and love progressive music, most bands I love originate from Europe or UK. Buying CD's made this very hard indeed with the cost of postage and shipping, these charges would always double the cost of the CD. Most CD stores in Ontario have closed down now, so buying cd's unless from Amazon cost a fortune to buy.

    Nowadays bands offer digital downloads costing between £5 - £10 depending on that album. It's instant and very easy. Now my music is contained on 2 separate 4TB hard drives as a back up.

    Most of the digital music can be transferred to various music platforms to listen to very easily.

    Did you get this one too or found it on YouTube?

    There is a Live in Rio DVD and CD out there but they are much better in the studio.

    I love this Marillion clone :-)

    I got all their albums now, I really like this band. I first heard it on YouTube to see if I would like it and I did. Thanks for the recommendation since you posted this first.;)


    Second Home By The Sea


    If fairness, I like this whole album, played this album 3 times now last night =O, 8):thumbup:

    Probably their best album after they left the proggier roots. Phil Collins was at his peak exploring different drumming styles.