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    Kinda weird now that since I grew up, the Royals were in our limelight through several decades of evolution.

    Princess Anne marriage, Queen mother, Diane, William, Harry and now with the deaths of Prince Phillip and the Queen. The future now rests on the new monarchy and what it stands for. I'm in full support!

    What I'm hoping for is the acceptance from the public to welcome the new King of Great Britain and keep that same believes and faith in what the monarch stands for. Great Britain has a wealth of history in the routes of the country and it would be a shame to lose it on these anti royalists out there, knocking our heritage, which in my own opinion should cherish for a long time to come.

    All I ask for is give the same respect to King Charles III in the same way Queen Elizabeth II was.

    Though I was not balling in tears, water did streamed through my eyes at the passing of the Queen.

    She was the global platform in economical success of the world, as all stablemate in political powers and those looked up to her throughout the world!.

    It's up to us now to support King Charles III, in honour of the Queen. ;)

    Queen Elizabeth has died. May she rest in peace. I was born Canadian, but have always had an affection for the royal family. My mom was born a Brit, in 1938, which is probably where I get my love for the queen.

    Thought it was appropriate to do a separate thread.

    Not looking good.

    The BBC are playing it downy saying she is " comfortable " and under medical supervision, but what tells the story is pretty much the whole Royal family (that matter) are converging on Balmoral

    Get well soon Queenie

    The UK has a new Prime Minister

    After hearing Lizzie Truss opening PM speech, I felt a little optimistic about how she might steer UK to some sort of glory again. Though like all politicians these folks only speak to the sounds that people want to hear but no actions are taken.

    Only time will tell.

    Boris's final farewell PM speech praised only what he achieved in 3 goals, not enough for me to accolade his overall time to lead a country which was full of lies. I had to laugh as he praised his dogs but no mention of his wife!....😂

    Funny, I've been thinking about this only a few days ago.

    Week starts on Monday, all our calendars show the week with Monday as the first day on the left and Sunday as the final day on the right side. Back in my school days, some elderly teachers said Sunday used to be the first day and this was only changed to Monday by "the industry", also they claimed this change hasn't been "too long ago". When I asked my parents they said this is "quite a time back in the past". I never found out when they officially changed it.

    Anyways, my US-American ex-fiancée said their week starts with Sunday. When I asked her what she calls weekend then she said Saturday and Sunday. I was confused: Sunday is the first and last day of the week at once? She said she never thought about that...

    Now I still wonder what Americans would refer to as starting point of "next week".

    Another argument we could raise, why do we call it the Weekend?....:)

    For me the week starts on a Monday. ;)

    I know this is a Genesis thread, but in general feel this applies too.

    My good friend(who sadly passed away RIP) Nedflanders123, once said during the 90's period onwards. CD's were being massively remastered as a gimmick to sell more copies. However, he also praised the superior Japanese versions over the European copies and I agree. Japanese cd's were a lot better in the remastering aspect and sound a lot better.

    I would say now, during 2018 onwards, remasters have much improved and it appears artists are now involved in this process for better quality.

    Digging the bonus live concert tracks! Thanks for the heads up, Noni! :*:thumbup:

    Looking at the whole of Soft Machine's discovery, this to me is their No 1 album. Wish they did another similar album like this. I feel this is a TD version in the Jazz/Rock sense, if you see what I mean. Calm but very melodic at the same time. Why I like this album a lot is, you can hear every instrument played, almost like a solo of every person taking part, but still manages to keep the theme of the track.

    The Bardic Hopes featuring Peter Jones from Camel(2022)

    Been really enjoying this album a lot!...;)

    Excellent album 8):thumbup:

    Line-up / Musicians

    - Dave Bandana / keyboards, synths, guitars

    - Peter Jones / keyboards, Sax, vocals

    - Gareth Cole / guitars, guitar solo

    - Tim Gehrt / drums