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  • Hello Dave, it's me NoSon, from the old forum. I'm back.

    I just wanted to give another enormous thanks because if you remember you provided me with a huge array of free music and so much of it has gone onto inspire me in countless ways. This includes Porcupine Tree and Marillion, who are now my 2nd and 3rd favourite band.

    I thanked you many times but I wanted to thank you once more as I haven't posted on this version of the forum in almost a year. You did something really fantastic for me and I massively appreciate it still. I'll never forget that very kind gesture.



    • Pleasure was all mine mate. Hope you are well and happy in life. Music world continues and so much wonderful discoveries over the last few years.

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  • Hi Dave,

    Hopefully you'll visit this site. It appears to be a more active!!.... ;)

    • Good morning Dave. That's me now visiting the site

    • Hope you can be a frequent visiter :)