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    Do we really need politics in this forum? The COVID stuff in some threads is pretty annoying ...

    Don't respond if you hate the subject matter , plain and simple.:).... I don't!

    I hate politics too. Both Afghan and COVID subjects are real to us. My point is Biden is walking away from a war which America started 20 years ago, which the British supported.

    Firstly, we should of never of entered in the first place. A war we never won! Lots of lives were lost and many disabled. :(

    Been enjoying this weather finally, not too hot with a nice breeze and enjoy this time of year now. Autumn has arrived.

    Gosh!!!!8|... Is summer finally over:?:

    Beautiful colours will arrive soon from trees. At least it will give us 2 months of this!......:love:


    I'm a fan. I didn't want them to do this (but I'm the person who waited forever for the Eagles' Long Road Out Of Eden). But now they have done it, it all came back to me. Frida on I Still Have Faith In You & Agnetha doing her storytelling on Don't Shut Me Down. I love it.

    My favourite Abba songs are not necessarily the huge pop hits, but the more introspective stuff which was mostly sung by Frida, who is (was) a redhead & shares my birthday. And they could even do prog - I give you the title track of Arrival, and the majestic Eagle. As far as I am concerned, you don't get any better than Knowing Me, Knowing You & Money, Money, Money (both from the Arrival album which also has Dancing Queen, a song for which I can't share the general adulation).

    Frida has a lovely voice and love the way the band has immersed in each other to recreate another album.

    This was a great surprise to me.:)

    ABBA are back, after several decades due to split ups and other reasons in 1982.

    A new digital format never done before will see ABBA performing 10 new tracks for their new album plus older hits from the past in their concert. The audience will see a 360 degrees image on stage, although this has been recorded. This concert has never been done before by any band and will break all boundaries of high tech imagery!...

    I am a fan of ABBA and look forward to their new album in November.

    There are two main problems with the question, both of which render it near-meaningless. One is that it's a simplistic reduction of a protracted 20-year fuck-up that is appalling in a number of ways and is now resulting in suffering and deaths. The other is that it takes little account of the dynamics of voter motivation. A significant proportion of Trump votes came, and would always come, from the cult-leader-style devotion he has among his most ardent supporters regardless of his actions, of the kind that led to 6 Jan. I suspect more Biden voters would be likely to be put off by his contribution to this debacle.

    I cannot agree more.

    Before I reply, I',m not a Trump fan.....My concern is, who would of done a better job in this crises.

    UK rely on the States and from what I can see may end carrying the last flag in Afghan.

    Before I put my sixth sense in, just want to hear others opinions.