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    I was about put quite an angry post on this one until I read boredatwork's post. Goes to show how easily we can misunderstand each other. Hope you are right boredatwork and I assume that Noni judging by previous has no idea that the word p****f is in Britain is the same faggot in the USA which in Britain is either some pieces of wood for a fire in olden days or a rather unpleasant meat product regularly eaten with chips or fat fries as an American / Canadian would understand.!!!

    Firstly I don't want to offend any one on here.

    The word poof was quite exceptable back in the 70s and still used today, specially on comedy shows. The word does not necessarily mean gay, but those on the feminine side you act like women.

    Happy Christmas everyone!!!:)

    Gotta say, I have not watched any strictly come dancing at all in my life, mainly due to the male poofs who call themselves judges on the show. But since I heard Bill Bailey was on, wow what a talent he is at 55 years old. Been watching some of the YouTube footage of his dancing and what a character he is.

    Well done to Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse on winning strictly.:)

    Bill Bailey is a great musician/comedian plus actor too, now he's put dancing to his resume/CV...^^

    Here's a funny Christmas first wife, we were married in 1993, divorced in 1994, gave me a used George Harrison CD for Christmas in '93. Mind you, I'd been burglarized a month or so before Christmas. All my CDs, about 500, we're stolen, plus my new Cerwin-Vega floor speakers(worth $500 each) and my television. I had marked many of my CDs with my driver's license number. Imagine my surprise when I opened the George Harrison CD and saw that it was mine, one of the stolen CDs. Of course, I asked my wife where she bought it. I went to that music store and saw all my CDs. I called the police and they met me at the store. The officer told the store manager that he must give me back all the CDs that I had marked, about 140. The others that weren't marked I could buy back at $1.00 each. I bought back maybe 40 more. I was really upset that more than 300 CDs had to stay in the store. I knew they were mine . The officer asked the store manager if he thought it might be a bit strange that someone would sell their 500-CD collection for pennies on the dollar? The officer also asked if he could describe what the person(s) looked like. To my shock, he described two people, one being a black man and the other being my wife. This set into motion a series of very disturbing discoveries about my wife. She apparently had hooked up with some drug addicts and had sold our property for drug money. We divorced after 11 months of marriage. I wonder if anyone ever purchased any of the 300 or so CDs that I wasn't willing to pay to get back? I could only get back the ones I could prove were mine. Sad story, I know, but funny in that my wife was clueless to the fact that she was giving me a CD for Christmas that was in fact mine already, and that she had stolen from me. The homeowners insurance settled my claim for $10,000. I was happy about that, but would rather have had my stuff back. How's that for a Christmas story?

    The good news is that they are all re-mastered now!......;) ^^. $10,000 sounds very reasonable for replacements. Good job they were only cd's and not vinyl as they would of been difficult to replace.