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    how was the 1992 opening night? And which of the three shows was your favorite?

    Sad to hear you couldn’t go this time. There were plans for another North American leg, but as things turned out, COVID stopped all that. Same with more European shows

    Opening night was flawless. As most know, it was documented as part of the original DVD set.
    I say flawless but I'm certain there were flubs as there always are on nights like that. I remember it going quite well.

    As for my fave show, they literally go in the order I saw them. The Mama show was the best since it was the first time seeing them. Setlist-wise, it was the best.

    This is why I wish they'd unload the live stuff from the vaults. Many, like me, didn't get to see them during their best (Phil) years.

    As far as stuff being thrown on stage, I was at a Blue Oyster Cult show back in 1981 (Minneapolis) and someone threw a Frisbee at the stage. It hit the mic stand while Allen Lanier was singing backup and the mic literally hit his mouth, making him jump back.

    New guy here. Been lurking for quite a while.

    Seen Genesis 3 times. I discovered them in 1982 while station in Germany. Then was transferred to Ft. Hood, Texas. That was where my Genesis journey started.

    Mama Tour

    Jan. 24, 1984 - Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX

    IT Tour

    Jan. 18, 1987 - Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX

    WCD Tour

    May 8, 1992 - Texas Stadium, Dallas, TX (Opening Night).

    I didn't get to see them on the last two tours. I live in MN now and the closest they got in 2007 was Chicago. For TLD, they didn't even get close. :(