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    It was circulating late 70s/early 80s. My brother had it on cassette at that time, with a photocopied cover of a person in a weird gas mask or something. It ended with Scree as I recall.

    While it's a bit frustrating I can see why they doctored it. The vocals weren't great in parts and the lead guitar sounded a bit weedy. Think of how it sounds on the boxset in Supernatural Anaesthetist, which I'm surprised they didn't patch up, and to my memory that's how it sounded all the way through.

    On that one, they might of course have actually done something with it and it had been even worse before! Though I think Hackett said he'd specifically redone the Lamia solo, do we know if he did anything else? What's odd is how the HCTSA solo is thin and scratchy but then when the song breaks down the guitar sounds full and majestic in complete contrast.

    Well, the band obviously used the original tapes with a professional recording.

    Something different from a bootleg obviously, the source is different and the management too.

    There is a series of videos on youtube where these recordings are analyzed in detail.

    However listening to the bootleg I think will give me an idea of the matter.

    Thanks for the quote, really!:thumbup:

    If you go back into this thread (and some other older ones), you will see that the 1994 Definitive Edition Remasters are generally well liked for the albums through to the 80s for the most part. Some people like the 2007 box set remixes, though not everyone. There are occasional discrepancies between the remasters and the remixes - some small parts got lost - which may matter to you.

    I have kept both the remasters and remixes in my collection. I like the remasters overall and do listen to them. However the remixes really do open up some albums so that you can hear the parts more distinctly, even without the 5.1 mixes. The Lamb is an example where I can hear the parts more clearly - even Steve, who I find is often buried in the original mix. The additional advantages of the box sets include having all the extra tracks, the interviews, and the 5.1 mixes.

    Excellent summary of the matter. I've read a lot about it on other forums and so far, I think one finds that many still like these old 1994 releases (although others not so much...) and the old virgins

    For a while I have listened to these old versions and the remixes and I can go from one to the other without problems. Some are nicer than others, some more revealing... but it's good to enjoy the original stereo mixes, even with the limitations that some comment on.

    Great choices, very similar with my preferences. Like you, I like that in some way or another an album preserves the dynamics and a pleasant sound that doesn't tire. I used to pay little attention to this until I found myself discovering the difference between a highly compressed remaster and one that is not.

    I like some of the recent remixes and I appreciate the new personality that some of the albums reveal, especially with the PG era and the live albums. But I still really enjoy the old Virgin and the DRE.

    When I bought Archive 1, I was certainly really excited about a box set that included the whole lamb show live. Of course then you find out about the "technical" issue and of course you wonder if this was necessary. Tony Banks says that it is the only show recorded professionally and I still believe that it is true.

    I haven't heard this concert in its original version, but even with everything said, I really like listening to it. And this has been the case from then until now.

    To what extent it may be technically possible in studio to have offered something closer than this to what it was ? I cannot make any judgement. Certainly all the members were involved in what was done there, so I think there was some consensus in the process.

    Of course we would all like to hear something "unmanipulated" but it is what we have so far officially released

    We all know where those "interventions" are, over time listening here and there the educated ear can find the tweaks.

    I must find that bootleg... it is a pending task

    I bought the first box set (70-75) for £85 on its release and all the others individually. Why they didn't press more of the PG box set is beyond me as demand was high (maybe to keep the cost high for a limited run?). To be honest, the DVDs are fab but would advise any fan to hold onto their original CDs as Nick D overcompressed the audio CDs and they sound too loud and brash.


    I have to confess, when I saw this thread bumped up my heart sank a little. But I was relieved and pleased to see your pragmatic comments.

    Most fans like us on this board would love to see various bits and pieces released, such as bootlegs, rehersals etc. I certainly would. But I think some here forget who this band is, or act almost like they don't really know who they are and what their stance is. Or they do know, but somehow think that now they're retired they will undergo a miraculous transformation and decide to clear out their archives of every scrap of material. Or that they will actually read fans' comments on boards like this, or under youtube videos, and think "oh well we'd better get all this stuff out of the cellar and put it out there. Just look at these fan comments!"

    The occasional snippet finding its way out through other means is the most we'll get. It's blatantly obvious that the band and their management are NOT going to be the source of any such releases.

    :thumbup: YES !

    Well, Seen from your point of view, you are right. I already have the cds (the remixes, the old Virgin cds and the definitive editions)

    But we know that they are not perfect (each with their strengths and weaknesses)

    I still think that catalog deserves to be reissued with the original mixes and with another sonic treatment. Just that ... an opinion, thanks for the post

    Good vibes!

    Welcome to the forum danielbravo!

    I agree that it is totally fine for an artist to be choosy about what gets released. If they are not comfortable with it, then they don't need to release it. I also agree that there is a fair bit of stuff being released that might satisfy curiosity for one or two listens, but does not maintain interest over the long term. It's the sort of stuff that might be nice to have available for streaming or download, but is not essential for a box set or something more formal.

    What is unclear to me is whether the lack of any other material being released is due to the band actively not wanting it released or simply not caring about getting it out to the public. Are the outtakes for Seconds Out really poor and they would be embarrassed to release them? Or is the band simply not that interested in figuring out if there are any outtakes worth adding on to some kind of Seconds Out deluxe edition?

    It all depends on your perspective, so in one way or another everyone is "right"

    If there is something where Genesis is possibly still indebted to their fans, it is releasing the entire discography with the original mixes, with a proper remaster and preserving all the sonic dynamics of those recordings.

    This would be a great gift!

    We already have the remixes for something like 15 years ? I think. And well, without going into whether you like them or not, since that same period of time the original mixes have not been offered... the new mixes became the rule for all reissues.

    And yet so far outside of this, there doesn't seem to be much more to offer from the Genesis offices.

    Perhaps from one moment to another we will be surprised and I hope it will be pleasantly.

    For now I try to enjoy what we have

    thanks for the quote

    Hello, my first post here, Recently in another forum someone started a thread with the same topic.

    As a fan I have always believed that Genesis has been a very careful band with the handling of their discography. To many it may not seem that way.

    There has always been a kind of revisionism among fans about released material and what is supposedly in the archives to be released. What is in the archives does not always necessarily represent what a band or artist wants to see published of their work.

    And in recent years the explosion of reissues, deluxe editions, remasters, megaboxes... with all the useless paraphernalia that sometimes accompanies them, doesn't always turn out to be as good as it seems. Of course everyone has the absolute freedom to spend their money on whatever they want.

    With Genesis the story has been the opposite and I think that so far with everything and the remixes, the three boxes, the archives sets 1 and 2... wow they have been generous without pretending to offer something that does not have the quality to be released or squeeze the fans.

    When one reads about all the bootlegs, outtakes and live recordings that many fans know, many of these are not of quality to be released, others are open mic recordings that the band made during rehearsals without being intended for an official release...

    Sometimes you have to trust the artist's judgment...