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    Hi folks, I (finally) received my Japanese 2021 CD/DVD pressing of The Tokyo Tapes with the bonus track Gone with the Smoke. Reporting back as promised.

    Above in this thread, it's nicely noted (thanks!) that this is a 2021 recording, let's call it "summer" timeframe (e.g., perhaps July or August? we'll never really know) since this reissue came out in September. It's a mellow 2:15 instrumental with Steve's nice electric guitar note-bending and sustained vibrato noodling and Roger King's synth pads and a simple bongo part. Nice chord changes and no real repeated melody that I've caught yet (at least upon a few listens).

    The studio version of Los Endos is, of course, the version from Genesis Revisited. And although a few live tracks have a second or 4 difference in duration, the audio heard is the same as we're accustomed to from the original Tokyo Tapes releases.

    Does anyone know the recording timeframe (year or month?) of the nice version of All Along the Watchtower (with John Wetton singing)? It seems to have been initially released on the 2013 (Esoteric Antenna EANTCD 31021) reissue of The Tokyo Tapes.

    I think Gone With The Smoke is a bonus track only for japan' s market, like Teach Yourself Vulcan and Roulette from At The Edge Of Light album. :/

    Nice. I missed these two also. Thanks!

    However, now I wonder what the actual title was intended to be? Maybe there was a typo on the Japanese release (?) - which clearly says "Teach Yourself Valcan" (with two "a"s). It is clearly printed on the back of the package this way (see image).

    Or, my dumb-ass speculation, maybe Steve intended to call it Teach Yourself Vulcan? (as in, what Mr. Spock's planet would teach - from Star Trek fame)).

    I was also thinking it might be a typo within the Discogs website. However, it lists the time as 2:17. And Behind the Smoke is 6:58 or so. If this is the actual song's time, it may not be Behind the Smoke. Thus my query.

    One website lists the 2CD/DVD as a future release not yet ready for pre-order, but it also says the release was canceled. Hmm.

    I found a place to order it and I'll update this thread in a few weeks after it arrives.

    Hi folks, I’m a newbie (my 1st post).

    I’ve been a B-sides collector since the early 80s, but only recently found the Hackett song “Gone with the Smoke.” It was apparently initially released on a 2021 Japanese 2CD/DVD reissue of The Tokyo Tapes.…e-Hackett-The-Tokyo-Tapes

    I missed this one and wonder if anyone knows more details?. Such as: when it was recorded? Who plays on it? Is it a Hackett-only composition? Is it instrumental? Blah blah blah. :)

    I haven’t found anyone selling it anywhere yet, so, I’ll be on the lookout for a copy.

    Thanks, have a great day.