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    Sorry if this has been discussed before in a thread I could not find...

    It seems interesting that the order of the songs will not be the same on the CD (i/o number 4 and Four Kinds of horses number 5) and digital download compared to the vinyl (4KOH is 4th, I/O 5th).

    PG has been known to pay attention to the order of the songs on the albums, and especially always putting at the beginning of each side of his vinyle releases the most complex songs (which is why in the original version of SO, it is respectively Red Rain and In Your Eyes, though now In Your Eyes has been pushed back to the end where it was meant to be all along...). There is more space on the outside of a vinyl, so the sound has a better definition.

    I am wondering if this is not the same phenomenon, with a preference for having Four Kinds Of Horses and its "musical worms" benefit from the added definition, compared to i/o. On the CD, he may have prefered to have two up tempo songs (The Court / i/o) and then two darker songs (4KOH / Love Can Heal..). This is just me guessing, however, so happy to hear if anybody else has any information or wants to speculate some more :)

    Four Kinds of Horses as the best for me.

    I added "And Still". Not his most original music nor best lyrics quality-wise, but I feel a weird connection to it. I am usually not the kind of fan who identifies too much with songs, always trying to keep a reasonable emotional distance. But this one evokes memories of wandering through my parents' house after my mother's death, to a point that is even a bit uncomfortable, as if he was there when that happened and wrote the lyrics about me....

    And 'Love can Heal", for the hypnotic rhythm.

    Now we know that we fans will have to invest in two different records, a Bright-side and a Dark-side...

    Until the news was released, I was wondering what mixes would be chosen for the definitive version of i/o. That question no longer makes sense, but I am sharing my views anyway on what would be the "best" i/o. Purely subjective of course:

    - Panopticom: BS (not a great fan of either versions, I have to say...)

    - Playing For Time: BS

    - The Court: DS

    - Four Kinds of Horses: BS (my favourite on the album, but I think the DS is a bit over-produced)

    - i/o: DS (not a fan either...)

    - Love Can Heal: cannot really choose, both are great. Slight preference for DS

    - Road to Joy: DS (for the bigger splash)

    - So Much: Hard to differentiate the two, IMHO.

    - Olive Tree: DS

    - This Is Home: BS (This has been discussed on a different thread, but I really cannot distinguish the male choir on the DS version, and it is really a pity).

    Okay, he is also talking about it in the full moon video, which is just released.

    But what exactly it is - if the release of music is connected with it - does not become clear.

    I am quite sure he mentionned during some concerts that Olive Tree would not be part of i/o, but of a future project. Which would not be surprising, he introduced Animal Nation in the same way during the previous tour. I was wondering if i was the only one to have heard him say that... Apparently I am, not too reassuring for my own brain :).

    I like concerts where you get to hear songs which are not yet released nor soon to be. We had quite a few during the Back to Front tour, the Growing Up tour and its extensions (Animal Nation, Baby Man, White Ashes), and sometimes during the Secret World Tour (Lovetown).

    Thanks,. Probably this track, from all new ones he played live, is the most demanding for me. This will need a bit time until I can make my personal judgement ...

    Fully agree. I heard it twice (Paris and London) and could not really make up my mind about it... PG seemed to be struggling a bit with it, vocally. I am really curious to hear how it sounds out of the recording studio...

    Am I the only one to have understood that, or did PG mention this one would not be on i/o, but on that "brain" project which will also supposedly include Road to Joy and Here Comes the Flood? Did he change his mind?

    PG usually plays his new album live in the same order (at least same first track and usually same last one), with a few tweaks, so I was expecting something of this kind.

    I was still hoping Panopticom would not be the opener however.... He usually has very strong first tracks, this is not one of those in my view.

    I thought he said in Paris and London that Olive tree would not be part of i/o (I saw both gigs and i think he mentioned this both times) ? Maybe i misunderstood...

    Very good end of album Indeed!

    I had not spotted Burn you up burn you down, but that is true.

    To me, the beginning sounds almost identical to the first chords of Kiss that Frog. When the song began in Paris, I thought he was starting that song actually

    "Sharp sound swim around

    Soaking into the brittle ground"

    "Splash, dash, heard your call

    Bring you back your golden ball"

    Definitely not in the same key, but identical in many ways. Fortunately, then the song diverges into something else (I do not especially like Kiss That Frog).

    PG seems to quote himself from time to time, especially in i/o... A musician only has a finite number of chords to play, I guess. Or it may also be that we old fan are looking for similarities that do not exist.

    Waking up the road to frog!