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    I had not spotted Burn you up burn you down, but that is true.

    To me, the beginning sounds almost identical to the first chords of Kiss that Frog. When the song began in Paris, I thought he was starting that song actually

    "Sharp sound swim around

    Soaking into the brittle ground"

    "Splash, dash, heard your call

    Bring you back your golden ball"

    Definitely not in the same key, but identical in many ways. Fortunately, then the song diverges into something else (I do not especially like Kiss That Frog).

    PG seems to quote himself from time to time, especially in i/o... A musician only has a finite number of chords to play, I guess. Or it may also be that we old fan are looking for similarities that do not exist.

    Waking up the road to frog!