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    Interesting to see that Love Can Heal isn't on that possible tracklist above. I remember Peter specifically saying himself in his Empire magazine interview that Love Can Heal would be on the album.

    I didn't include "Love Can Heal" and "What Lies Ahead" on that list just because they were registered a long time ago.

    There will be a total of 13 full moons in 2023. Which makes me wonder when this album will actually be released (whether it's an album or just singles), if there will be more songs released after 2023, if any will be left outside. Because everything indicates that we will have more than 13 new songs.

    P.S.: I really wanted "Baby Man" to be in it too.

    I can add some details to the discussion. The german copyright organisation is the GEMA and all tracks published will have to be registered there.

    Road To Joy was recently added, as was And Still, This Is Home, Olive Tree and Live And Let Live and ... So Much!

    There is one unknown track, Put The Bucket Down.

    Then, also "Show Yourself" was added and we first thought it's Why Don't You Show Yourself, but that was registered a decade ago already. So either a completely different version(?) or something different? We will find out ...

    An important detail is that apparently all new songs were registered at the same time (you can tell by the numerical sequence in the table below), except "Road To Joy", which was registered together with "Four Kinds of Horses", which reinforces the theory that this is the song for the next Full Moon.

    The fact that these songs were registered together recently also suggests that Peter has finally decided on all the songs that will make the album, or even that the album is on its way to the press plant.

    And Still 33636376 T-318.065.920-1
    Live and Let Live 33636379 T-318.065.922-3
    Olive Tree 33636380 T-318.065.921-2
    Put The Bucket Down 33636382 T-318.065.923-4
    Show Yourself 33636383 T-318.065.924-5
    So Much 33636384 T-318.065.925-6
    This is Home 33636385 T-318.065.926-7
    Panopticom 32645231 T-314.520.019-3
    The Court 32832076 T-315.491.729-6
    Playing For Time 32918433 T-315.683.128-2
    i/o 33135198 T-316.148.172-3
    Four Kinds of Horses 33320924 T-317.214.419-9
    Road To Joy 33320925 T-317.214.418-8

    i/o (Bright-Side Mix) - CREDITS

    Producer: Peter Gabriel

    Composer: Peter Gabriel

    Lyricist: Peter Gabriel

    Acoustic Guitar: Katie May

    Additional Engineer: Dom Shaw

    Alto Vocals: Dudizile Ngomane, Maserame Ndindwa, Phumla Nkhumeleni & Zanele Ngwenya

    Assistant Editor: Dom Shaw & Faye Dolle

    Bass: Tony Levin

    Bass Vocals: Franzile Nzuza, Goodwill Modawu, Thabang Mkhwanazi & Warren Mahlangu

    Choir Arranger: Bongani Honey Ncube

    Drum Programmer: Oli Jacobs & Peter Gabriel

    Drums: Manu Katché

    Electric Guitar: David Rhodes & Katie May

    Mastering Engineer: Matt Colton

    Percussion: Katie May

    Piano: Peter Gabriel

    Recording Engineer: Jacques du Plessis, Katie May, Oli Jacobs & Richard Chappell

    Soprano Vocals: Linda Sambo, Nombuhle Dlamini, Phello Jiyane & Victoria Sithole

    Synthesizer: Katie May, Oli Jacobs & Peter Gabriel

    Tenor Vocals: George Kaudi, Victor Makhathini, Vusimuzi Shabalala & Xolani Ntombela

    Whistle: Richard Evans

    Artwork: Ólafur Elíasson

    Mixing Engineer: Mark “Spike” Stent

    Choir: Soweto Gospel Choir


    Produced by Peter Gabriel

    Written by Peter Gabriel

    Background Vocals: David Rhodes, Melanie Gabriel & Peter Gabriel

    Bass: Tony Levin

    Bass Trombone: Richard Henry

    Cello: Caroline Dale, Chris Allan, Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Tony Woollard & William Schofield

    Double Bass: Chris Laurence, Lucy Shaw & Stacey Watton

    Drum Programmer: Peter Gabriel & Richard Chappell

    Drums: Manu Katché

    Electric Guitar: David Rhodes

    Flute: Eliza Marshall

    Mixing Engineer: Tchad Blake

    Orchestra Leader: Everton Nelson

    Percussion: Brian Eno & Katie May

    Piano: Peter Gabriel

    String Arranger: John Metcalfe & Peter Gabriel

    Synthesizers: Brian Eno & Peter Gabriel

    Trombone: Andy Wood & Tracy Holloway

    Trumpet: Andrew Crowley

    Tuba: David Powell

    Viola: Bruce White, Fiona Bonds, Peter Lale & Rachel Roberts

    Violin: Cathy Thompson, Charles Mutter, Clare Hayes, Debbie Widdup, Everton Nelson, Ian Humphries, Louisa Fuller, Marianne Haynes, Martin Burgess, Natalia Bonner, Odile Ollagnon & Richard George

    Vocals: Peter Gabriel