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    There's information in this earlier thread, which itself points to an even earlier thread, and for Trespass there is this wiki entry setting out individual lyrics/music credits

    That's helpful, thanks -- really shows who wrote the songs on the albums.

    I remain curious about the demo songs that came out on the first Archive box set...but that information just may not be collected anywhere. I've taken to assuming that any of those songs that's not mentioned in the Ant Phillips compendium started with Tony and Peter...maybe that's over-simplifying, but seems reasonable, especially when they are generally very piano-centric.

    And looking at those FGTR breakdowns: man, Tony had his stranglehold on the songwriting early, didn't he? 9 out of 12 songs, with half the album being from the Banks/Gabriel partnership. Interesting how few Phillips/Rutherford songs there are at that point -- every credit with that pair ends up shared with at least one other member. Despite the expansion of their percentage of the work on Trespass, it's clear why Ant at his departure had the proto-Hackett feeling that there just wasn't enough album space to go around for all the songwriters in the band.

    The linked page for the FGTR songs credits In Limbo as Banks/Gabriel/Phillips/Rutherford/Silver, opposed to individual credits for the other songs. Is this intentional? What kind song writing input would John Silver have had? This seems odd.

    Good question -- I have no information on this, but assuming it is accurate, I would deduce the song might have come out of a full-band jam. Since Silver was taking part in the jam, he gets a credit. Maybe?

    I may be missing an obvious central repository for this information, but I'm curious if anyone knows the actual songwriting credits for the early years of the band when Ant was still around.

    Officially, the songs were all credited to Banks/Gabriel/Phillips/Rutherford. But I know the Ant recording compendium indicates songs he had a hand in writing, and that this site's review of FGTR breaks down individual songs.

    But I'm curious about the non-album songs that have come out; it's easy to assume that any song not listed in the Phillips compendium is from the Banks/Gabriel team...but the FGTR credits show that there was plenty of cross-pollination in the songwriting. So does anyone know a resource for breaking down who wrote, say, Hair on the Arms and Legs or Build Me A Mountain? Thanks for any help...

    There's also a video of Peter posted in the members page. It is a short one (30-40 seconds), thanking people for sticking with the Club even though it has been archival material ("digging up stuff from my past") instead of new material. He also notes how happy he is with the Big Room show from 2003 and that he thinks it "sounds pretty good to me." He ends with a very Peter-y vagueness about how that concert is something "we will be giving you over the coming period."

    I'm hoping "over the coming period" doesn't mean 1-2 songs every new/full moon phase. But I guess it's good that it seemed important for him and/or his team to recognize the connection between the Club and releasing new material. I am digging the archival stuff, but if new songs are getting ready to roll out, I'll be quite happy.

    Strong agree, Christian -- I liked getting officially released and easy-to-download versions of stuff like Full Stretch and those two Gabriel/Hall demos. But this was the first time this year we got something that couldn't have been heard least not these recordings.

    Looking back at the 1978 recording compendium entry and seeing that the scant information available includes that they were recorded at Trident Studios...which, according to the Full Moon Club release artwork for the tracks, is where these "Early Incarnation" versions were recorded...I'm growing more and more convinced that these three releases are the three August 28th, 1978 demos from the compendium.

    And that leads to the question...if that's right, which song is which?

    No. 1

    Yesterday's Song

    The One That Doesn't Sound Like Genesis

    I don't have an opinion, but my first guess will be the songs were released in the order they were recorded, and the listing on this site's page coincides with that order of notation. So No. 1 is Family Snapshot, Yesterday's Song is Games Without Frontiers, and The One...Genesis is Not One Of Us. Wild guesses tho! Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

    Quoting myself, but...

    Furthermore, since they primed this lunar cycle's releases as "demo songs that all became tracks you know well" from Melt, that means there won't be any cleaned-up version of the Tom Robinson co-written songs or the unreleased tracks recorded during '78 and '79 sessions (No. 1, Yesterday’s Song, and The One That Doesn’t Sound Like Genesis).

    I feel foolish that it took until someone else said it on Reddit, but it's possible the three future-Melt songs we are getting this cycle (Family Snapshot, Games Without Frontiers, and the unreleased third one) are these three songs bolded above...they just had different working title names than their released version.

    For now, I'll tell myself that's the case so I feel like we are crossing off songs on the "never heard these before" list...

    That is a nice surprise...both the unexpected early demo and the promise of at least a couple more during this lunar cycle.

    I am not an expert in studio outtake bootlegs, but I don't believe I've ever heard anything like this when hearing early versions of Family Snapshot...let alone any PG3/Melt recordings from 1978. I'm very curious what else they come up with.

    I also like that, between this and the Real World Notes EP on the New Moon, they are moving towards releasing multiple songs over both the New and Full Moon cycles. That's a trend I hope they continue to embrace until it's time for new music again.

    The choice and phrasing of the release does dash (or at least delay) a couple dreams of mine. Since we've moved on to 1978 and PG3, I guess we aren't going to get official releases of the rest of the "Before The Flood" bootlegged songs from '74 and '75...let alone anything from the mythical 1976 demo recording session with Ant, Mike, and Phil.

    Furthermore, since they primed this lunar cycle's releases as "demo songs that all became tracks you know well" from Melt, that means there won't be any cleaned-up version of the Tom Robinson co-written songs or the unreleased tracks recorded during '78 and '79 sessions (No. 1, Yesterday’s Song, and The One That Doesn’t Sound Like Genesis).

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that such treasures could make their way to us sometime down the road -- and be happy to get fun demos of eventually-released songs/

    I'm torn about another tour vs new music. My initial instinct is that I want him working on new music -- I agree with agentsage that new songs last forever. But I also know Peter, and it's possible that "oh I'll just finish off these five or six leftover songs and bang out a couple more" could lead to many years of fiddling, even if his plan were to start doing monthly song releases. And...I selfishly really want to experience him and his band on stage again and again.

    Despite that, I like the new pattern that the releases have been falling into: New Moon(ish) releases of previously released collections and Full Moon drops of previously unreleased songs. Yes, the two "new" songs that have come out have been widely bootlegged...but these are the first official releases. I have my wants of what I hope he gets to, and I would certainly prefer to get official versions of new songs like What Lies Ahead and Show Yourself, but if this is the plan for the foreseeable, I'm on board.

    Spent too much time with too much hope, and started dreaming of what songs could come out of this new FMC model now that Peter is opening the vault and letting those pre-Car demos out. I ended up with this pretty extensive list (spoilered below for size).

    I, of course, leaned on the excellent recording compendium put together by the good people of this site. I focused on “new” unreleased songs or demos/versions of songs that are either from an earlier era than it actually came out or have an interesting group of personnel on it (esp in the early years). Regular demos of already known songs are fun and all, but I’m more interested in these.

    A bunch of these are available as rips or bootlegs, and a few were even part of the old FMC releases...but fresh and cleaned up versions of these songs (particularly the bolded ones) would be a dream to have. Along with, of course, any newly recorded music he wants to release...

    Really glad they added the rest of the Full Stretch tracks all at once. It would have been ok but not ideal to have it be one track at a time for four months; now we can hopefully get another project going for the Club releases.

    As for Firebird: I'm more than ok if we are getting all those "Before The Flood"-era demos. Am I right in thinking, based on the Recording Compendium, that this track features Ant Phillips on the piano?

    I'm happy with the two new tracks that we got. Yes, I already had both of them through less official means...but nice to get a legitimate release of them both.

    I do wish they had just dropped all the Full Stretch songs at once. I don't really want it spread out over four months, even if it's New Moon/secondary material each time.

    As for Funny Man...I like those Martin Hall co-writing demos from '74-'75, so I hope all of them get out. For those who don't know, there are three songs from a 1974 session that have been bootlegged which feature Phil on drums and backing vocals as well as Ant on piano. They are You Never Know, Firebirds, and You Get What You Want. Again, you can hear all of them now via YouTube...but an official, cleaned-up release of any of them would be wonderful.

    But if we are hanging out before PG1 for any length of time, the Grail-ish recordings would be the 1976 demos outlined in the's excellent recording compendium. This session features demos of:

    Here Comes The Flood


    Flotsam & Jetsam

    Get The Guns (a Gabriel/Hall song that evolved into Down The Dolce Vita)

    Mr. Tattoo (a Gabriel-only credit that very little seems known about)

    and an unknown track

    Recorded by Peter on vocals and keyboard, Phil on drums, Ant on keyboards, Mike on bass, and John Goodsall on guitar.

    Man, I really want to hear those.

    Well, 11 days later...still waiting on the Burning Shed delivery. It took almost two weeks for the package to make it's way from the UK to America, and now it's stuck in customs for an open-ended amount of time. Maybe I'll get it by Christmas?

    I wanted to support the independent store for artists, but I don't think I'll ever use them again. My friends who bought direct from Real World also had them shipped from England and they've had them for over a week. Ah well...thank god for the Bandcamp subscription.

    Yes, another great track. Good to hear there will be another record as well, but who knows when! "Hope to see you around soon" are part of the last line in the Full Moon Update, we shall see!

    If recent album release patterns hold, only 44 years until the next one comes out!

    (As Christian says, I'm hoping he fires up the monthly releases again after his vacation/sabbatical.)

    Thanks for giving me an outlet to polish and publish the tour stats!

    Steve in 2028: "Well, you know, in 1975 we had to deal with John Lennon calling up every other day, just begging to join the band as the new singer. But Tony, of course, said he couldn't play any piano and Mike and I had the guitars covered, so..."