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    Just back from Elbow.

    What a great gig. The new songs work incredibly well live!

    I was unaware that Pete Turner was sick and couldn't play!

    Nathan Sudders appparently was called up last minute. He did a great job.

    Little plus: possibly the best crowd ever encountered at a gig.

    Railway stations. Please remove all those pianos so that while waiting in the station, which might already not be a great experience, we don't have to listen to people fumbling around on the keyboard in a setting where the acoustics make their selfish ineptitude even more annoying.

    Thank you.

    Can I extend that sentiment to shopping centres as well?

    With perfumes/people talking/music blaring from every shop/kids screaming it's already a sensory overload experience - why on top of that, do we have to listen to people practicing the Amelie soundtrack while their friends cheer them/film them?

    What else do you put in?

    We have a footpath near us, following an old railway line. Parts of it are lined with wild garlic plants. I did some cooking using the leaves which were delicious but I realised it was making me feel ill so I stopped using them, sadly. I do love wild garlic bulbs (I have no problem with those).

    Pine nuts, salt (I use coarse salt,) olive oil, lemon, and some pecorino (slightly stronger than parmigiano so it fits better, imho.)

    I am lucky enough to have bits of forest at a walking distance from my house, so every year during this season you can find a lot of wild garlic around. I do wash the leaves a lot because I had similar experiences.

    Tonight's mid-week dinner:

    Homemade olive bread, homemade wild garlic pesto, smoked salmon.

    Paired with a white Crozes-Hermitage.

    I feel the spring.

    The first part of this track is great, especially in terms of the chords, melody & backing vocals. It's kind of a shame it doesn't go on longer. If it wasn't for how the song had to be fit into the plot of a story, it might have been written so that it returns to the first part at the end, with the second part basically being a midsection instead.

    "The song was developed several years before its release and was even played live under the title The Light in 1970. [The same applies to Anyway, which can be found as a kind of early version or demo on the Jackson Tapes under the title Frustration]."

    That's actually a little misleading, because "Lilith" uses only a small part of the almost 9-minute "The Light."

    You can also hear parts of The Colony of Slippermen and The Battle of Epping Forest in The Light.

    The story behind The Light always reminds me of Bad Day by REM (which was wrote under a different title and only recorded as a demo in 1986; released as a successful single in 2003). But more interestingly, you can hear how the original demo morphed into It's the End of the World as We Know It.

    Sorry for the off-topic ;)

    Blue October (Harvard of the South, two/three members.)

    Thompson Twins (Babble, two out of three members.)

    XTC (The Dukes of Stratosphear, if that counts...)

    Tortoise (Isotope 217, at least two members.)

    Soul Asylum (Golden Smog, two members)

    REM (Hindu Love Gods, again if it counts...)

    System of a Down (Scars on Broadway, two members.)

    Dream Theater (Sons of Apollo, Liquid Tension Experiment two/three members)

    The new album by Onar Rodriguez Lopez (is It The Clouds) is quite stunning.

    (He is the guitarist from The Mars Volta)

    As I found it really good, I checked his previous work and was quite confused. In 2017 he released 10 (!) albums. So if anyone has a suggestion where to start, that would be wonderful …

    Definitely start with 'Telesterion,' a compilation album that covers his early years (released somewhen between 2010 and 2013 I believe.)

    After that, I recommend 'The Cloud Hill Tapes,' all three parts should have been released in one album. Great outlook on his later years.

    And then, have fun with his discography! My top three are:

    • Se Dice Bisonte, No Bufalo
    • Unicorn Skeleton Mask
    • Tychozorente

    Thursday night - cooking time: cauliflower ragu pasta.

    Very easy to make: essentially, follow the same procedure as to a traditional ragu but grind the cauliflower and use it instead of ground beef. Lighter alternative but still very tasty. Added some cumin, ginger, all spice and a little ground chili to give it a bit of a twist.

    Paired it with a lovely dry riesling.

    Successful night.

    I recently saw a youtube video compiling on-stage screw-ups etc. One of them was a brief clip from an IT tour show when, during the TIOA 60s medley, Collins cuts it short and says "There are some arseholes down at the front, we're off. Goodnight!" Do we know what happened and where this was? (The video annoyingly doesn't caption any of the clips).

    Rotterdam, 11/06/87

    Edit: Apparently a lot of fighting happened in the front throughout the concert with multiple warnings from Phil before and during the concert.

    The best: Platinum Collection. Biased maybe because it was the first compilation I ever owned. But also I think it's possibly the best "highlights" compilation. They hit the nail on the head with this one, imo.

    The worst: The Last Domino. I never really understood the point of a compilation based on a ... tour set-list? And the inclusion of that Abacab cut as well. It looks like a commercialised Spotify play list. The only interesting feature is Duchess as a "standalone" track, without having the fading out of the last chord of the coda of Behind the Lines as intro.

    This isn't an odd little bit as such but I recalled it thanks to the Duke/Henry Hentschell thread by OneForTheVine and it got me thinking. I wondered if you knew anything about this.

    I used to live near Sutton in SW London. Around 1987/88 I saw an ad in a local paper saying a band was playing at the Secombe Centre theatre in Sutton, "including members of [it listed 2 or 3 bands] and Genesis". Sceptical yet mildly excited, I called the theatre and asked for more details. I can't recall who else was involved but on keyboards was Genesis "member" David Hentschel. The woman on the phone struggled to say it - "David Hen... Hents... Hesh... Hesh... Heshall or something."

    I've no idea what this band was and can't recall who else was in it. I know he played synths for Andy Summers's band but it wasn't that band in this case. Anyone have any ideas?

    Could it have been Robben Ford? He had Colaiuta and some other big names with him on tour during those years. Maybe Hentschel filled in on some UK/Europe dates.

    If it wasn't Robben Ford, giving what he produced during those years, I feel it probably was a sort of short-lived jazz fusion supergroup.

    Three albums tonight:

    • Warren Zevon - Self-Titled
    • Long John Baldry - Everything Stops for Tea
    • Harry Nilsson - Aerial Ballet

    Which also reminds me, if any of you would happen to have suggestions on albums along the lines of the aforementioned ones, I would be very thankful.

    Killers of the Flower Moon.

    Up there with Oppenheimer. Epic.

    Great performance by Lily Gladstone.

    I was thinking "I know these guys" in a couple of times and turned out Jack White and Jason Isbell were casted! Did not know that. Pleasant surprise.

    I love how there isn't a "I'm gonna make the crowd cry" moment. It keeps you up, focused on the topic rather than trying to play on the viewer's emotions.