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    It's wonderful to see this album getting a nice lavish box set, it really is a fabulous record. However this is (as usual) a missed opportunity. Why not include a couple of rarities like Deep Water Town or Watch the Clock or live versions of songs from the album instead, or maybe even some MTV Unplugged material, instead of live b-sides some of which have absolutely nothing to do with this record (other than having been bonus b-sides on CD singles). And why is one of his best B-Sides - Take me With You - hidden right at the end? What odd sequencing! I will probably get it to try and encourage further archive releases and because it will be nice to have some songs on vinyl for the first time, but this is overall not a great release.

    Still looks nice, and as I say just great to see his most underrated record receiving some attention I hope it gets some good press coverage.

    Mike has been clear that he has no interest in revisiting his earlier solo career. I assume he has approved this remix of FGTR because he doesn't have to do much other than sign it off. Anthony is clearly still engaged and passionate about those early days and I expect the others as his friends have gone along with it, but I doubt they've had much involvement, outside of maybe a few lines of interview and green lighting the thing. I would love to be proved wrong but history clearly shows that Genesis are their own worst archivists. Anthony is probably the only exception to that - his solo career reissues show that he not only keeps things but he's willing to see them put out there.

    Either way I'm very excited for this release and hope it's a definitive summary of the pre Trespass era along with a remix of the album itself. This has the potential to be something rather special - and knowing how these things work it also has the potential to be a misfire.

    I think it’s an incredible song one of my favourite of their 80s tunes. I think it was right to leave it off Abacab though as it doesn’t really fit with the vibe of that album. Everything about it is great though, the drumming, the vocal the chorus, all of it just works. 15 for me - a hidden gem in their catalogue

    It’s an ok song, but it’s lacking something - Phil would have put in a key change or a proper middle eight which would have taken it to another level. Instead it just plods on and then fades out. It’s competent but uninspiring. Sadly not the only song on the album to suffer that fate.

    Of course..will be one of the 2 middle age greying men at the bar.. so that should narrow it down!...agree with Flaunt the Imperfection, very melodic. Although some of my favs are off the debut album, but don't think they are playing many of these this tour. But still be a fun night out

    Haha sounds like you’ll be easy to spot. Coincidentally If there’s another middle aged greying man there that will probably be me. I doubt there will be any others!

    china crisis next week in London ...overlooked melodic 80s duo

    I’m going to be on Putney for that as well. If you want to say hello to a fellow Genesis fan let me know!! Flaunt the Imperfection is one of the great 80s synth pop albums.

    I think as a big fan - which we all are to be here - the three favourites will constantly change. However...

    Two of my favourite three are fixed -


    The Lamb Lies Down

    The other one changes a lot, could be anything really. Today I will say We Can't Dance. Tomorrow I will say something else.

    I'd quite like them to do a 40th anniversary tour of the first album and play the whole thing. I have a feeling that might limit their audience somewhat but I'd be well up for Hanging By A Thread and A Call to Arms in the set. I guess because there isn't a 'definitive' Mechanics album they wouldn't do it but it would be interesting at least.

    If it was up to me I'd have Roachford singing Halfway There - I think he'd nail it - but that won't happen either.

    I think it’s one of the highlights on the album and when it came out I’d say it was probably my favourite track. I can only echo what others have said, it’s some ways it doesn’t fit with the pop feel of the overall record but what an end to the album, doesn’t anybody, inside out and Take me home. Plus we said hello on the CD. Every one a stone cold classic.

    I miss Phil’s writing so much

    Would you put Harlequin in the same category? I really love the song, it reminds me of a Crosby Stills Nash and Young type song, with its harmonies. But it’s one of those pretty little songs that only hardcore Genesis fans know… I guess like all of us.

    Agreed, like For Absent Friends I think Harlequin is a lovely little interlude. A bit like what Yes were doing with Fragile and The Yes Album, dropping shorter prettier moments in amongst the epic tracks. As you say there are great harmonies there too.

    This is a quote from Collins I believe but reading it again it seems more like someone just trying to forget the whole thing rather than genuinely denying the existence of the video.

    Collins on his internet forum in November 2004: "Match Of The Day... no video was done for this as far as I can recall... but I am weak and my limbs are frail.....etc. Etc. It was also not our finest hour looking back at it now!!! I wrote the embarrassing lyrics and the track featured an attempt to bring some of the hipper grooves of the day into Genesis, with very suspect results."

    This is pretty much non-musical. Has anyone ever uncovered definitive proof one way or the other on the existence of a Match of The Day video? Allegedly filmed at Loftus Road, but which Phil denied and I've never seen it or even a still from it.

    Has this mystery been solved?