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    All the points 1 -3 are true , but point 4 which you glaringly omitted or forgot is of course that vinyl is simply better because it is. ^^

    You are also so completely wrong about playing a record in your car.

    I'm glad you took my comments in the spirit in which they were intended - i.e., good-natured and with humor/humour.

    If you are of a certain age and always loved your vinyl and never saw a reason to stop, I completely respect that point of view. (I am a bit mystified how/why vinyl caught on so much among millennials - that I don't really get.) I'm certainly not "anti-vinyl" - without listening to music on vinyl, I never would have become a proper music fan. One of my favorite scenes from the movie Almost Famous is when the young boy (i.e., the main character) is left a box of records by his sister when she leaves home. His playing her copy of The Who's Tommy is one of the most memorable parts. I am, however, against vinyl snobbery - i.e., those who like vinyl themselves and then are completely dismissive of all other formats as if there are no downsides to vinyl at all and nothing to like from the other formats. (Your comment above was obviously tongue-in-cheek, so it was appreciated.)

    It depresses me a little that people still listen to mp3s so often, and with earbud earphones to boot. Yes, I completely get the convenience aspect, but I hope those folks are listening to their music in a superior way sometimes. Like you, I like something physical to look over while listening - heck, I consider the artwork an essential part of the music-listening experience. Oh well, maybe the streaming/downloading sites will come up with a way for album artwork to be more prominent; it seems like a real missed opportunity that it hasn't already happened.

    Anyway, thank you for introducing the topic! :thumbup:

    Mostly CDs for general listening for me. However, I had all of these DVD-Audio discs and SACDs that had surround versions collected over the years (e.g., the Genesis boxsets) that I decided that I wanted a proper system that would play them.

    I did hesitate at the time - vinyl was making a comeback at the same time when I was making my choice. So, I did consider getting back into vinyl. However, several things made the choice easy for me to go the new millennium route:

    1) the cost of new vinyl is utterly ridiculous

    2) SACDs and BluRay Audio discs have true lossless sound (DVD-Audio can be too, if it is done right)

    3) ripping CD audio for use on portable players is dead easy; yes, you can do this for vinyl too, but it's a pain in the ass in comparison

    There are other reasons, but those are the highlights.

    I get why people like vinyl - hell, I grew up with it too. If you heard albums that way first, hearing them on vinyl is the only way they are going to sound "right". Having the artwork in a larger format is a real plus too (I don't know how the downloading/streaming folk so easily do without it). However, there are some objective facts about vinyl that aficionados seem to ignore: CDs have a wider dynamic range than vinyl, you can't play vinyl in your car or on a walk (unless you master Audacity or equivalent), vinyl is much bulkier if you have a large collection (it sure makes moving house more "fun"), etc. People seem to like vinyl for aesthetic reasons as much as the sound (rituals of talking the record out of the sleeve and putting it on the turntable, the slight crackle of the needle on vinyl, flipping from one side to the other, holding the cover while listening, etc.). I was happy to grow up with vinyl, but I've always preferred CD once it became the dominant format. Yes, when CDs were brand new and the record companies didn't remaster them properly for the new format, their sound back in the 80s left a lot to be desired (e.g., the first CD version of W&W was dreadful - however, nothing will beat the awfulness of the original CD version of King Crimson's debut album - the source tape noise literally drowned out much of the music), The record companies also made a mistake with CDs early in the new millennium by making them too loud (the notorious "loudness war" - this bad mixing/mastering also infected some early DVD-Audio discs too). However, during the 90s and for the last 15 years, CDs generally sound wonderful!

    But this is unfair - I should pick on the mp3 lovers too! ^^ Yes, I get the convenience - that's easy to see. However, WAV files and even lossless files are every bit as portable as mp3 files. Even more, most portable players today (i.e., one's smartphone) play WAV files every bit as easily as mp3s...and the WAV files sound better! What's more, if your phone is from 2016 or later, it can most probably play lossless files too (e.g., beginning with the iPhone 7, Apple finally made their products able to play FLAC files (the most commonly used/found lossless format) - before then, they only played Apple Lossless which virtually nothing was available in; the Android equivalents I think also can play FLAC files). OK - I hear you say, "What about the storage space?" Well, if your storage space is limited, you probably do want to steer clear of the lossless files. However, WAV files are a nice, tidy size. You can get a whole lot of songs/albums on your device...and they sound better! :thumbup:

    My goodness, how I have digressed. ^^

    Back more on topic, I usually listen to (in order of preference) :

    1) SACDs

    2) BluRay Audio discs

    3) DVD-Audio discs

    4) CDs

    5) mp3s (if I can only get a particular song/album that way)

    The first three are my preference when I'm at home - I do also listen to CDs at home too. When I am in my car, CDs. When I am walking/traveling without driving, ripped WAV files from my CDs (and mp3s if they aren't avoidable).

    My audio system:

    An OPPO BDP-103D BluRay disc player (this plays virtually anything encoded on a disc, including SACDs)

    Yamaha RX-V383 amplifier/receiver

    Sony 5.1 speaker system (the 2 large floor-standing speakers have the model number of SS-CS3 - the rest of the speaker system is from the same "family", as it were)

    The system is a good system. Yes, there are better ones if you are willing to part with literally thousands of dollars/pounds/euros. However, if one shops carefully, one can get a very good deal. The Sony surround speakers on their own are $1500 full price; however, in the States, there is a chain called Best Buy which has an annual sale called Audiofest every March. I bought during this sale - thus, I got the speakers and the amplifier/receiver for about $750. Very doable. :thumbup:

    My ears have been very happy ever since...

    Thank you for writing all that The_Genesis_Archive - very good detail!

    FWIW, the main way I listen to the discs from these three sets is via SACD 5.1 - they are outstanding! I also have a DVD/BluRay player that plays my SACDs, from the wonderful people at OPPO - I payed a little bit more than I normally would for such a device, but it literally plays anything recorded on a digital disc from anywhere in the world, so it has that going for it. :thumbup:

    Yes, I agree that if these sets are ever re-released, it would most probably be by BluRay Audio. But, that would be OK; it's my second-favorite format behind SACD.