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    FINALLY, Ticketmaster fixed their faulty widget. 🙄 So, six days late, I now have a ticket for the first of the three Scottish Rite Auditorium shows in October.

    …and this date happened about a month ago (😄), so I’ll finally give a brief review.

    It was as good as his concerts always are. The band was in top form (as always), and who wouldn’t want to hear all of “Foxtrot” played very well live if you are a fan of Gabriel-era Genesis? The solo selections and extra Genesis tracks were great too.

    Bring on the “Lamb selections” show for 2024! 😎

    (Has he ever done a tour that featured “Nursery Cryme”? I don’t remember one. Maybe he’s saving that one for 2026 for its 55th anniversary? 🤷‍♂️)

    U2 at The Sphere. Las Vegas 9/30.

    I can only imagine what Genesis could’ve done in this building. The sound and screens lived up to the hype.

    I’ll be going myself later this month (the 25th)! I’m glad that the audio and video are as great as advertised! 😎 I also agree that Genesis of multiple eras could have done a lot with a venue like this.

    Thanks for bumping this thread! Looking back, I can’t believe that I didn’t post in this thread back when it was made (I voted, but I didn’t post for some reason. 😄)

    Well, put very bluntly, this is the album that transformed me from merely being aware of and liking the band to being an unabashed fan of the band. It’s still the tour that I wish could have seen first instead of the IT tour. (I still vividly remember my disappointment in not being able to go to one of the Philadelphia shows for the “MAMA” tour - I was old enough to go, but, since parental permission was lacking, I couldn’t go. 😔) Fortunately, one of the shows in the old Spectrum was broadcast on the radio, so I did get to hear one of the three shows there.

    Yes, Side 1 is more cohesive than Side 2, but that doesn’t make Side 2 a total tragedy either. “Just A Job To Do”, “Silver Rainbow”, and “It’s Gonna Get Better” are all great songs - the last two are among my favorites of the trio version of the band. The first two songs on that side are ok, just not as great as the rest of that side.

    I voted for “Mama”, “Second Home By The Sea” (although, like many here, I really consider the two parts to be one long song), and “Silver Rainbow” originally, but “It’s Gonna Get Better” is “top-3 quality” as well. One of my very favorites from the trio. 👍

    I was at this show, and it was phenomenal!

    Since I wasn’t the biggest fan of the gradual rolling out of songs from i/o each month (Peter, of course, had the right to do things this way if he chose to; I just don’t love the concept personally, especially after so many months now), I intentionally didn’t listen to any of the songs before the show.

    This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I loved hearing these songs for the first time without any preconceived notion as to how they would sound. I just paid a bit more attention to them and accepted what I was given. It made the show, frankly, unique in my concert-going experience. As much as I was looking forward to hearing the songs I knew I would hear, the new songs held up very well in comparison, and many of them were the best songs of the evening. So, along with the outstanding visuals (which you can rely on at a PG concert), the show was brilliant from start to finish. If the cost of the better tickets weren’t so steep, I would see the NYC show later today. Having said that, I do feel that I got my full money’s worth for the ticket for Philadelphia. I didn’t enjoy paying as much as I did when I first bought it; however, now, I feel fully satisfied.

    I wasn’t satisfied with the price of the $50 t-shirts; so, those remained unbought. I did get the $30 tour program, which, while a bit pricey, was worth the money - it’s very nice and informative. All in all, just a great concert experience, just as PG always delivers. 👍

    I really like both Silver Rainbow & It's Gonna Get Better.

    …as do I - they make up a great ending to one of my favorite albums of theirs as a trio.

    I’m always a bit surprised that side 2 of the 1983 eponymous album always gets it in the neck when it’s only the first two songs on that side that haven’t really held up well over time. The last two songs and “Just A Job To Do”, IMHO, are quite good! (JAJTD even got picked up as a theme song to a TV show in the mid-80s here in the States. That caught me by surprise when I first heard it on TV!) Side 1 is obviously the more cohesive and better side, but side 2 is far from being a disaster. To each their own. 🤷‍♂️

    Welcome. And I am impressed by the work put into figuring this out!

    Seconded! That’s really amazing work, and welcome!

    Hopefully they aren't really fully retiring The Lamb tour. It's a fantastic show and keeps a good variety going in terms of their rotation of tours. Take the Lamb out of the touring mix and they're basically reduced to SEBTP and Foxtrot, along with the occasional Extravaganza tour. Actually the first time I saw them they were doing the Nursery Cryme Tour at Upper Darby. They were excellent but the show was very short (a little under 90 minutes). I probably would not pay to see that show again.

    But you would get to hear them do “The Fountain Of Salmacis” again - that would be worth it! 😎

    Well, that’s what I think they would gravitate towards if they are continuing longer-term, i.e., more Extravaganza-type tours. They have been very clear from the beginning that this tour was it for the full “Lamb” shows. I don’t think they would renege on that now.

    That’s also why I opined about the possibility of this being a slow-motion retirement too - they have been at this for a while. (Of course, I don’t want that - I want them to just keep going and going.) I guess we’ll find out.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I caught Friday night's show, and it was fabulous! I had seen TMB play most of side-2 of The Lamb on their "extravaganza" tour a few years back, but this was the first (and expected only) time I got to see the entire Lamb show. So very well done on every level!!

    Oh, they have never put on a show that I haven’t been blown away by! 😄 I counted in my head how many times I have seen them play the Lamb - tonight (technically, last night, since it’s after midnight now) was the 5th time. Every time outstanding! They were especially good tonight, like they wanted their last Philadelphia-area Lamb show to be a blinder, and it was! 😎

    I loved both of the “Extravaganza” tours, and they were amazing! If they continue long-term from here, I hope they do more of those. If you haven’t seen one of their album-specific tours before this one, be sure you catch the SEBTP one! It’s outstanding! They sometimes do the “Black Show” in addition to the regular stage for this one! Not to be missed!

    One last time to see TLLDOB in its entirety in suburban Philadelphia at the Keswick Theater tonight! I’m looking forward to it! 😎

    However, it is a bit of an end of an era. I know they have already announced a SEBTP tour for next year, but I wonder if they are winding down as a tribute band as well. Perhaps they are retiring tour-by-tour, starting from The Lamb and working backwards? I guess time will tell. Obviously, I am hoping to be wrong, but even tribute acts don’t go on forever.

    Is this the same rehearsal video from the DVD of the 1983 “Genesis” CD/DVD set (i.e., from the boxset), or is it a newly-found one?

    FINALLY, Ticketmaster fixed their faulty widget. 🙄 So, six days late, I now have a ticket for the first of the three Scottish Rite Auditorium shows in October.

    Unfortunately, because of this glitchy widget, I lost out on a front-row seat (as I mentioned above). Well, I guess the good news is that I saved $20 for the seat further back. It’s awful when TM has a problem because it always takes days for a problem that can be fixed in minutes.…sis-watcher-of-the-skies/

    Read this and got me thinking that in all these years, i am not sure that i have ever heard the edited single version!...although sounds like haven't missed mellotron😔

    I have heard it. If my memory serves correctly, it was an Italy-only single release (possibly just mainland Europe, but I think it was Italy-only). It did appear on a best-of early Genesis compilation CD that also came from Italy. (I never owned this CD - it was too much money to spend just for one song; one of my friends had it back in college). It is very guitar-oriented; I don’t recall any Mellotron.

    P.S. I read the story more closely, and obviously it came out in Germany too. Maybe it was just released on the mainland? 🤷‍♂️