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    Oh, by the way, my next gig is Porcupine Tree at The Met (yes, the same Met as mentioned in the previous post). I haven't seen them live since 2009 at Colston Hall in Bristol (See? I even got to see them in England, but not Suede! :rolleyes:^^).

    I wonder if they are back for good or just for this one tour - either way, I am very happy to see them again. :thumbup:

    I just found out Suede are playing in the US in November, a headlining tour with the Manics. This is remarkable because Suede aren't that big in the US, and never tour here since their gear was stolen on a tour in the 1990s. I got tickets to see them in a theater in November.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!

    I have now gotten a ticket to see them in Philly in November. I had to do quick investigative work to find the presale password (if you are a fan of one/both bands, go to the Manics website to the tour announcement section for the password). I also found out that they are alternating which band is the closer in each city; fortunately for me, Philadelphia is a city where Suede are the closing act - I'm a MUCH bigger fan of Suede.

    I have been a fan of this band since they released "Coming Up" (1996). The Bernard Butler era is still my favorite (i.e., their albums before "Coming Up" - "Dog Man Star", IMHO, is one of the best albums of the 90s and is still my all-time favorite of theirs); however, I love virtually everything they have ever recorded (I even don't hate "A New Morning", the album that divides opinion the most among the Suede fanbase - it's not their best album, to be sure, but it still has some decent tracks on it).

    As you alluded to, they have not toured here since their single ill-fated tour here back when Bernard was still in the band. (Along with the theft of their gear, another negative about the tour is that they toured here just after Bernard endured the death of his father - this, among other reasons (including the oft-appearing "creative differences"), contributed to his leaving the band.) Thus, I have never seen them live. I even didn't manage to see them when I was living in England (2009 - 2016) - the tickets just sold out too fast. They mostly played London, and, when they ventured further afield, they always played very small places.

    This drought now ends in 2022 - thank goodness! :thumbup:

    I'm a little miffed that the Suede fansite mailing list didn't send out info about the presale; I've been on that for years. If I had gotten the password on time, I would have been in the GA pit for certain! However, I am very, very happy to have an actual ticket to a Suede show happening in North America. Thanks again for mentioning it! 8)

    I'm confused about all this. The SACD boxes play in both surround and stereo on standard players. I thought the CDs issues since then were the stereo version of the SACD. Am I wrong? And box set vinyl re issues? They must be the same mixes as the newer CDs which as I say I thought are the stereo mixes of the SACD. Or is there a difference?

    No - you are correct. They are the same stereo version across the multiple formats.

    What the original poster may be alluding to is that the hybrid SACDs of each album (along with its companion DVD) were once briefly available separately from the boxsets. He just wants the regular single CDs of the albums in question. Those came out a little later and are what are easily found now.

    My favorite TFF album is the Seeds of Love. It’s one of those rare albums that doesn’t have a single song I feel the need to skip over to the next song.

    Different strokes for different folks…I certainly like that album; however, of their first three albums, it’s easily my least favorite. The production on it is a bit too slick for my liking. They played 3 songs from it in concert (in fact, the first 3 songs on the album are the ones they played).

    I expected more from that album, but, as I already mentioned, I was very pleasantly surprised that their debut album got such prominent presence in the setlist.

    True, though I must admit the emphasis on Philly reminds me of the part in the movie Spinal Tap when things are beginning to fall apart for the band and they hang their hat on Philadelphia: “Now Philly, there’s a real rock and roll town” 😂

    Even better was when their manager informs them that the Boston gig was canceled; he, of course, wrongly reassures them that Boston is “not a college town”. :D

    I realized that I forgot to update upcoming shows recently. ^^

    Over the past 10 days, I have seen The Musical Box, Kraftwerk 3D (which was truly excellent), and, just last night, Tears For Fears. They are now off to the UK for their tour there after tonight.

    If you are a fan of the band (TFF, that is), do yourself a favor and see this show - it was outstanding! The new album is a bit mellow, but still very good. Along with the new album, the album that got the 2nd-most songs on the setlist was their debut album, “The Hurting”! This was a bit of a surprise, but a very good one; I like their debut album almost every bit as much as their more-famous “Songs From The Big Chair”. Also, their light show was stunning! So, again, if you’re in the UK and you like them, do yourself a favor and catch a show.

    They don't always play the sam cities, same in Europe. On some tours, they skip locations, on other they are back again. Is most likely linked to logistics.

    Well, of course, that is true. However, there must have been very large logistical problems for them not to have been able to schedule Philadelphia-area shows. Philly is one of the places they enjoy performing the most - all their shows sell out almost instantly and the fan reception is always rapturous. Simply put, they would never not play Philadelphia - they have come here for every tour of theirs, and they always would/will in the future.

    I’m sure they will come before and/or after their Canadian dates in Sept./Oct. I’m just glad I got a ticket for one of the NYC performances - it was outstanding!

    Well, I finally got to see their show last night at the Palladium Times Square in NYC. Yes, TLLDOB performed literally on Broadway (1515 Broadway, to be exact)! 😄

    It was a stellar performance, as usual. Having four days rest before the show must have helped. LOTS of energy from the band. There was another show tonight which should be finishing there as I am writing this. I’m sure it was excellent too.

    I only ended up going to this show because they never announced Philadelphia-area shows for this tour. I’m absolutely certain that they are playing Philadelphia on this tour, but I have very little idea when! 😄 Any shows certainly won’t be on this leg of the tour, which ends this Sunday the 19th.

    So, will they play here before their Canadian tour in September? Will they play here after it in October or November, before they head to Europe? I don’t know. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll just be ready to get tickets when they do.

    Ditto on everyone’s thoughts above.

    One extra thing I noticed from the 2007 boxset remix is how Mike really rocks on the bass on this song, especially near the end of the song. On the albums after “Duke”, he tends to play more traditional rhythm-oriented bass than how he played earlier in his career. However, he lets it rip on “Mama”. If you have a surround system, this is the song where the subwoofer gets a real workout.

    It's a stretch calling ACTA a "studio leftover" since it was just a "bit" that Mike and his co-writers built a song around, rather than an actual leftover song, as some seem to think is was. (I've read a professional review of the first M+M album where the writer assumed that Tony Banks wrote the lyrics to ACTA.)

    Well, you incorrectly “stretched” what I meant by “studio leftover”. ^^ What you spelled out is what I meant by a studio leftover, i.e., a musical idea that was tried out, but ultimately was not completed. If some kind of rough version had ever been anywhere close to completion, I’m sure that some vestige of it would have found its way to the trading community over the many intervening years.

    Yes, the lyrics are interesting to ponder. They do sound a bit Tony-ish, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Mike (with or without further assistance) could have written them too. If they are Tony’s, it would explain why Mike asked Tony and Phil for permission to use the song on the first M&tM album. The original idea for the song was Mike’s in the first place, but if Tony wrote some/most/all of the eventual lyrics, then permission would certainly be needed. (Of course, this begs the question what Phil would have conceivably done with the early development of the idea to require permission being asked, unless that was just a courtesy since they were returning to an “all titles done by all” position.)

    Were there any proper B sides for this album, and if not, was it the only Genesis album without any?

    Feel like I should know this but I don't.

    The only studio leftover was “A Call To Arms”, which Mike subsequently used on the first Mike & the Mechanics album. Details here (look in the “Background and recording” section) :…he_Mechanics_(1985_album)

    There were no studio b-sides; however, there was a lovely live version of “Firth Of Fifth” on the 12” single for “That’s All”.

    Glad you enjoyed our show! I like rugby shirts, too, so tried to find one that was similar to the ones Tony wore in that early 80s era. Also figured that if seemingly-staid Tony Banks donned a snorkel for "Whodunnit?" then I should give it a go as an homage for any die-hard fans... 10 seconds into the song the lens fogged up terribly, making it rather difficult to see my notes! 🤓 Looking forward to our reprise on the 27th!

    Well, I definitely appreciated the attention to detail - thank you for enduring the fogging issue. ^^

    Well, I never got around to the longer review, did I? Let's change that.

    OK, for those who were curious (and for those seeing them in Milton, DE in a few weeks), some further details. Do they play the entirety of both "Duke" and "Abacab" albums? YES! 8) Do they play the songs in album order? YES! 8) How many players are on stage? Glad you asked - there are 7...UNLESS the horn sections shows up...then there are 11. :thumbup:This makes their attention to detail even more evident. I'll explain.

    Did you ever not fully enjoy a section of a live version of a song because they play a section differently from how they did on the studio version? There are two such sections for me from the "Abacab" album when certain songs were played live back in the day: one section during the song "Abacab" itself, and another during "Keep It Dark". In "Abacab", Phil uses maracas live during the "It's an illusion - it's a game..." part of the song. Of course, in the studio, this section has a repeated "di-di-di-di" part. I always preferred the studio version here. Well, apparently, The Rock Orchestra felt the same way because dodo /Tony played the repeated "di-di-di-di" in this section! No maracas to be found! (Now, I don't blame Genesis using the maracas in this section back in the day; it would have been difficult to reproduce that sound live without its being pre-recorded.) They also kept a superior-sounding studio section instead of playing the altered way live in "Keep It Dark". Phil plays a winding-clicky-thing (apologies for the technical jargon - sometimes it can't be helped) before singing the words "keep it dark" in live performance. TRO kept the original percussion section that features on the studio version - again, I prefer the studio version sound here too. It was really nice to hear the original sounds for these two sections in these two songs. I wasn't expecting that to happen, but it showed how much effort they took in listening to and working on recreating the original sounds in concert.

    For those seeing them in Milton, know this: before performing in Wilmington, they only had 8 rehearsals! :huh: I don't know if they will have another one or two before Milton (dodo will have to tell us), but, if not, fear not - they sounded amazing! It wasn't completely trouble-free either (just like an old Genesis show, really - I guess that's another instance of their attention to detail ;)). For example, when the "Lurker" speaks to us in the song of the same name, the singer set up the part perfectly: "...and this is what it said to me..." We waited briefly in anticipation for the Lurker to speak through "Tony's" keyboard, and...he didn't speak!;( Ever the pro, dodo calmly reconnected the cord that had fallen out before he could play Lurker-speak, the band kept playing in a holding pattern, and then the Lurker spoke proudly as we were accustomed to hearing! I always love watching/hearing musicians work through a unexpected difficulty; TRO did it wonderfully!

    Was there an encore? Hmmm...should I keep it a secret? :/ NO! ^^ Yes, there was one. So, if you are seeing them in Milton, you might hear a song whose title is a single word plucked from the lyrics of DWTMK. AND, if you are especially well-behaved, you might even hear a medley of songs featuring a cage, the cinema, some men who are slippery, and some glowing after. (No, it's not naughty, despite its sounding like it could be. ^^)

    A great show! I almost wish they would figure out a way to perform it a third time - if they did, I'd go again.

    Well, a short review now before bed (it’s late).

    This is definitely a show worth catching! I’m very glad I went. I heard excellent live versions of songs I had never heard live before.

    I wondered in the “Your Next Gig” thread if “Tony” would have the snorkel mask on during “Who Dunnit?” Well, you/he did! 🤿 You even had a regulation Tony Banks early-80s striped rugby shirt on - that’s true attention to detail! 👍 (I loved those shirts back then, and it always made me happy that he wore them too.)

    More later after some rest. In short, great job last night and good luck with the Milton show! 🍀