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    From what I have heard, it's still in 4:3 ratio ...

    That actually doesn't surprise me. Widescreen wasn't a common format back in 1994 - thus, the show would have been recorded originally with VHS tapes in mind. I know that some kind of video magic can be done to make them widescreen, but that must degrade the quality of the video somewhat.

    If they could have made it 16:9 and kept the original quality, I think they would have done it. (They're certainly charging enough for the full boxset to have done it.)

    The good thing is that, later on, they will probably release each mini-era of the boxset in unique sets of their own, like they did for "The Early Years" boxset.

    The whole set is too expensive for me too (I do have the 1 CD sampler, though). However, when the 5.1 BluRay of "Pulse" can be purchased independent of the whole boxset, I'll be one of the first in line.

    Rush is a band I've tried to like but just get bored listening to them. The singer is the main cause. I cannot stand his voice.

    The funny thing about Geddy Lee is that I think his voice improved over time - it was a "fans only" voice in the 70s, in the 80s it mellowed to a much more listenable degree, and in the 90s even more so. Only 3 studio albums were released in the new millennium (unless you include their covers album - I think it was called "Feedback"); his vocals are quite listenable on those too. Now the last couple of live releases they released before retiring you can hear the ravages of older years a bit on them. However, I would say from "Permanent Waves" onward, his voice suits the music quite well.

    I do understand how non-fans wouldn't care for his singing in the 70s - even he is critical of it. But his voice is more listenable, to me, than a singer like, say, Roger Chapman from Family. That vibrato just absolutely nauseates me. <X

    Their debut album released 50 years ago today (it's not today anymore for me as I write this but it still is for some of you).

    A truly great anniversary then.

    Many albums are called "influential", but this one really was. Not only is there Pete Townshend's oft-quoted comment regarding the debut album ("an uncanny masterpiece", for those who may not have seen it before), but I remember an interview with Tony or Ant that it was one of the albums they listened to and really liked in the early days of Genesis. (In fact, if memory serves correctly, I think Genesis bought their first mellotron from KC.)

    I can't wait for the BluRay audio version coming out next month! 8)

    A lot of great analysis here - pro and con.

    I'll be concise (for once):

    Love: DOAV, Entangled (one of their prettiest songs), Squonk, Ripples (another one of their prettiest), ATOTT, Los Endos (one of the best classic 70s prog instrumentals)

    Like, but don't love: MMM, RA&B (except the instrumental jam, which is great)

    Dislike: none

    I always wished that "It's Yourself" had found a place on it - yes, either this song or "Los Endos" would have had to change the instrumental bit that they share (unless they had melded the two together - it wouldn't have been an impossible feat). Of course, the purist prog anoraks would have complained about this song they same way they complained about "Your Own Special Way" on the following album. Still, it's a very nice track.

    Please ask him how he mastered his one-handed drum roll currently featuring on "Clocks/The Angel Of Mons" on the current tour.

    I saw it in Ithaca, and my jaw just dropped. I saw it twice more and still was stunned just as much, even though I knew it was coming. Thank him for drumming on this tour too - he's truly outstanding. :thumbup:

    Steve's blog has a nice update of two of the shows I saw (Saturday show at the Keswick (Philly area) and Munhall (i.e., Pittsburgh)) - nice photos here:

    The Munhall show was extra energetic from the band. If I had to guess, having a couple days off really revitalized them. Nad came out to talk to the people lined up for the Meet-and-Greet - he was cold inside the venue and it was very warm outside. He even posed with people for pictures who asked. I wish I had known he was coming out - I brought the Unifaun CD booklet to be signed potentially by him at the Ithaca show, but only Steve came out for us there. Oh well... The venue was gorgeous. I'd go there again despite the drive (the State Theater in Ithaca, NY too).

    The Keswick show was just euphoric - all the Philly area shows, whether at the Keswick or across the river at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, NJ, are always mass celebrations of Genesis love and fandom - The Musical Box's shows in the area generate a very similar enthusiastic reaction too.

    I don't know how many more of these tours he will have, but I have been grateful for every one of them. I think he'll probably continue until at least 2021 in any case (45th anniversary of ATOTT, 50th of "Nursery Cryme"). Next year may be a more Steve-centric touring year (40th anniversary of "Defector"), but I'm already looking forward to any future Genesis Revisited that come along.

    Well, I'm in the States, and my experience here was exactly the same as the part of your post I highlighted above.

    I tried desperately to locate a copy of "Strictly Inc.", but I could only ever find it online at exorbitant prices, just like you said. It just wasn't easily obtainable here. I'm a big Wang Chung fan as well, so I was very excited when I heard that Tony was working with Jack Hues on this project. I still haven't heard the whole album.

    I'm also still on the fence about getting the boxset because I have the one album of his that I consider to be his "classic" (i.e., ACF - and in 5.1 as well), and the other albums of his that I value I already have too. Do I really need superior remastering of albums where I'm just not crazy about all the material? Maybe I'll ask Santa for it...