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    Don't worry about the long delay. Mark isn't going to see it. He only joined when he was barred from some Facebook group and now he's back on there, he is long gone from here.

    Incidentally, is "Genisis" the French spelling? :/

    I doubt it, ever since then the Quebec media has always spelled it correctly as Genesis. It was a typo that was unnoticed and that got recorded in Montreal Genesis history. Did you also see the cheap price? $4.00 and I paid $200 for my last ticket on the Last Domino Tour also in Montréal! 8|

    I can't see how someone can get barred from a social media - unless you are Donald Trump of course.

    Lots of 80's younger people here.

    In the 70's I bought my first Genesis LP at 17 and it was Selling England by the Pound.

    I had just seen Genesis for the very first time (see ticket attached) in Montreal back in 1973 and was immensely impressed by them specially Peter Gabriel.

    At the time I was unfamiliar with their catalog so I was wondering why Supper's Ready was not on SEBTP (yep, no internet in that primitive time) but that changed when I discovered which album had it and later bought both Foxtrot and Live!

    This ticket is a true Gem for me (they were so unknown that even the name was misspelled!)

    Instead of starting a new thread (which is VERY hard to find the link to do that), I ask the users of this thread to list the VENUES where you saw Genesis perform Live.

    Mine are:

    1. Centre Sportif de la Universite de Montreal (3 times 73-74)
    2. Montreal Forum (Dec. 1974, Dec, 1981 twice and 1983 twice)
    3. Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ (June 1980)
    4. Madison Square Garden, New York NY (June 1980)
    5. Astrodome, Houston TX (May 1992)
    6. Pepsi Center, Denver CO (Oct. 2007)
    7. The Bell Center, Montreal QC (Nov. 2021)

    For me, the best venue that I enjoyed the most was the Capitol Theater Passaic NJ, I found it to be intimate, great acoustics and view plus it really was building up for the larger show at Madison Square Garden the next day. The worst was the Houston Astrodome with all the opposite characteristics in sound and views. It was the first time Genesis used Jumbotron screens but that did not help too much.

    I've seen Roger waters Live seven times, the last one was "This is not a Drill" in Montreal last month and was excellent.

    But if I recall correctly, the last concert where there was no politics involved in the production, was for the "in The Flesh" tour 2000. Although Roger and his band, played "Dogs" that as with all of the Animals album is loaded with political messages.

    Roger attacks most of the world leaders, for him none of them are clean cut or free of sin. The worst is Trump of course but, it gets tiresome and overly repetitive to see his annoying political views in full display when all we as fans want to see and hear is good music, or otherwise we would go to political rallies instead.

    Ok, this is great but I've seen the Musical Box perform TLLDOB three times so I'm thinking is it really worth seeing it again? The show historically cannot change or have any novelties added so I ask myself this question considering the covid hassles and risks that make me PASS (especially since in my case it requires travel).

    I'll save it to see the so called "extravaganza" next time if there is one. Now that for me would be - a novelty.

    Wow, let the anticipation begin! Two days and counting for the first of the final 3 shows..

    Even with all the covid hassles, the excitement is building and Genesis will be in the minds and hearts of all fans worldwide.

    If this is goodbye, thanks Tony, Mike and Phil for many wonderful years of epic music, grand memories and being a huge part of my life loving Genesis music.

    When Rush played the R40 (final) concert in their hometown of Toronto, it was filmed and later released as a Blu-Ray or DVD.

    Perhaps it was all planned but at the time, the tour was not announced as a farewell tour but as a retirement from the road. The idea was that the band would still exist but only in the studio but nobody knew or anticipated the shocking news of Neil Peart's passing early 2020. So that Blu-Ray had even more significance.

    Can you tell the similarities here? Genesis will now play their hometown maybe for the final time and even if the tour has a question mark, with all 3 members into their mid seventies and Phil being so frail, to film those concerts would be not only welcome by everyone (specially those who missed out like Australia) but would be a way for Genesis to say thank you to the fans who supported them for more than 50 years.

    has anyone received collector ticket? 2 weeks to concertand ticketmaster still has not dispatched it :(

    Mmm interesting, I had no idea they were giving out those. In Montreal Canada where I saw them in November, I only had the digital app ticket barcode that you couldn't even take a screenshot of (it was scalper protected) so I ended up with nothing.

    But it may still be available on my account, I'll check.

    We all have our own thoughts and opinion about the live videos from past tours. For example in my personal case having seen Genesis 12 times since 1973, I recall that I was very disappointed when I saw the 1980 video (Duke tour) of a concert I enjoyed immensely and confirmed that a video will NEVER replace actually being there live.

    So if there will be no DVD or Blu-ray for the Last Domino tour, I'm fine and can live with it. I feel bad for the fans in Australia, Japan and Latin America that never had the chance to catch them for the last time. But yes, the YT videos are a good testimony and whatever poor quality video you got in your phone.

    It's also a shame that The did not release any of the concerts of this tour like they did in 2007 when I have the soundboard CDs from my concert in Denver and the last one (on that tour) at the Hollywood Bowl, california. Seems like a lifetime ago.