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    This ticket sale happened under very special circumstances in our lives:

    during an extended concert draught going on 14 months, after a 14 year absence from live shows by a not-so-young band and during a difficult financial period for many fans.

    That said, I am surprised that ticket prices are so high for the North American shows that are cost prohibitive for the majority and will leave many out in the cold.

    However, it is your own prerogative to go or stay home, no one forces you to spend $800 or more on a ticket. But some bands have lower priced general admission ticket policies made available but to do this in an arena, is difficult to do. I think that it would have been more feasible and practical to schedule one stadium date instead of two nights in an arena like Genesis did in 2007 in Europe, Montreal and the Meadowlands, NJ for example. Then, cheaper tickets could have been made available for fans who can't afford the expensive ones. Just saying...

    One last thing: those of us fortunate to have a steady income and extra cash stashed aside and have not spent any of it on concerts or travel for so long, now have certain flexibility to spend it on a more-than-normal price to see Genesis. I am one of the lucky fans who took advantage of this opportunity to once again see the band live - maybe for the very last time I might add. :-)

    Got OK tickets for the Toronto show. I was behind 2000 people for the presale, so not a surprise. I wasn't going to pay the giant bucks for the VIP seats, of which there were some still available for floor seats within the first few rows.

    And I got mine for the Montreal concert. Very excited!!

    I was also behind 2000 people that blew my mind and was even thinking that I wasn't going to get anything by the time I was up to buy. But no! I got front row seats on the lower 200 bowl the facing stage (at $200 each). I did not consider floor tickets since I am not a tall guy and hate standing up for 2 hours on the floor having paid premium price!

    But I'm very happy; as it says, my phone is my my ticket - now that sure is high tech! :-)

    Nic has an American accent, not British? I thought he was a British guy.

    I don't agree with him saying that as long as he can play the album versions with one drummer (he forgets the multi-track) is the same as live. Not true, in a live setting you have an audience who will feedback and loudly respond to drumming duos and the incredible sound. Not just a single guy, never the same dude.

    By the title of the tour, they will not skip material from Invisible touch (which is my least favorite album).

    It's been a long time and overdue that they play:

    Abacab, Dodo Lurker, Deep in the motherload, Burning rope, Eleventh Earl of mar, One for the vine, In that quiet earth and squonk. I could add more but those have a significant meaning in Genesis history more than just the 80's hits.

    It would not hurt to get Duke's travels too :-)

    Yes I just registered for the presale for Philly. Question, now say I wanted to go to the New York show, or keep my options open, do I need to pre register for both shows separately?

    I got this from the loudersound website:

    Venues in all the tour cities (except Cleveland and Philadelphia) will issue SafeTix mobile tickets. SafeTix tickets use a unique barcode that refreshes every few seconds. This makes the tickets impossible to counterfeit. SafeTix mobile tickets need a smartphone to display. No other tickets will be accepted for entry to shows in these cities.

    I wouldn't know why those two cities don't have the ticket protection but it is good to know in advance.

    The only one I missed was the "Charcoal" Live Box. Something I regret and would like to have now but the only way to get a copy is through EBay at ridiculous prices.

    Luckily, I own the other cubic box sets and the Archives Vol. I & II that were released earlier. They are all out of print now.

    I heard about the J&J today. Apparently 26 people collapsed after taking it in US, 4 of which went to hospital. Not enough testing on these vaccines it seems!

    From Yahoo: North Carolina health officials said on Thursday that they stopped administering Johnson & Johnson doses at a mass vaccination site in Raleigh and at clinics in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill after at least 26 people experienced adverse reactions, including fainting.

    There seems to be an issue with the J&J as of late, I don't have the details.

    About the trombosis side effects of the AZ, those occur in a very low number of cases.

    And if you are not sure about taking it now, depending where you live and when you decide to travel internationally, it will be a globally mandated requirement. I'm glad to at least have the first Pfizer shot.

    Keep safe!

    The Dividing Line also became my favorite. Actually, I was surprised that Ray WIlson took over. I knew Stiltskin, but never was a fan. Inside was a massive hit, bit the connection to Genesis didn't seem obvious. So I was hoping for a darker, heavier album.

    Some tracks shopuld have been dropped, i.e. If That's What You Need. Anything Now would have fit much better.

    I also like Small Talk.

    On the other hand, Shipwrecked and Not About Us remain. favorites of mine as they are decent ballads.

    Agreed; after I discovered the bootleg double CD "Live in Poland", I was able to at least get an idea on how the band sounded in early 1998.

    Sadly they never came to this side of the pond so it was great to hear Ray's interpretations of classics like: The Lamb, Carpet crawlers, Firth of Fifth and a few Collins era tunes like Mama, Domino and Home by the Sea. Ray and the band did an excellent job!

    Also on this Poland setlist are: Alien afternoon, Dividing line, Shipwrecked and of course, Congo.

    I never understood why Chester and Daryl were not in the 1998 live band but Nir Z and Anthony Drennan did a respectable job live.

    When I heard the song "Congo" for the first time, I thought it was a song by Oasis or Green Day, but never by Genesis. Also that the voice was not at all recognizable to that of Phil Collins so when I found out it was a new Genesis song by a new vocalist and album I was not only surprised but it took me a while to assimilate.

    This slow moving effect would have never happened now in the internet era. Faxes were kind of slow, eh?

    After I became familiar with the Calling all stations album, the song "Dividing line" became my favorite and all was good. So sad it lasted such a short time, this new trio could have done great things but it was never meant to be.

    We are now back in lock down for 28 days.:(

    I am in Atlantic Canada and I feel for my friends in Ontario and Quebec. But I'm sure this newest lockdown will help lower your case numbers that are staggering.

    The key here in Nova Scotia it's low because hardly any people come here; we are not a hub that is exposed to thousands travelling in and out like Toronto. That is one of the reasons but another is the culture, just last week in Ontario a bunch of crazy teenagers had car racing and tire skidding competitions!

    I don't blame Premier Ford for that call and also, Canada still depends on foreign vaccines coming in. Lastly, those nasty highly contagious UK and Brazilian variants are causing an even more severe spread.

    My prayers are with you guys.

    Can’t see these shows happening at all this year just got news Steven Wilson has completely cancelled his tour now. Also Nick Mason Saucerful of Secrets have yet again cancelled the twice re arranged dates. No chance. Was feeling optimistic due to the vaccine roll out been such a success, but I didn’t factor in the people from abroad whom have probably bought a lot of tickets. Unfortunately I doubt they will be able to come to the UK to see these shows. Just ain’t going to happen, this virus is causing never ending cancellations and it’s showing no sign of getting any better sadly.

    Compared to what Nick Mason did as you say, Roger Waters has only announced that the whole 2020 tour had been postponed but gave no new dates. His notice ended by saying: "If it saves ONE life, it is worth it."

    But sad thing is, they are both not getting any younger to still be touring :-(

    From my end, I'm excited to share the news that I have my appointment to receive my first annoculation vaccine next Monday, YAY!! :-)

    Two big stars of the movie screen left us this week: George Segal and Jessica Walter.

    To be dearly missed as their contributions to the Art of Drama & Comedy entertainment will always keep their memory alive.


    German and Dutch shows now postponed until end of 2022. Logistic reasons apply since no Scandinavian dates could be arranged for late 2021 (before or after the German/Dutch shows). Scandinavian dates for end of 2022 will be announced shortly.…2022-tour-dates-s769.html

    For a Canadian band, maybe the new Brexit visa and border crossing policies will not have such a heavy impact as stated by several UK artists like Fish and Elton John. They have said that now Brexit makes it much more difficult and unfeasible for them to tour the EU. We'll have to wait and see how all this post-covit pans out eventually but for sure, it will never be the same sadly.