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    Aside from the the abrupted halt that happened, it looks like the UK tour ended quite well by the comments and videos I have seen.

    Unfortunately, the expected London O2 climatic ending did not happen and still remains to be rescheduled. Hopefully it will be but with so many variables (especially Phil), it is not 100% IMHO.

    Interesting for me, I have not seen Genesis with only one drummer since the Lamb tour in 1974! of course we are not talking similar eras here, but it stands out for me in particular. I love that on the 2007 tour I got the chance to ever see that killer drumming duo was highlighted for the stool duel that really showcased Phil and Chester at their finest hour.

    Of all my favorite bands, Genesis is the only one that I own multiple boots from concerts that I have actually attended myself live:

    - Houston Astrodome May 1992 tilted simply "Astrodome" (complete show on 2 CDs)

    - Madison Square Garden New York Duke tour June 1980 titled "Inna-Gadda-Da-V'Albert" (complete show 2 CD)

    - Denver Pepsi Center Oct 2007 Turn it on Again tour by encore series (complete show 2 CDs)

    I could say I also was in the audience when the Genesis video from April 1973 was filmed and has been restored in higher quality, I am sure there must be a boot around somewhere.

    In Montreal Quebec where two shows are scheduled (Nov 22-23) and I have tickets, there is a vaccine passport and mask requirement.

    Like some have said, the large majority of the audience are older folks like me who already have the vax but no boosters have been authorized yet in Canada. The other good news is that finally the land border will be open in November to all non-essential travel provided the person is vaccinated. Trans-border crossing for Tour buses and equipment trailers should be able to enter problem free like in pre-covid days.

    So as along as the show does goes on, it is looking good for Genesis in Canada.

    A disruption of this magnitude has multiple implications; it's not a matter of finding open dates in London to reschedule the cancelled shows. Keep in mind that a tour of this scale has complex logistics like shipping the whole production overseas (lighting, PA system, gear, merch and staff) which means that equipment would not be sitting idle waiting but was already scheduled to leave the UK ahead of the North american tour.

    And now covid makes matters a lot more complicated, quarantine regulations and testing.

    I sure hope anyone who has fallen sick recovers well and I sure hope it's not Mike or Tony. Some reports have already dismissed it is Phil. Even if the band members are fully vaccinated, there is always a risk.

    And I feel really bad for the fans who were airborne travelling to the UK and got the bad news. I have had that feeling when I had arrived in Mexico city to see Camel in 2002 only to learn they had cancelled on that day.

    Fingers crossed so that the Canada US tour is not impacted by this.

    Another idea:

    On those city/show threads it would be nice for fans to post pre-show gatherings for each of those cities.

    I had such experiences with Yesfans in the USA and Canada, those were very nice experiences getting to meet and have a cool one before the shows. We also did this for the Marillion weekend events.

    Just sharing an idea that would be a nice icebreaker and social appetizer before the shows.

    I've ordered a few CDs (mostly reissues) that are waiting in the queue to be played:

    GTR (with live extra cd), Greenslade (2 albums), Marillion (live at RAH 2 cd), Apocalypse live in Rio, Arena The Visitor live, John Lennon Power to the people, the Kinks Lola vs the powerman and moneygoround to name a few.

    Been trying to play the whole 26 CDs of the King Crimson 1969 box but it's not a quick listen.

    Going by the latest Covid reports, the US leg of the North American tour seems quite certain.

    Sadly, I can't say the same for the Canadian leg where we have a vaccine shortage, low % of vaccinations, many provinces still in lockdown like here in Atlantic Canada and worst of all, the mandatory 14 day quarantine rule to enter Canada is a huge barrier.

    I just hope I get the chance to see the Montreal shows in November that is still a long way in the future but I must remain optimistic and with a positive mind looking at the numbers improving.

    Hey Rael. I have one of those Lamb shows too. It’s from West Palm Beach Fl, January ‘75. I got it off of Amazon too. It’s a bootleg, I’m assuming?

    Yeah, but a better than average boot. I just noticed yesterday that there is another one from the Toronto Lamb show called "Back in Toronto/1974" but have not heard it yet, too pricey on Amazon for a boot.

    From 78-83 when Genesis were recording new albums followed by tours, they would start the show by playing a song from the previous tour/album. I can say that for the 1980 Duke tour started with Deep in the motherload from 1978 that was really cool. The same thing happened in 1981 during the Abacab tour they opened with Behind the lines from the 1980 Duke tour that was just as cool. And in 1983 Mama tour they played ABACAB as the opener from the previous album as well!

    For the 1982 Three sides live tour opened with Dance on a Volcano that broke that trend. But also, that there was no studio album to promote.

    But now it is a whole different approach especially since 14 years have passed. But if the stars align, Dance on a Volcano would be a perfect opener :-)

    Following up on my previous post about my 10 Genesis concerts which I was fortunate to have seen, the ones I would loved to also have seen were the Reunion concert of 1982, anything from the 1977 Seconds out and the 1978 Mirrors tours :-(

    This ticket sale happened under very special circumstances in our lives:

    during an extended concert draught going on 14 months, after a 14 year absence from live shows by a not-so-young band and during a difficult financial period for many fans.

    That said, I am surprised that ticket prices are so high for the North American shows that are cost prohibitive for the majority and will leave many out in the cold.

    However, it is your own prerogative to go or stay home, no one forces you to spend $800 or more on a ticket. But some bands have lower priced general admission ticket policies made available but to do this in an arena, is difficult to do. I think that it would have been more feasible and practical to schedule one stadium date instead of two nights in an arena like Genesis did in 2007 in Europe, Montreal and the Meadowlands, NJ for example. Then, cheaper tickets could have been made available for fans who can't afford the expensive ones. Just saying...

    One last thing: those of us fortunate to have a steady income and extra cash stashed aside and have not spent any of it on concerts or travel for so long, now have certain flexibility to spend it on a more-than-normal price to see Genesis. I am one of the lucky fans who took advantage of this opportunity to once again see the band live - maybe for the very last time I might add. :-)