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    I have mixed feelings about today and tomorrow nights; these two last American dates in Boston may be not only be the last time Genesis perform in North America but could be the very LAST.

    The Omicron variant is causing to make changes on travelling rules Internationally and many cities are going back to lockdown like in the UK. It all seems to volatile and uncertain, I wish the band and fans going to these shows to enjoy what can be a historic moment in Genesis history.

    Why bother with such a long breakdown? All you need to do is go to pick your concert date and scroll down to "Songs on Albums" to see the graphic and songs from each album:…l-qc-canada-338a7821.html

    Invisible Touch was the highest with 5 (not my most liked album unfortunately) followed by Genesis Mama and Selling England with 4 each.

    It sure must have been hard for Michael Nesmith to hear from a manager or promoter when he was asking to get their band name to be legalized for authorship and brand copyrights who said to him: " yeah, I see your desire but you are NOT REAL" meaning the Monkees were a TV show but not a rock act. I'm glad he got the recognition he deserved later in his career. RIP

    In Montreal, it took me a good 15 minutes to get in. I was in line at 7:15 and in the Bell Center around 7:30. I'm curious to see how it will turn out for the folks in Toronto.

    I was at the Monday show, as I mentioned on that thread, I got the vax pre-screen wrist band and skipped the line. Took me maybe 8 minutes to enter.

    They prefer to scan the ticket bar code from the Ticketmaster phone app and that worked fine.

    I was at the Monday show (Nov. 22) and can say it was excellent. There was a vaccine pre-screening to get a wristband and skip the line. No metal detectors at my gate, I had a full hour to buy merch and have a beer.

    After the "Dead already" intro and only a 15 minute delay, show started with an amazing Behind the Lines and Duke's end suite, loved it. Like the Gazette review says, Mike and Tony were as sharp as ever, so was Daryl. They got standing ovations from the sold out audience that by no means was quiet.

    Phil is another story and a sad one but did quite ok for his condition. The sitting tambourine routine part during I know what I like was specially sad remembering how dynamic his dancing antics were in the 70s & 80s.

    My favorites were Second Home by the Sea and Firth of Fifth, and yes, Domino was a let down instrumentally but visually was stunning. I am not much of a an 80's hits fan so I could have breezed thru those songs but it was a great "night to remember". Sadly, no "In the Cage" this last time around :-(

    Farewell my Genesis after 12 times seeing them live in Montreal (8), New York, Passaic NJ, Houston, Denver).

    Thanks - but I see you are also arriving from outside of Quebec, did you already call the venue?

    Was watching concert clips on YouTube when Graeme came up front to sing "Higher and Higher" and poem reading, he was always energetic and will be dearly missed.

    RIP Graeme, your poetic spirit will always be higher :-)