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    I did not find a thread dedicated to the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album so I'll post here.

    if the administrator wishes to move it, that's fine by me. But let me know if moved please.

    So, coincidentally yesterday I walked in a local CD/DVD store in Dartmouth Canada and not only found this T shirt but also a double CD bootleg of the Lamb concert in Rochester recorded from a FM broadcast at the Auditorium Theater on December 17, 1974. And that is roughly two weeks after I saw this same show at the Montreal Forum! So I gladly purchase both (rather pricey though). The CD seems to be legitimate and sound quality I would sayo is B+

    Huge The Lamb Fan

    All this going back and forth on pessimism or optimism, is pure baseless conjectures.

    Even now almost ending August 2020, all I hear are more and more cancellations even for early 2021.

    And it looks like it will keep creeping into the spring :-(

    Bottom line: It will all depend on getting a reliable vaccine by the end of 2020, then we can all say "Yes, there will be live music in 2021"! But as it is now, the present unstable situation is too volatile and unpredictable.

    News! This release is the latest from Steve's Live series, fantastic:

    Steve Hackett announces the release of

    Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings: Live At Hammersmith. 2CD + DVD live

    RELEASE DATE: 25 September 2020

    Limited Edition Deluxe 2CD+Blu-ray+DVD with Artbook; 2CD+Blu-ray Digipak; 2CD+DVD Multibox; Limited Edition 4LP+2CD Box Set and Digital album.

    Just to resurrect this thread:

    As I shared with the forum members at the beginning of a thread about our own Genesis concerts, I was fortunate to have seen Genesis 11 times since 1973 through 2007. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to see landmark concerts such as Knebworth, Milton Keynes and Earls Court like a few lucky Brits like Serpent. Even if this Last domino tour would cover other regions besides the UK, like him I would not attend any shows in 2020.

    I have lost the enthusiasm that I felt in 2007 when I made hard sacrifices to go see them for the Turn it On Again tour. But now, the flame of excitement has been extinguished and even worse with the global pandemic that has made travelling a health risk instead of a pleasure.

    And lastly, for me who saw Phil who was once a dynamic performer pounding his tambourine and the drums, it would be painful to see him now sitting on a chair for the whole show and not being able to vocalize with full range or play drums.

    And there are more reasons for me like not having the amazing Chester Thompson but as they say, everyone has a freedom to choose and I will pass on the Last Domino if it comes across the pond.

    But I certainly wish that all the younger fans who have never seen Genesis or the ones who only saw the '92 and 2007 tours, enjoy and have a great time.

    This time around will likely be the last domino indeed unless you are the Rolling Stones.

    With this pandemic, I have learned many things that I never had considered or that I took for granted living in North America. For example, I mentioned on another forum that for fans be able to go see concerts again, it would have to be in a "drive-in" open air theater setting. A Scottish fan responded that he was 65 years old and had never driven a car and adapted to public transport all his life. I found this very unusual and surprising, I thought he was joking but other Brit fans that same age responded saying they had never driven a car either.

    So my moral of story is that not all societies are the same, in Canada we take for granted driving as something normal but I see it as a necessity to shop for groceries, travel short distances or only on weekends. Using the bus for everything must be very hard and more so for a 55-70 year old. But hey, they manage in the UK so why can't we do the same in America instead of polluting our planet so much?

    Same here. Never joined FB and cannot see any reason why I would in the future. Unless someone posts it here I will happily just wait until the show itself.......

    I couldn't agree more. I do not need any further privacy intrusions, that is why you have the official websites. I am proud to be FB impaired,

    My Next Gig will be like going to a drive-in open air theater in my car. A few have suggested this option in the post-covit era and seems like a good one.

    Imagine a stage facing 100-200 cars or more. Sound won't be like in a large arena or theater but at least you can see and hear your bands perform live!

    I hate using the words "new normal" but this could be a new trend for concert goers and keep "social distancing". Besides, in your car you don't need a mask :-)

    This feels like when Led Zeppelin played the O2, I did not feel like I was missing out not only because I couldn't afford it but also because I had seen them in their 1977 heydays and had an incredible time.

    With this new Genesis tour, I feel it is no longer the same. Back in 2007 I was very motivated mainly because I had never had the opportunity to bid farewell to my live experiences with Genesis whom I had seen 10 times before. And saw this tour as the perfect chance to seal it with a Golden ribbon and I actually did, fortunately.

    Time is unforgiving for us all, the band are older. I am sure Tony and Mike still play flawlessly but Phil: his voice has diminished, no more forehead and knee tambourine bouncing antics, no more drum duets with Chester or much less the "we can't dance" marching along trio.

    But if they do it the right way like Steve Hackett does, this tour can be a triumph and as I said before, the makeup and stage show needs to be different. Not necessarily acoustic but to add an intermission, play mostly instrumentals (to allow Phil's voice to rest) and a complete album (even Eagles did this and have sold out everywhere). One more suggestion: add 1-2 players to the ensemble, having only Daryl Steurmer is an outdated formula and needs a shot of new younger blood. Just ask Pete Townshend and Roger Waters.

    I was quite surprised and intrigued that they decided to do an exclusive UK tour. Never knew they had only played there twice in 28 years, wow. Not much travel and short distances to get the production from city to city is a good thing.

    Collins' material is much softer in tone than the Genesis song list specially the older songs sung by PG. It is going to be a tough challenge for Phil, it's no longer 1976 folks. An intermission would be good and could change the makeup of the shows. If Phil endures this rather short tour, most likely a Euro trek will follow. But it is too premature to think of a North american tour at this point.

    It is totally natural that Mike and Tony had their reservations about little Nic playing drums. Instead of a backup singer, I would suggest they get a solid backup drummer since it sadly seems Chester has retired.

    So let the set list speculations begin. How about a full album performed in its entirety? Say, Duke :-)