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    Great write up and it's nice to see what we're getting in context with what there is available.

    To one point:


    Why they didn't just make a decent box set with all available recordings and complete shows remains a mystery.

    I'm certain the answer comes down to the budget for the project and the desired price point. Even though it's far from complete, five discs is still a lot of content. I'm sure the record company also sees $60 as a tipping point. That price and volume of content will appeal to a wider array of buyers. I'm sure they're correct to believe that if they had pushed the price up to $100 and included 8 or 10 discs the sales would have seen a sharp drop.

    Come on, you could at least relearn to play the drums left handed. It's the little things that make all the difference.

    But Seriously (apologies), nice one mate. I have a Roland Kit and I have nothing but respect for anyone who plays drums.

    I have been playing guitar for decades, I have more expensive guitars than is sensible for someone of my talent. But if I could play one instrument REALLY well I would choose the drums.


    Though since I'm the Chester of the band I'm totally fine playing right handed, I'll mention it to our singer he might want to flip things around as soon as he can... :P

    So since creating this thread I've joind a Phil Collins tribute band, and I'm performing the Chester Thompson part of the band. We played a show last month and I got a few pics of the kit and the stage to share. :)

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    Thanks for looking!

    Like any playlist/setlist, there's bound to be some quibbles, but I'm a little surprised to see less obvious choices in a couple places. Like Dancing With The Moonlit Knight instead of I Know What I Like or Back In NYC instead of Carpet Crawlers or Hold On My Heart instead of No Son Of Mine, but I think they chose a good selection of songs that represent shifts in their sound as opposed to simply following the hit singles or the usual "best of" tracks.

    it would have been nice to have had one interview with them after the tour concluded to get their last thoughts on everything, especially Phil.

    End of an era

    I agree. Filming the PBS special during rehearsals when they did meant that Phil seemed pretty melancholy about the whole thing because he knew he wasn't anywhere near 100%. But he ended SO much stronger than he started and it would have been nice to hear them all reflect on the whole tour after ending on a high note.

    It also would have been easy to miss Nick's post with the links to the downloads. I seem to remember not many people were interested.

    At the time the big draw of the sets were the surround mixes, but I'm a little surprised they weren't all that popular. I'm just glad that the missing songs were offered up at all. There were a lot of bonuses both big and small that came about through Nick's attention in the old forum that made the boxes better than they might have turned out.

    Pardon? the extra songs from the Rainbow concert, appear on the DVD that was included in the boxset. Its the first we have heard that they offered a download option. Even the CD/DVD USA boxsets would have had the extra tracks on the DVD portion of the boxset.


    Yes, they offered up a download of the two missing songs. Otherwise there wouldn't have been stereo versions of those two songs.

    I'm surprised they don't want to keep the surround mixes in print. I understand that the actual boxes increase production costs but that's certainly not a requirement. I have all of the sets but I still wish they were available for those that still want them.

    Heck, I'd even re-buy all of the blue box albums if they were willing to remaster without the heavy-handed compression that was added at the mastering stage back in 2007.

    It would have been fun if Anything She Does had gotten an airing or two on the IT tour. A real shot of energy!

    Agreed! I recall Tony (I think) saying that they didn't play it because it was a hard song, which always struck me as a bit odd, but I wonder if it was just too high for Phil to sing reliably and they were still a ways off from budging on lowering the key of a song to make it easier.

    Inspired by Trick of the Wuthering's thread about songs that never were played by Genesis on stage, what are some songs where you look back and think "I can't believe they played that, but I'm glad they did!"

    At the top of my list is It's Gonna Get Better. It's such a beautiful song, and it's one of my favorite songs from the Genesis album, but compared to Just A Job to Do or Taking It All Too Hard it seems like a much less obvious choice to be played live.

    White Mountain is another surprise, especially considering they apparently didn't play it until the Trick of the Tail tour.

    Honorable mention for me is the Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in its entirety. For every compelling reason for playing all of it there seems to be a strong argument against it. It's length, complexity, and the fact there are some fairly long passages that aren't particularly exciting from an audience perspective might have made it acceptable to not play the whole thing live, but I'm certainly glad they did. The album is a masterpiece but playing it all live is quite an achievement.

    Cul-de-sac - Such a great song, and has a lot of classic Genesis energy, drama, and mood shifts. I guess it got overshadowed by the Duke Suite on the Duke Tour, then just fell by the wayside afterward.

    Living Forever - Seems like it was written specifically to be performed, right down to the gap after the vocals to give Phil time to walk back to the drums...

    Just a Job to Do - Another great song that seems like it was destined to be a big stage song...only it wasn't.

    Duchess was fantastic. I also really liked Mama again this time around; that's one where the progressively lower keys from tour to tour seem to make the song even moodier.

    Land of Confusion was another standout for me. I'm normally not a huge fan, but while a lot of other songs on this tour took on a softer edge LoC still rocked as hard if not harder than than it did on previous tours.

    The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway was a big surprise for me, because I didn't think the song was going to work in the re-worked, unplugged style, but it held up well for me.

    I think Pete has close to zero interest in singing a Genesis song at all, let alone with Genesis. It almost seems like Pete was goaded into singing those couple of lines of Moonlight Knight by Sting on their duo tour. It certainly didn't seem like something he would have done on his own.