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    I feel like, as with Genesis, there are certain songs that have to be played, though I never rule out the unconventional with PG.

    "Have to" Songs

    Solsbury Hill


    Shock the Monkey

    Red Rain


    In Your Eyes

    Digging in the Dirt

    Secret World

    And there will, of course, be a big chunk of music from the new album. Which doesn't leave a lot of time for other tunes if the "have to's" get played.

    Safe setlist would include some of the following (aka familiar songs):


    Not One of Us

    Big Time


    Family Snapshot

    Here Comes the Flood

    Looking at setlists from Back to Front, is it true that basically nothing from Up got played? Maybe some candidates there. I think just about anything off this album could be included. I Grieve is really strong IMO but is kind of a mood piece. I kind of lump Tower That Ate People with Up and it's a pretty good live number.

    And then there's the tunes I want to see, aka long shots (or are they?).

    San Jacinto


    Come Talk to Me

    Rhythm of the Heat


    Considering a couple shows-will do at least one of them, probably both. Both at the Sellersville Theater...

    Stick Men (Tony Levin, Markus Reuter and Pat Mastelotto)

    The Security Project-a Peter Gabriel tribute headed by Jerry Marotta

    Have seen both before-excellent performances.

    We can all argue until we're blue in the face with respect to what they could have played. The reality is that they were dealing with a major limiting factor (Phil) so they picked the songs (even ratcheted down 1-2 steps) that Phil could somewhat handle. That has to have been the main factor that determined the content of the setlist. Plus, this is the "trio" version of the band so I would have been a little shocked to hear Harold the Barrel lol. That being said, minor tweaks could have been made the setlist a bit more rounded in terms of their history (this is the last hurrah after all). Yes, I think it's a shame that none of Supper's Ready was included - that is their calling card. Could they have done the instrumental section (only) from the end of Willow Farm to the beginning of As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs? Yes, probably, though Phil would have been twiddling his thumbs for 10+ minutes. One thing I really wish they would have done is the intro/outro of Watcher of the Skies as they did in '76 (never liked the '82 version as it's in "E" - way too low compared to the original F# key) as an opener, as opposed to the omnipresent Behind the Lines. Also, 1 song from Trick. Again, it is what it is but I think they could have done a tiny little bit better, even acknowledging the tight parameters within which they were operating.

    Loved the 2 shows I saw. Would have loved them more if something from Supper's Ready was included. What I was thinking was that they could have nixed the Cinema Show instrumental after Fading Lights and launched into the instrumental part of Apocalypse-no vocals whatsoever. Then take the tubular bells part right at the end right into Afterglow. Seems reasonable to me-time wise, no vocals to protect Phil and appealing to the 30% hardcore fans. Thoughts?

    Great review! Making the drive from Philly to Boston in a couple hours for tonight's show.

    I'm not able to do a definite comparison at the moment, but based on the parts I can remember (particularly how "wine" is sung each time) it sounds very much like it's the same performance.

    So, judging by this (as compared to the La Ferme performance and the studio version), the band shortened the song before making it longer again, and Peter changed how he sang "wine" before changing it back again. Odd.

    Anyway, thanks.

    I had a bootleg of this video back in the VHS days. It was labeled "Belgium TV" (you may be familiar with it) which makes sense since I remember the running time to be right at about 30 minutes. The session also included Salmacis, Hogweed, the Musical Box along with Alehouse. Is it possible that they used the shortened version of Alehouse to fit the 30 minute running time? (I think Hogweed was also shortened-and spelled "Geant" in the video)

    My friend and I would watch this video constantly when we were teens. Somehow he managed to get his hands on 2 VCRs (unheard of in those days!) and asked if he could record it. I lent him the tape and after a day or so we got back together and he had to inform me that somehow he had erased the first several minutes of Salmacis (only the video was gone, the audio was still on the tape-not even sure how that was possible). He was completely gutted by what happened. Me too to be honest. If only we had been able to see into the future when all this stuff would be freely available on youtube...

    Is this it?

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    I don't think it's been mentioned here but does anyone think there could be a resurrection of the In That Quiet Earth/Apocalypse in 9/8 medley from the IT tour? Perhaps just the instrumental parts since the vocals are challenging. I know from some of the interviews at least some of SR was on the table for the setlist. It would be a shame for the possible last tour to not include at least a portion of their signature song from the early era. Thoughts?

    Was just listening to the ITC medley from LA in 1986 and the thought occurred...

    It's hard to ignore the first few notes of Genesis Live-absolutely captivating. And much better sound quality than Seconds Out (original mixes).

    If the sound quality was better, I would have gone with Seconds Out, but Three Sides Live sounds soooo much better.

    Final Answer: Live and Three Sides Live.

    Why did it take Genesis until 2007 to put out a live album that had the ALL the track AND in order?

    I actually think this will be the soonest outcome, if you look at it closely. They have rehearsed all the songs and invested all that time and money into the stage set etc. If our government over here are so cautious for the coming months as Mike said it won’t be happening anytime soon. So why not cut your loses and look to performing where it’s practical to do so. If the United States are more accessible then why not for you USA fans?.

    the question is though is the US allowing such live events soon?, can anyone over there chip in with thoughts?.

    The answer is, "It depends." In the US, each state and sometimes municipalities (i.e. cities) within the states or even the venue itself have different rules for capacity limits. For example, baseball stadiums have capacity limits varying from allowing a small fraction of fans up to full capacity. It just depends on location (and politics).

    I'm assuming the band would be playing mostly indoor venues and would want full capacity. That's probably going to take longer to realize than outdoor venues or limited capacity. Also, larger cities along the east coast have generally been slower to roll back restrictions related to gatherings.

    My thought is that at some point, probably sooner rather than later for adults, everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be. That should allow restrictions to be rolled back further. The timeline for that? Mr. Rutherford seems think by the fall. I hope it's sooner but no one really knows for sure. We've come out a period where it was difficult to plan things two weeks in advance. To make predictions about things six months down the road without a lot of caveats is a shot in the dark at best IMHO.

    Lamb, Fly, Cage, Carpet Crawlers and Riding the Scree (a hidden gem IMHO) were pretty easy pick. The sixth probably changes depending on my mood, but I went with Back in NYC. Slippermen, Waiting Room or Hairless Heart could at times round out the six. I also really enjoy the quirkiness of songs like Grand Parade and Counting Out Time.

    Dance, Entangled and Los Endos. DOAV because it's not only a great song, but it might be the most important song for the band having to prove themselves after Peter left. The first few notes followed by thunderous base pedals show they didn't lose a beat. What an intro! Los Endos is my favorite on the album. The third could have easily been Ripples or Squonk. Went with Entangled because that's the one I'm digging of the 3 right now.

    I truly like every song on this album even the quirky RA&B and title track. Mad Man Moon is an outlier which I know gets a lot of love from the fan base. It's a good song and I like it, but it's never "clicked" for me-I just don't get it. But I also recognize that problem lies with me and not the folks who love the song.

    Tough choice! Went with Vine, Unquiet Slumbers/Quiet Earth (it's one song-I don't care what the band says. for the record, my vote was for Quiet Earth) and Wot Gorilla. Blood, Afterglow and Earl are right there. While Blood on the Rooftops is a beautiful piece, it has never resonated with me like it does with most other fans. I know All in a Mouse's Night isn't a fan favorite, but I've always dug the story of the song. The only song I don't like on this record is YOSW. Don't do much skipping when listening to this album.

    This one was probably the easiest of these polls for me. Down and Out, Burning Rope and Deep in the Motherlode. I always felt like DaO was an important song for the band, much like DoaV, since they were album openers during a time of band transition (Steve an Peter's departure, respectively). While DaO doesn't deliver the punch of DoaV, it's still a pretty powerful song. Undertow is solid. Unlike many, I have a soft spot for Ballad of Big and Scenes just because I like the stories. I generally skip the rest. Although FYFM has been growing on me since seeing it performed in 2007. It's a song I generally couldn't stand before that.