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    Lamb, Fly, Cage, Carpet Crawlers and Riding the Scree (a hidden gem IMHO) were pretty easy pick. The sixth probably changes depending on my mood, but I went with Back in NYC. Slippermen, Waiting Room or Hairless Heart could at times round out the six. I also really enjoy the quirkiness of songs like Grand Parade and Counting Out Time.

    Dance, Entangled and Los Endos. DOAV because it's not only a great song, but it might be the most important song for the band having to prove themselves after Peter left. The first few notes followed by thunderous base pedals show they didn't lose a beat. What an intro! Los Endos is my favorite on the album. The third could have easily been Ripples or Squonk. Went with Entangled because that's the one I'm digging of the 3 right now.

    I truly like every song on this album even the quirky RA&B and title track. Mad Man Moon is an outlier which I know gets a lot of love from the fan base. It's a good song and I like it, but it's never "clicked" for me-I just don't get it. But I also recognize that problem lies with me and not the folks who love the song.

    Tough choice! Went with Vine, Unquiet Slumbers/Quiet Earth (it's one song-I don't care what the band says. for the record, my vote was for Quiet Earth) and Wot Gorilla. Blood, Afterglow and Earl are right there. While Blood on the Rooftops is a beautiful piece, it has never resonated with me like it does with most other fans. I know All in a Mouse's Night isn't a fan favorite, but I've always dug the story of the song. The only song I don't like on this record is YOSW. Don't do much skipping when listening to this album.

    This one was probably the easiest of these polls for me. Down and Out, Burning Rope and Deep in the Motherlode. I always felt like DaO was an important song for the band, much like DoaV, since they were album openers during a time of band transition (Steve an Peter's departure, respectively). While DaO doesn't deliver the punch of DoaV, it's still a pretty powerful song. Undertow is solid. Unlike many, I have a soft spot for Ballad of Big and Scenes just because I like the stories. I generally skip the rest. Although FYFM has been growing on me since seeing it performed in 2007. It's a song I generally couldn't stand before that.

    This one is a lot harder to just choose 3! I feel like I'm slighting a lot of good songs... I went with TIOA, which was my gateway to Genesis music after hearing the TSL version, Dukess Travels (I include Duke's End in that as well-not really sure how you can separate the two) and Duchess. I could have easily gone with BTL but have really been digging Duchess of late. Heathaze is up there but just short of the my top 4. I kind of lump all the rest in the next level except Misunderstanding which I've never really cared for.


    To each his own which goes without saying, I suppose. Will agree that Abacab was the best of the live versions.

    Tough choices! That could very well change for me in a couple days...

    Dodo/Lurker at the top pretty easily. Then it gets murky...Went with Abacab and Keep it Dark. Me and Sarah Jane could have easily been in there. Great live versions for all these songs!

    Fading Lights and Driving the Last Spike are not negotiable for me. I went with Living Forever as the third, but could have easily done Dreaming While You Sleep or possibly, depending on my mood, No Son of Mine. Seriously though...What other bands at the time could make an album putting an epic song like Driving the Last Spike in between two songs that got ample play on MTV (Jesus He Knows Me and I Can't Dance)? What a band!

    Oh, wow - that's a good band! Do they have a collective name or are they touring under their own names?

    Yeah, the name, Keaggy, Levin & Marotta, is a little uninspiring. But the album has a cool name: The Bucket List. It's a genre bending formation to say the least which lends to the excitement I have for this show. Here's a song off the album. It's pretty good.

    Kind of a unique song for the band with the power guitar riff driving the song. Abacab comes to mind as similar in that respect, but can't think of a lot of others. That said, I don't really like it all that much but I remember ICD being the most powerful moment of the WCD shows I saw which has always struck me as strange. Maybe it was the crowd energy or the fun-ness of hearing the song with other fans. Can't explain it. Gave it a 6. It was better than a lot of the stuff on the album, but not really a high point for the band IMHO.

    Always found Foxtrot to be the most unbalanced of the 70-77 albums (with the exception of the Lamb which is probably due to the volume of material) in that the highs (Supper's) are very high and the lows (Time Table, Friday) are very low. I'd put Can Utility and Watcher on about the same level, both above average songs. I like the Live version of Watcher better which probably speaks to production as has been mentioned. Though I like the album, it's probably my least favorite of the era.