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    From We Can't Dance I think they will play No Son Of Mine and I Can't Dance. I think it would be a good opportunity to bring back Fading Lights as it's viewed by many as their "swan song."

    Invisible Touch, Domino, and Throwing It All Away have a good chance of making it to the setlist.

    I highly doubt Mama will make it because of how demanding the vocals are. I think they could still pull off Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea and they will probably put in That's All from the Genesis album.

    Abacab is too close to call as is Duke.

    I highly doubt the band will do Mama because of the aggressive vocals. I also doubt they will do In Too Deep because Phil had issues hitting the high notes during the last rehearsal for the 2007 tour. That being said, maybe this gives hope to some of the more mellow vocals like Blood On The Rooftops or Undertow, two songs they have never played live. I also wonder if they will try to do something from Abacab since it was left out last time. I'm thinking maybe No Reply At All or Man On The Corner might be rehearsed. This time around there are new possibilities given the new drummer and Phil's changing vocal range.

    I'm also cautious about Phil's comment about staying away from songs that spotlight or bring the drumming to the forefront. I think this basically means no songs with double drumming (i.e. Los Endos, Firth Of Fifth?, Second Home By The Sea, etc). Maybe they will come up with a workaround for some of these and switch to single drums? With Phil's voice being in the condition it is, this could open up the possibility of some rare stuff making the list like Blood On The Rooftops or Undertow. Also, I think it's been mentioned elsewhere, but an acoustic section of the show would be nice with things like Lover's Leap from Supper's Ready.

    I don't see them doing anything with double drumming or anything songs focusing on the drums (like Phil mentioned in the interview). I also doubt they will attempt any of the stronger vocal songs like Mama. That being said, this alone will limit/narrow down their setlist. I would love to see/hear an acoustic set in the show. This could open up new possibilities for some different songs!

    Reports that came in before the announcement about the tour suggest North American tour dates will be coming later. If 2007 is anything to go by, we should get them by July 2020.

    I listen to the Wolfgang's Vault version of the Lamb more than Archive 1 just because it has Gabriel's original vocals and no overdubs. I wonder if the band's recording from Archive 1 was from their own recording desk and not Billy Grahams?

    I started out in snail mail and then went to torrents and my collection grew to where it sits today. With nothing new on the horizon as far as old recordings newly released, I am just thankful for what I have. Thanks Mark for being one of those who helped contribute to my collection!

    I wonder with the resurgence of the band, if perhaps they will reconsider doing something with these. Maybe if interest in the band peaks, they could time it just right. We all know there will be no new material from the band, so this would be a good way to celebrate their long careers!

    I was beginning to wonder about this. Still we should all be prepared that this will be a reality soon enough. I would have loved to have driven past the place or visited it at one point, even if from afar. Just to have been near the place where all that musical creativity was is enough to give me chills!

    One day I'm going to make good on my promise to myself and put together a more complete Thee Sides Live including No Reply At All, Man On the Corner and Firth Of Fifth (which I got on flexi disc from the long-dead fan club many years ago).

    An expanded version of Three Sides Live exists that includes all those songs, including Who Dunnit? It's called Two Discs live and can be found on The Genesis Movement Torrent site. It's well put together and I highly recommend getting it!

    I get it and have learned that you need to pace yourself when it comes to listening to and talking about Genesis. It's difficult because they have nothing new coming out to discuss. As for new prog, I have found these bands to fill the gap and make music interesting again:

    1. Neal Morse Band - They have 2 very good albums out. I highly recommend Similitude of a Dream. I consider it to be a top 5 all time concept album.

    2. Eric Gillette - He is the lead guitarist for the Neal Morse Band and if you like heavy prog, he is your man! Like the NMB, he also has 2 very good albums out.

    3. Dave Kerzner - He was in Sound of Contact with Simon Collins (Phil's Son) and has a good album out called New World. Check out the 2 CD deluxe version. If you like Pink Floyd, you will enjoy this!

    4. Spock's Beard - These guys are a modern version of Genesis in the way they have transformed as a band. They have a new album coming out today called Noise Floor.

    Don't give up on new prog as there are some good bands still out there!