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    Maybe he's feeling pressure having to tour the same time Genesis is touring? His post could be showing some insecurity on his part and he felt the need to lash out in humor, although nobody found it funny. This does nothing for the guy but hurt his image even more. Nad? No Sad...

    It was discussed in the Genesis in the Media thread. A couple of us watched it (myself included). It was certifiably awful. So bad it was embarrassing. What’s the old saying: there goes an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

    Thanks I'll check that thread out. Interesting, it sounds to me like this has topped the Sum of the Parts as the worst Genesis documentary? Maybe I will actually try and watch that one now as I've put it off for so long! ^^

    Has anyone been able to watch the new (unauthorized of course) documentary on Genesis from the Reelz Channel series called Breaking The Band? I live in the US, where the documentary seems to be available so far and I do not have the channel on my cable lineup. I've tried to find it via streaming services, but for now it is not available unless you have live access to the channel. For anyone out there who has watched it, what did you think? Details or a review would be nice if you could spare the time. Thanks!

    I disagree with much of this. For one thing, “Rush” and “metal” in the same sentence is odd. Secondly, you’re characterizing me as seeing these bands through eyes I’m not seeing. I dont expect Genesis to behave a certain way. Actually I gave examples of different bands handling things differently? I’m merely stating that Genesis has an unusual history and I wish they had a more complete show where the prog era was concerned.

    I will stick by my statement that they went pop. It’s a no-brainer. Invisible Touch, Thats All, Follow You, Hold on my Heart, In Too Deep, Tonight, Throwing it All Away, etc….did I miss something? Are those prog songs? I could go on and on listing pop tunes. Do I hate those songs? Nah. Are they pop? Uh, yeah….

    If you listen to the interviews of the band on the reissues, they often times were very critical and negative toward the classics and most interviews from the guys are far more glowing and rosy where “the hits” are concerned.

    They may have started to write more pop, but they were still producing songs from their progressive roots. To support the point, Duke's Travels/Duke's End, Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea, Domino, and Fading Lights are definitely not pop!;)

    that's correct - 13 shows were announced initially for NA in 2007

    Toronto (BMO Field) was among the first 13 if I remember correctly, but Ottawa was announced 2 or 3 weeks later

    I was one of the fortunate few who won tickets to attend the pre-tour rehearsal show in Toronto. It was general seating so I was fortunate to have a front row seat right between Phil and Tony! Ah memories...

    Buying tickets for the Cleveland show was not fun because the code and link they gave you put you through to seatgeek. I was able to pay for the tickets I wanted and when my confirmation email came it told me the tickets were not available. Well, this is what the website is supposed to do up front when you choose seats. In fact it chose them for me being best available. So why put me through all that and allow me to pay for them when they were not available? So then I had to go back and do it all over again and of course my seats are not as good. I definitely won't be using seatgeek again if I can help it! However, I am glad I'll be going to the show and not get shut out like other people are trying to secure tickets today through each venue.

    When you look at the dates, it's likely that extra shows will be announced when ticket sales justify that.

    Chicago, Montreal, Philadelphia, Columbus, Belmont, Boston and New York City seem obvious

    Speaking as a fellow Ohio resident, I think the band would add a second Cleveland show before they would add a second Columbus show. Cleveland has always been a city that supported the band on every tour since they started coming to the US. Columbus is a town the band just started visiting since the WCD tour.

    Listened to that entire podcast. It had a few good moments, but overall it was average at best. I would love it if someone did a Genesis podcast similar to the Beatle years radio show. Something very in depth about the band only. I subscribe to Tabletop Genesis, which is a good podcast, but they mix in solo. Nothing wrong with that, but I'm not a fan of everyone's output.

    I would be more than happy to see Genesis start their tour in the US! It would be the first time since the WCD tour they started their tour in the US. I guess with the vaccines being utilized, the infection rates for covid could be down enough for concerts to be taking place. Usually November is the start of virus numbers increasing, but we will see. I hope to see them in Cleveland as it's been one of their most consistent stops since 1973!

    From We Can't Dance I think they will play No Son Of Mine and I Can't Dance. I think it would be a good opportunity to bring back Fading Lights as it's viewed by many as their "swan song."

    Invisible Touch, Domino, and Throwing It All Away have a good chance of making it to the setlist.

    I highly doubt Mama will make it because of how demanding the vocals are. I think they could still pull off Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea and they will probably put in That's All from the Genesis album.

    Abacab is too close to call as is Duke.