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    This and Nursery Cryme are my least favorite Genesis albums by some distance, but each has its strengths. For this album I went with:

    In the Wilderness - my (and Tony Banks's) favorite.

    The Conqueror - sort a proto-Knife. Rollicking good tune.

    One Day - the lyrics are pure cringe but what a chorus!

    I don't know the page. As I say, a poll is only as good as its contributors and I wouldn't know, of the millions of Genesis fans who are out there, what percentage of them are members of internet Genesis sites but I doubt the poll counts as a yardstick of general taste.

    Well, the real question is, "How representative is the poll?" I don't know the answer to that.

    What's fun is seeing how fans' opinions have changed in the 25 years since I started perusing the Internet. For example, lots of people have warmed to We Can't Dance (my personal favorite of the Genesis studio albums) since then. In the mid-90s you still had people trying to signal against the then-recent hits, but since then some of those folks have probably reexamined that album and others on their own merits rather than on radio play.

    Really? Everyone I know who's heard the song finds it instantly lovable. I had no idea that most people consider it a weak song.

    I saw a poll a long time ago where the very many respondents rated the songs on A Trick of the Tail. The bottom two songs were the title track and "Robbery, Assault and Battery." If I remember correctly, RA&B finished last, but those two were well below the other six.

    This might be my least favorite of all of the Genesis studio albums, though I typically rank it a smidgen above From Genesis to Revelation. There just doesn't seem to be much of substance here; the subtleties on all of their subsequent albums that pull me in after several listens are few and far between here. I don't think that Phil and Tony are big fans of this album, either. It seems like it was rushed and that two more months in the studio would have helped a lot. It also lacks the cozy atmosphere of Trespass.

    Enough negativity - now for the positives. "The Fountain of Salmacis" works for me every single time I hear it. Easily my favorite track on Nursery Cryme. "The Musical Box" has some great moments as well. "Seven Stones" is kinda fun. And I like the album cover.

    Abacab, which is a Charlotte NC-based band is working on the album in its entirety. They played the Duke Suite at their show last month.

    I live in the NC mountains two hours north of Charlotte and have seen Abacab four times. They are definitely worth checking out if you're in the area. They play a setlist that's not too different from what Genesis has played in the 90s and beyond - lots of hits with some epics and a surprise or two tossed in there as well.

    Which do you prefer?

    You sometimes hear these two mentioned side-by-side; in fact, the members of Genesis said that they separated the tracks from the Duke Suite partly because they didn't want the suite to be compared to Supper's Ready. They are of somewhat similar length - 23 minutes for Supper's Ready vs. 29 minutes for the Duke Suite.

    I love Supper's Ready, but there's no way that it beats the entire Duke Suite. For me it's not even close. Still, I've never seen this poll on any Genesis forum before, so I thought I'd put it up.

    You mentioned your lukewarmness about NC in the FGTR thread as well. When I get around to starting the NC thread soon (unless someone else leaps in there first) it'll be interesting to hear your thoughts there, should you feel like airing them.

    Absolutely! I like writing and reading album reviews. And I promise my reviews will start to become more positive after Nursery Cryme :)

    This and Nursery Cryme are my least favorite Genesis albums, and I can never decide which one I prefer.

    What saves From Genesis to Revelation for me are the following three tracks:

    "In the Wilderness" - a truly majestic piece, and I know that Tony Banks has said that it's by far his favorite tune on the album.

    "The Conqueror" - a cool, melodic hard rock song that sounds a bit like a dry run for "The Knife".

    "One Day" - but only for that great chorus. The verses don't do anything for me and good god, the lyrics. Oof.

    I suppose I should give "Fireside Song" a semi-nod as well, and I don't mind "The Silent Sun" either. The rest of the album bores me silly.

    I'm not a big fan of the first three Genesis albums, but of those three, Trespass is easily my favorite.

    To these ears, "Stagnation" is by far the best track and probably ranks in my top 5 Genesis songs of all-time. There are lots of great bits in there but what I really love is the ending. "White Mountain" is my second-favorite - not a Genesis classic in my book but a very good song all the same. Terrific atmosphere and I don't mind the lyrics.

    After that the album drops off for me, though I actually do have a minor soft spot for "Visions of Angels". The beginning of "The Knife" works really well also, but I agree that the song goes on way too long. The whole thing should have been 4-5 minutes with the middle section trimmed severely. Oh, and I find "Looking for Someone" to be really, really annoying.

    Still, not a bad album at all. I'll take it over the more popular Nursery Cryme any day.

    01. We Can't Dance

    02. Duke

    03. Wind & Wuthering

    04. And Then There Were Three

    05. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    06. Invisible Touch

    07. Selling England by the Pound

    08. A Trick of the Tail

    09. Genesis

    10. Calling all Stations

    11. Foxtrot

    12. Trespass

    13. Abacab

    14. Nursery Cryme

    15. From Genesis to Revelation