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    Boy, that makes aging sound appealing lol. I'm nearly 59 and I'm still not entirely sure about sitting cheek to cheek with 20000 other people, to be completely honest.

    Yeah, aging is not for the faint hearted LOL. I'm 64 now and was a bit concerned about attending the London gig. The official O2 advice was to wear a mask in the communal areas but I cant think of anything more communal than the actual arena itself. But I guess they thought people wouldn't wear that, literally. I was intending to wear mine though. Hopefully the situation will be better in March. We will be triple jabbed and case rates should have dropped by then.

    As I wont be seeing them now until March I decided to watch some of the you tube stuff on my big screen and hi-fi system. Quality does vary but some of it is very good. You could forget it wasn't pro-shot with a few of them apart from it dosent change to another camera angle. The picture quality is that good.

    I too have accepted how Phil is now. Never the less I still got quite emotional at times. Even though I didn't have the thrill of actually being there and all that goes with that experience.

    I actually realised how much many of these later songs mean to me. Not just the memories of the tours but things that happened in my life over the last 40 years. Those early songs from the 70's (whilst I still play the albums and enjoy them) don't really have any meaning in my life. Magic fountains and Slipper men are meaningless compared to Throwing it all away and Aferglow etc. I wonder if this is the same for the band and their reason for ignoring much of the earlier period.

    Concerning Phil saying the same things between songs. Remember we are hard core fans on here. Most people only go once and enjoy the banter so you cant really get annoyed at it.

    I agree Mason contributed the least from an artistic perspective, but that said, his relatively plodding and unimaginative playing is very much part of the sound. When you hear Floyd covered by others (including Roger Waters), it can sometimes sound "wrong" in the hands of a more skilled drummer.

    I agree with what you have said but in Mason's defence if you are handed a song you can only go so far in adding to it. I cant see that Mason would have been allowed much input into the song structures when up against the other 3 big personalities. So he was probably the right man for the job. For example, if we look at Genesis. Whilst Tony may have wrote fading lights you can be sure that the middle section was worked on between the three of them with different rhythms. I honestly cant see Nick saying to Roger can we put this interesting drum part in this song. Even Gilmour is credited with the change of tempo in "Money"

    I think we should also keep in mind that they didnt know how this was all gonna go.

    They seem to be really enjoying themselves so they may have had some provisional plans for Europe, despite what Phil said about not carrying on after 2021. Also the shows in general seem to have been well received. There is a lot of love for the band despite the fact that Phil is past his best. So they may have been cautious about committing to more.

    I can imagine its a real jigsaw puzzle trying to put something together for next year. So many artists have moved concerts to 2022.

    Just looking at the Dublin Arena events around the time of the London concerts and it looks very busy. So I guess that's the reason they had to cancel.

    I agree with Christian we need to wait and see. It would be a bit strange to just rock up and do 3 nights at the O2 after a 4 month break.

    Great news! I am curious about the gap between the end of the currently scheduled tour and these new dates, it seems longish. Hopefully it'll mean an expanded tour.

    I'm going to guess that if they do want to expand this out, they want to make sure that countries are fully open. There are still restrictions in Ireland on large events. I'm thinking there must be in Germany also as they have 4000 Covid cases a day compared to our 50,000! We will be re-introducing restrictions again here soon if we aren't careful. Hopefully it will be business as usual by March.

    So when do we think the London shows will be rescheduled for?

    The o2 seems to have some open dates after 18th October, I don't know what the isolation period is, but maybe 20th onwards is doable roughly?

    Its not as easy as that. We dont know how much of the show beyond their personal instruments needs to be shipped to the USA. Its possible the moving domino light things could be being built again in the USA. But for sure passage of gear has already been booked and that could be shortly after the13th October. Plus they may well decide to do Dublin and Belfast while they are at it.

    Not much has been mentioned regarding the redition of "Afterglow" and I'm wondering what you others thought. ( I haven't watched any clips as I want to wait for the show). I ask because just before the pandemic I was in the process of putting a covers band together to do a charity concert of some of my all time favourite songs. I had difficulty finding a singer who could handle Afterglow because of the Key change part way through. This is when I realised that Phil was an even more awesome singer than I had previously thought. I'm a drummer by the way so not a musician. LOL!

    nope. Both were played in North America and so

    In London

    You cant say a definitive "Nope" Christian. I saw them 5 times on that tour and on no occasion did they play both those songs on the same night and that includes twice at Earls Court. It might be that they did play both and dropped something else on occasions during the European tour and I have no idea what they did in North America.

    Because of that, drummers now need a metronome track to start exactly at the right tempo.

    If you talk about drum machines (Mama, Invisible Touch), ok, but again that doesn't mean that what he has to play is that easy... "Mama" drum part is not "just diddling about over the top"...

    Drum machines are the ground for some songs, but you still have to build the house on it.

    I must admit I was being deliberately provocative when I said he was diddling. Yes of course rather than hating drum machines Phil embraced their potential and used them to great effect on many Genesis songs. Re-enforcing his talent as a great drummer and composer. As a result many Genesis songs will use a pre-recorded track or sample. I just get the impression, whereas previously they may have been used to start a song and then they actually played the rest. Its now pervasive throughout the entire piece. Okay that may be a new approach and they may have used a "click" in 2007 and possibly 1992. Timing needs to be perfect in order to sync to complex video for one thing.

    Many years ago I used to work with a guy who was a roadie on the Lamb tour. He told me that they tried to use automation to project the slides but because of timing issues it had to be done by hand. There is certainly no click track on Seconds out and 3 sides live and they sound all the better for it.

    Does anyone know if all the shows are being officially recorded like they were during the 2007 tour?

    I think it goes without saying that there will be a live recording available. Cd and/or DVD. Although they already have a recording of the rehearsals. I'm certainly not going to buy it. I'm sure I will really enjoy the live show. The atmosphere and the sense of occasion. But watching the documentary I'm not impressed. Phil has to sing the songs in a different way now and, although he is in tune, I dont like it. Plus no major band goes on tour these days without sequencing. That might be okay for the Spice Girls but It sounds too robotic. Nic is just diddling about over the top of sequenced beats most of the time!

    The documentary has appeared on YouTube

    warning - massive spoilers!

    I would advise everybody against watching this. Too many spoilers!! I stopped half way through. I don't mind seeing the stage set up and a few of the songs but felt it was getting too much. Better to wait 'til you have seen the show for real. Also Phil sounds like he has badly fitting false teeth. That cant be right? He must have implants, he is rich enough LOL. It will sound just great on the night but don't think I will be buying the inevitable DVD.

    I’m confused. Not to start another debate over this stuff but in reality doesn’t that decision (mask/vaccine requirements) reside with the government? Does me mean he will only play in cities where there are no such requirements?

    I guess that's why he is only playing in the South Eastern states. I saw a piece on the BBC the other day where they said that big Republican Trump supporting states like Florida/Texas and deeply religious states in the south are not taking much notice of Covid. I guess the management went to other venues and stated that Clapton wont play if restrictions would be implemented and they said "bye bye then"!

    them they would ship the gear again ;)

    I believe it's only up to the regulations that will be different in Ireland compared to the UK

    I'm thinking you have misunderstood my post Christian?

    If Dublin is cancelled the tour start is then Belfast which is both in Ireland and the UK. Although they are making their own Covid regulations there they are broadly in line with England as is the Vaccination rate. I dont think Mr manager will like the idea of shipping to Belfast and back where the whole cost will then placed on one show rather spread across 3. Belfast plus 2 x Dublin. So they will start in Birmingham.

    some news sites have stated that the tour begins in Birmingham ... and also the press kit obviously says "Celebrating the return of Genesis and their 2021 / 2022 arena tour..." which could mean two things:

    Dublin will be postponed or cancelled

    more shows in 2022 are likely, then Dublin will be postponed.

    I could see that actually. Shipping all the gear to Ireland just for one show might not be economically viable. They could decide to start in Birmingham and the add Ireland to a Mainland European tour next year.

    I would rather say that 17th September is a Friday and that's the reason ;)

    Yeah, you always release on a Friday. But it could have been the 10th September. Its difficult to read exactly what they are thinking with regards to Dublin from that date.

    Anyway, seems its definitely happening if they are going for the full milking of another hits release.

    Looking at the O2 Website you need to be fully vaxed to get in. Thats not specific to Genesis. Plenty of events on prior to them and I guess that could change nearer the time.

    By its very nature this entire tour is a demonstration of their not doing live shows as they used to, so it's completely feasible for them to do those songs without the walk or PC on drums. I wouldn't rule them out.

    No, you are correct and I'm not ruling anything out. This whole thread is just pure conjecture until we get to see the show so I'm just putting my thoughts out there as Moonlitknight had asked. But I cant see Phil singing I cant dance when he cant hardly walk. But then again they have never taken themselves that seriously so Phil might make a play on that.