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    i'm not sure if i should post these thread on the 'other bands' sections, because i'm going to mention certain albums by genesis members...

    some artists have recorded albums after a breakup, or after the lost of a loved one. not all the songs are necessarily about that particular issue, but there's a feeling of sadness throughout the album.

    i'm thinking of works such as:

    phil's both sides: it was about his second divorce. ok, 'face value' was about a divorce too, but for whatever reason, it doesn't sound as depressive as 'both sides'.

    peter's up: it's not a concept album, but certain songs such as darkness or i grieve make me think that peter wasn't going through a happy time when he wrote them.

    sting's the soul cages. it's an album dedicated to his father, who had recently passed away. the songs include many references to the sea, because sting's father dreamed of being a sailor...

    suzanne vega's songs in red and gray. she had divorced his husband and producer mitchell froom. that album isn't very enjoyable to me, because suzanne's strength was telling stories from a distant perspective.

    have you listened to these albums? did you like them at first? and, if not, did they grow on you? can you think of other similar albums that the artist in question recorded as some kind of therapy...?

    180 Genesis songs ranked by Ultimate Classic Rock.

    i gave it a read yesterday. when i saw the carpet crawlers in the 79th position or so, i was like "what the hell...?". but it was the 1999 version.

    afterglow is very low. to be honest, it's not one of my favourite genesis songs, but i would have ranked it a bit higher. anyway, there's an interesting comment about afterglow in that article: apparently, it's been the third most played genesis song. i guess the first and second are turn it on again and i know what i like.

    that list is very subjective, but to me it makes slightly more sense than the ratings (from 1 to 5 stars) given to every song on the uncut special magazine. it seems like they gave them tossing the dice or something. :rolleyes:

    This isn’t a dream, but yesterday I was listening to the 70s station on satellite radio here in the US. Suddenly this thought popped into my head “They’re playing Phil Collins or Genesis on the 80s station right now.” So I hit the button for the 80s station and I hear “Well I’ve been waiting for this weekend, I thought that maybe we could see a show.”

    the song turn it on again says "all i need is a tv show",

    and the song misunderstanding says "i thought that maybe we could see a show".

    it seems like misunderstanding is not so out of place in the 'duke' album, after all. :P

    back in 2006, our beloved krissy <3 created a genesis forum because the official one had crashed. but, unfortunately, it became something like a private club for a gang of members who believed to be cooler than the rest. most of the forum activity were games and private jokes between those members, in the 'forum of the last resort'. believe it or not, at that time, it was almost uncool to publish anything on the genesis-related subforums.

    thankfully, in later years, many more people from different locations joined krissy's forum. therefore, that site was no longer the cool members' property. and, most importantly, genesis music became relevant again.

    Not a huge fan of the IT album either, but I can forgive the title track being in the set. It actually sounds better live than on the record, the drums drive it along far better than the rather tepid drum sound on the record....ironic since Hugh Padgham started out wanting to record drums that sounded like you're sitting next to the drummer and not "like so many 70s records, where it sounded like the drummer was in a cardboard box". It's also their biggest US hit, and is well known in the UK. Phil has always enjoyed it.

    i agree with you, invisible touch gets much better when played live.

    drum machines should be used only for beats that can't be made with acoustic drums, like those on duchess, me and sarah jane, in the air tonight or mama.

    I actually credit the overwhelming negative reaction on the old, official forum when that idea was floated (i.e., the trading of "Ripples" for "In Too Deep" in North America) for that exchange never occurring. Someone who had some kind of connection to the band suggested in a post on the forum that the exchange might happen, and the list exploded in the most amazing and horrified way! ^^ It was nearly a unanimous (if not actually unanimous) outcry against the idea. Fortunately, it never happened. (I was relieved - that's for sure...)

    i remember that, too. even some forum members who were known to be fans of later genesis, preferred ripples over in too deep in the setlist.

    invisible touch -the song- is disliked by some genesis fans. i'm not one of them, for sure. but i think the perception of this song would be different if it:

    - had been placed somewhere else on the album, not as the opening track.

    - hadn't been chosen as the first single.

    - the album hadn't been called after invisible touch.

    until not long ago, i only knew their most famous songs, such as money, wish you were here, another brick in the wall...

    a collection of their discography was available at newsstands a couple of years ago, and i didn't miss the chance. i was a fan of other progressive acts, such as genesis or kate bush, so i would probably enjoy pink floyd as well, i thought.

    therefore, i discovered pink floyd when covid started, with the lockdown and all. i guess that didn't help, because of the bad memories attached. for a while, i fooled mysel into believing that i liked them, but i really didn't, much as i tried. i find them boring, depressing, pedantic and pretentious.

    actually, i don't mind their first two albums, when syd barrett was in the band. they made experimental music that reminds me of the beatles (in their most psychedelic form) and the early genesis.

    but their next concept albums, with lyrics that try to save the world, put me off. i don't care if they have sold billions of copies.

    besides, the fights between roger waters and pretty much any other band member, were very ugly. nothing to do with the friendly jabs between peter and tony.

    and how about sense of humour? if there is any humour in pink floyd's songs, music videos or live performances, it's certainly hard to find.

    conclusion: as fas as i'm concerned, genesis >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pink floyd.

    - Instead of The Lamb, why not Ripples (without the instrumental part) ? We would have a track from Trick of the Tail (I admit that its omission in the setlist kind of disturbs me, it's like there is something missing...)

    i would have liked at least one song from 'a trick of the tail', either ripples or other. los endos wasn't an option, i guess, because an all-instrumental piece with phil off-stage would have seemed odd.

    i love the song duchess, but i'm not sure if it applies to genesis. 'calling all stations' -album and tour- failed, not because genesis music wasn't fashionable anymore, but because phil's departure was a big handicap.

    if genesis had released another album with phil in the mid nineties, but radio stations had ignored it in favour of those brit-pop bands that were successful at that time, that situation would indeed have been similar to the story of ducheess.

    i have all phil's solo albums, most of peter's solo albums (actually all of them but 'scratch my back' and 'new blood'), tony's box set 'a chord too far', and one of mike & the mechanics compilations.

    i prefer peter as a solo artist, over peter as genesis frontman. when peter left genesis, i think it was a win-win decision for both parties.

    tony, mike and phil created some great music, specially considering that phil was a drummer who became a singer, and mike was a bassist who became a guitarist. tony was the only one who always did "his thing", playing keyboards.

    besides, genesis became more "commercial" if you want, but they always wrote their songs themselves, with no external songwriters. and they didn't resort to collaborating with younger artists that were trendy at that time. not that i'm criticizing coldplay for recording a song with korean boy band bts. ;)

    on the album 'abacab', i would only replace the last two tracks -like it or not and another record- probably with you might recall and paperlate.

    who dunnit doesn't bother me too much, i take it as a humorous song. but i find like it or not dull, and another record is just unlistenable for me.

    the european edition of 'the last domino' two cd compilation, is pretty much the european setlist in the same order, with some extra tracks that haven't been played live this time, such as jesus he knows me, in too deep...

    the running order of the american 'last domino' compilation differs quite a bit from the european edition. i wonder if that will reflect the american setlist, as well.

    my favourite genesis period is 1976-1981, that is, the blue box set. and, to be more precise, my favourite album is probably 'duke'.

    tony, mike and phil created some great music, specially considering that phil was a drummer who became a singer, and mike was a bassist who became a guitarist. tony was the only one who always did "his thing", playing keyboards.

    some genesis album openers have a lengthy introduction that goes in crescendo: watcher of the skies, dance on a volcano, eleventh earl of mar, behind the lines, mama... some others are the opposite: looking for someone and dancing with the moonlit knight start with peter's voice, but they work great as well.

    by the way, there goes a fun fact: 'wind and wuthering' is the album whose first two songs have the greatest sum of lengths. eleventh earl of mar is nearly 8 minutes long, one for the vine is 10 minutes long. there isn't another genesis album that you start to play and, after nearly 18 minutes, is still in the second track. ;)