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    i grieve, because the lyrics and the musical arrangement communicate very accuratley what this song means.

    i wonder how the 'up' album would have sounded if it hadn't been so delayed and over-produced. lovetown could be considered the missing link between 'us' and the later releases, that is 'ovo', 'long walk home' and 'up'.

    as you all may know, running up that hill has recently become a worldwide hit, thanks to 'stranger things' series.

    kate's albums were ahead of her time, specially 'the dreaming' and 'hounds of love'. not many songs from the eighties would be hits nowadays if they were re-released.

    perhaps take on me by a-ha could be a hit again. i can think of at least two recent chart-toppers that are clearly based on take on me. :/

    peter's career is the most independent from genesis. he left genesis and he started a solo career with different musicians and a new musical style. his first two albums are very new wave -ish, then he embraced world music... when i listen to other members' solo work, i can't help missing genesis, but that doesn't happen when i listen to peter gabriel. his music is a world apart.

    'genesis' was probably a rushed album, it makes sense given the point where the band and their individual members were at that time. but even so, it includes three genesis classics: mama, that's all and home by the sea. this proves how talented this band was.

    i wasn't sure which was the most suitable thread to post this thought...

    i do like domino (the song), but for some reason i can't regard it as a genesis classic. no matter how many times they have played it live, it's not a track that i would include in a genesis compilation that i would do for myself or for some friend whom i would like to introduce to genesis music.

    i think they stubbornly played it in every show since 1986 because it works well live and tony loves it, but i'm not sure if it's really a fan favourite.

    kate bush recorded 'the red shoes' after her mother passed away. also, kate broke up with her bassist del palmer, with whom she had a relationship. ironically, 'the red shoes' is her most upbeat and accessible album, though some lyrics give a hint of the hard times she had went through.

    I agree there are aspects of "will this do?" in some ways, yes especially the lack of additional recordings. A couple of the side 2 tracks sound like they would have been b-sides in other circumstances.

    i read somewhere that phil suggested to include siver rainbow in the 1976-1991 archive, because he thought it was a single b-side, he didn't remember that it was eventually included in the 'genesis' self-titled album. i don't blame him, because silver rainbow is a song that didn't see the light of day since 'genesis' came out. it wasn't released as a single, it was never played live as far as i'm aware, it's hidden in the second side of the album...

    i'm not sure if i should post this thread on the 'other bands' sections, because i'm going to mention certain albums by genesis members...

    some artists have recorded albums after a breakup, or after the lost of a loved one. not all the songs are necessarily about that particular issue, but there's a feeling of sadness throughout the album.

    i'm thinking of works such as:

    phil's both sides: it was about his second divorce. ok, 'face value' was about a divorce too, but for whatever reason, it doesn't sound as depressive as 'both sides'.

    peter's up: it's not a concept album, but certain songs such as darkness or i grieve make me think that peter wasn't going through a happy time when he wrote them.

    sting's the soul cages. it's an album dedicated to his father, who had recently passed away. the songs include many references to the sea, because sting's father dreamed of being a sailor...

    suzanne vega's songs in red and gray. she had divorced his husband and producer mitchell froom. that album isn't very enjoyable to me, because suzanne's strength was telling stories from a distant perspective.

    have you listened to these albums? did you like them at first? and, if not, did they grow on you? can you think of other similar albums that the artist in question recorded as some kind of therapy...?

    180 Genesis songs ranked by Ultimate Classic Rock.

    i gave it a read yesterday. when i saw the carpet crawlers in the 79th position or so, i was like "what the hell...?". but it was the 1999 version.

    afterglow is very low. to be honest, it's not one of my favourite genesis songs, but i would have ranked it a bit higher. anyway, there's an interesting comment about afterglow in that article: apparently, it's been the third most played genesis song. i guess the first and second are turn it on again and i know what i like.

    that list is very subjective, but to me it makes slightly more sense than the ratings (from 1 to 5 stars) given to every song on the uncut special magazine. it seems like they gave them tossing the dice or something. :rolleyes:

    This isn’t a dream, but yesterday I was listening to the 70s station on satellite radio here in the US. Suddenly this thought popped into my head “They’re playing Phil Collins or Genesis on the 80s station right now.” So I hit the button for the 80s station and I hear “Well I’ve been waiting for this weekend, I thought that maybe we could see a show.”

    the song turn it on again says "all i need is a tv show",

    and the song misunderstanding says "i thought that maybe we could see a show".

    it seems like misunderstanding is not so out of place in the 'duke' album, after all. :P