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    many people (including myself) name 'a trick of the tail' among their favourite genesis albums. however, the singles from this album -the title track and entangled- charted very poorly, if at all. it's a pity, because 'a trick of the tail' includes a few songs that could have worked well as singles, the same way that i know what i like did.

    I would prefer them to have left The Cinema Show, which they've done countlessly, out and done Apocalypse in 9/8 for the keyboard solo. But one of my favourite aspects of As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs is the vocal melody and I'm not sure how well it works without vocals. I think if they segued Apocalypse into Afterglow that would be the best.

    when i saw that "fading lights / cinema show / afterglow" medley in the setlists, i thougt they would start playing the instrumental section of fading lights after the second chorus, and then it would evolve into the cinema show. hearing the cinema show instrumental tune right after phil singing "...the days of our lives... remember..." was odd to me, it even gave me a fright. ;)

    i've been thinking of a certain song lately...

    long ago i read somewhere that the lyrics to paperlate were written by phil.

    i bet you anything that they were actually written by mike.

    "Ooh it's too easy to live in a cold sweat
    Just sitting dripping in pools below"

    "Oh it's too easy to compute your future
    Taking no risks and playing too safe"

    "Ooh it's too easy to talk about rocking the boat
    Making changes and changing track
    But you'd better not lock that door
    'Cause you'll be coming back"

    these lyrics sound very mike-ish to me.

    i guess they will play domino, since they have named the tour after that song. :/ (the second part of it, to be precise).

    i think this time they will have more freedom to play unexpected songs. 2007's tour was pretty much a greatest hits tour.

    I can't believe Illegal Alien was part of their live classic medley, and they included it on The Longs album. I also dislike Jesus He Knows Me. I believe Phil mentioned in an interview that he can't stand watching some of their live concert footage due to his goofy antics. It certainly turned me off.

    on the mama tour shows, at times they looked like a comedy group rather than a rock band.

    since it's a digital album, i hope the mistake will be fixed before the release date. all they have to do is replacing one track with another. it would be different if it were a physical album: they would have to throw all the burned cd copies into the rubbish bin and start again.

    i wouldn't care too much if it were some other track, but i love that early version of 'another day in paradise' called 'homeless' in 3/4 time signature.

    choosing only one song from every album, many songs would be missed. but that's inevitable in any possible genesis setlist, due to their vast discography.

    i'm going to try...

    1. watcher of the skies

    2. turn it on again

    3. abacab

    4. in the cage

    5. afterglow

    6. follow you, follow me

    7. i know what i like

    8. home by the sea

    9. the musical box

    10. i can't dance

    11. los endos

    12. invisible touch

    13. the knife

    this is the track list:

    01 In the Air Tonight (Demo)

    02 I Missed Again (Demo)

    03 If Leaving Me Is Easy (Demo)

    04 The Man With the Horn

    05 I Like the Way

    06 Big Noise (Instrumental)

    07 Homeless ("Another Day in Paradise" Demo)

    08 Lionel ("Do You Remember" Demo)

    09 Broadway Chorus ("Something Happened on the Way To Heaven" Home Demo)

    10 Around the World in 80 Presets

    11 Rad Dudeski

    12 Don't Call Me Ashley

    13 Both Sides of the Demo (Early Demo)

    14 Everyday (Early Demo)

    15 For a Friend

    16 Stevie's Blues ("Theres a Place for Us" Instrumental)

    17 It's Everywhere

    18 Tears of a Clown (Wake Up Call) [2003 Version]

    i guess i'll take those tracks and add them to the extra cd's from the 2016 edition. i mean, the demos of in the air tonight, i missed again and if leaving me is easy belong on 'extra values', the man on the horn belong on 'hello! extras' and so on...

    i rarely skip songs, but i will feel tempted to do it with i like the way. i listened to it once or twice many years ago, and i recall it was terrible. :(

    lately i'm listening a lot to a dusty springfield compilation that i was given as a christmas gift. it includes the song some of your lovin', which phil covered on the album 'going back'. i guess that song may have had several versions, and i don't know which one phil was thinking of, but his cover sounds pretty much the same as dusty's version.

    i used to despise 'going back', but thanks to that album i discovered quite a few good songs. i guess that's what cover albums are good for.

    last night i dreamt that i was watching a live performance of tonight tonight tonight, and mike sang a couple of lines. that would have made more sense in a song where mike wrote the lyrics at least, such as follow you, follow me or throwing it all away. but we all know that dreams have no logic.

    have you ever dreamt of genesis?

    i read somewhere that mike and phil didn't like the long intro that tony wrote for undertow. i find hard to believe that tony couldn't do what he wanted, considering that he was a close thing to a genesis leader. ;) anyway, the result would have been interesting, maybe a bit similar to behind the lines, in the sense that it has quite a long intro compared to the total length of the song.

    anniversaries of things that came before i was born don't impress me, because i've always considered them old.

    'selling england by the pound' is definitely one of the best genesis albums. firth of fifth is a masterpiece, i know what i like is a great live number, and the cinema show is simply my favourite genesis song. i'm not crazy about the battle of epping forrest, but lately i enjoy it more than i used to. more fool me and after the ordeal aren't exactly masterpieces, but they give the listener a breathe.