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    The easiest way to answer that question is to quote PC himself. He was asked that question way back on the old (now closed) official PC Forum. There were Q&A sessions. Users could ask questions, the list was passed on to PC and his replies were posted on the forum some time later. This must have been around the FFF Tour.

    Here is what he answered regarding the introduction you mentioned:

    Quote from Phil Collins Q&A
    I've used this in many intros, and it comes from a Steve Martin sketch when he says that and does something outrageous. His stand up comedy was a huge influence on me in the early days. I considered him to be my "private find"... I didn't realise he was so huge in America !!! A lot of the Genesis intros, and my own solo tour intros were steals from him. I feel both guilty and embarrassed by it now.... but hey !! I was young.....

    Hope that helped. ;)

    That indeed was Uli. He provided the info for our little report about the first show (see news section)

    He saw plants of shows in Europe in 2007 and also North America.

    But in Frankfurt, he was not spotted in the first row, simply because the gate he was waiting at was opened several minutes late.
    But maybe UK76 - you want to tell the story yourself?

    Yes, sure! It seems to be in fact me. ;)  Methos, maybe you can send me a PN because right now I have no idea who you actually are?

    2007: I saw a LOT of concerts. Most of Europe plus one trip to the US East Coast and another a few weeks later to the West Coast. I travelled to the shows in Helsinki, Herning, Hamburg, Berne, Hannover, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Manchester, Twickenham, Munich, Lyon, Rome, Hartford, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Jose and Los Angeles. Linz was one of the shows (as well as e. g. Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Prague, Chorzow), I didn't see for different reasons. It was the summer and fall of my life!

    So now for this tour my main goal was to see the very first concert. Dublin was fully booked and I was ready to go but unfortunately the shows were cancelled. So I opted for Birmingham, just the first night due to family and covid reasons (mainly avoiding any risk of a quarantine). Back in 2007, I didn't have a wife and family. That has completely changed over the last 10 years. I now have a lovely family with three wonderful kids. So going out on an expensive trip for several weeks. No way! Everything has its time. 14 years ago it was a time for concerts and doing what I've always dreamed to do. Now it's family time and I'm completely fine with that.

    The opening night last Monday was my only Genesis concert this year. In case the band decides to continue the tour in 2022 and come to Germany or The Netherlands, I would surely do one or two more shows. Over PC's FFF Tour and G's TIOA Tour between 2004 and 2007 I travelled the world and met uncounted wonderful fellow fans. I had the time of my life. And the reward is to nowadays meet some of these people every once in a while, preferably on Genesis or PC gigs. Last Monday I had the pleasure to hook up with other fans from Germany, France, the US and the UK.

    Oh, and for the front row thing: yes, that somehow eveloped out of the blue. Some people love to be half way back to have the best sound and see the whole production properly. I always like to have the closest possible "contact" to the band. So I've spent uncounted hours queueing in front of halls and stadiums everywhere. It's a matter of tactics and luck. Both worked out great on the TIOA Tour. The only shows I didn't see up front were the fully seated gigs in the UK and US and (as Christian mentioned) Frankfurt. I even ended up in front row centerstage right in front of Phil's mic in Rome! Half a million people behind me. That was a undescribable feeling.

    I can tell a lot of stories from all these concerts and memories are still very present. Anyone who knows me feel free to contact me to have a chat. It would be my pleasure! :)

    My dear friend "RadDudeski69" has uploaded the above mentioned youtube-videos of this song.

    And in the remarks he has added a quote (most presumably from PC):

    "(I have) some friends out here in Geneva called the Silvano Bazan Trio. I've sat in on drums with them, they've played at my house, my birthday, and I sang 'Teach Me Tonight' on their CD."

    This explains the pretty simple story how this collaboration came together. Sometimes things can be quite simple.