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    On a forum where it’s mostly about great music, I was interested to know what equipment people listen on at home and in what formats?

    I’ve been a long time Naim equipment fan, but have scaled back from multi-box set ups now. I have a new Nova as my primary serious listening source and a Muso for more casual listening from various direct/Bluetooth/airplay sources.

    I’m a huge fan. One of my all time favourite bands and love their work from the 80s right through to the most recent. Could never listen to Bonny from Steve McQueen to often. Paddy has had a lot of health problems and so I wonder if he will ever tour again. But understand he has a vast amount of unrecorded/unreleased material. Fingers crossed he releases something new soon.

    On the recent Hackett tour, the Genesis stuff was the Genesis stuff but with his guitar more forward in the mix, I guess more how he would have liked it to have been recorded initially. So maybe he actually does enjoy playing the Genesis stuff his way. He certainly appears to on stage. And he made a big thing about his desire to play his favorite Genesis album, SIBTP, in its entirety alongside Spectral Mornings.

    Not all, I made my peace with it long ago I guess when it happened. I guess was still in that fan- phase when your idols can do no wrong either artistically, or personally but he sort of lost me with how he handled, that reunion thing, the meeting in Scotland and subsequent not very clever remarks. Not because he didn't go with the flow and abided by what fans expected from him but because he was being incoherent and quite high-handed.

    Then there was the Live 8 thing where again he was imo simply cantankerous.

    I don't judge Steve for wanting to lure more people and milk Genesis for that purpose, fans enjoy it and why shouldn't they? I just think we could avoid the : ''keeping the flame alive'' and such sort of comments. This is a group he left because he wasn't given much space and his contribution was heavily underappreciated and undermined. He had to fight to squeeze in some guitar parts and then not to be buried in the final mix. I cannot know for sure but I have the feeling if he could avoid playing that, he'd do it.

    He had the Heart of England orchestra - not a full orchestra but string, wind, brass and percussion represented. I think it worked pretty well on most tracks, particularly in the quieter moments of tracks like Blood on the Rooftops where it added an interesting extra dimension to the overall sound. In louder moments it was harder to assess the added contribution, but the overall sound was very good.

    Nad Sylvan has a terrific live voice for Gabriel era Genesis. He pulls it off very well without trying to actually sound like Peter. It’s a shame he isn’t more front of stage with Steve as he is clearly a charismatic performer, but you feel this is kind of stifled a little by needing to play, arguably, third or fourth fiddle to the musicians. Supper’s Ready was a high point, partly down to him possibly feeling more able to express himself fully.

    I enjoyed it, perhaps more than I expected to. Even my non-prog rock fan wife enjoyed the spectacle!

    My first post here. Have been an avid fan since my early teens and have seen every tour since Duke, including Six of the Best when Peter and Steve were again on stage as Genesis.

    I also saw them twice on the 2007 tour. The concert in Manchester UK was somewhat ruined for me by a large group of “oiks” that we’re sitting in front of us and seemed more intent on trying to start fights with other fans until finally security removed some of them. Knowing this might be the last tour, and not wanting to have that as potentially my final live memory, I managed to buy a ticket for Madison Square Garden. In fact I accidentally and rather expensively managed to buy three. So I travelled to New York and then stood outside MSG expecting sell the other two. But then these two young ladies came along, desperate to buy tickets, but unable to afford the asking price of the touts. So after watching a while and realising they were real fans desperate to see the band, I walked up to them in front of a tout and asked if they’ve wanted tickets to see Genesis. They said “yes, but how much”. I said “for nothing”, thrust the two tickets in their hands and walked away. The tout looked furious, the girls looked incredulous, and I had a huge smile on my face.

    Of course I saw them later inside the venue as their tickets were just behind mine. It was amazing to watch two young fans see Genesis for the first, and possibly last time. After the show finished, they took me out for a few drinks in New York and we talked about the show and life. We hugged and I left and I never saw them again. I wonder if they are still Genesis fans today. I’d love to think I might have contributed in some way to them being lifelong fans.

    I still can’t help but feel sad to think I will never see Genesis live again. I love all “eras” of Genesis, although musically the true Prog Rock music is probably my favourite genre. However, for me, part of the beauty of Genesis is how they have not stood still but have continued to evolve as the individuals have matured and diversified as musicians and writers. And I can also find the Prog Rock influences somewhere on most of the later albums in any event.