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    Was this some sort of warm-up gig prior to the SEBTP tour starting? Hogweed is thrown in, which was not part of the standard SEBTP setlist, hence the question.

    The Selling England tour began with a handful of dates in France, Germany and Switzerland. The only full length recordings we have from these shows are from Osnabruck and Munster, both of which have Hogweed as the encore. By the time of the UK leg in October the order of the songs had be re-jigged and Hogweed dropped and replaced by The Knife at the few shows where an encore was played. These two recordings first appeared in 2008 when the taper lent his master tapes to AS, who many will know from his Hogweeds series, to transfer and master, although neither were actually released as part of the Hogweeds project for reasons I can't now recall.

    Queued all day in December '76 outside the Free Trade Hall, Manchester to get tickets for the W&W tour got to 20 feet from the door and told 'Sold Out''.

    We went to queue at the Free Trade Hall in '76 as well. Caught the train up to Manchester on the Sunday evening and arrived to find a show was just finishing and crowds of people were exiting the venue, but no sign of a queue for Genesis tickets. Asked about it and were told they'd put them on sale earlier than had been advertised in the music press and they were now sold out. After a brief moment of panic we decided to phone all the other venues in travellable distance, not really expecting any success this late on a Sunday night, but surprisingly got a reply from the Liverpool Empire who confirmed they would be on sale at 9:00am on Monday. Caught the train over to Liverpool but when we got to the Empire around midnight there was no sign of a queue again. When I'd queued overnight for tickets for the Lamb tour the queue had started forming early evening, so the alarm bells were already ringing but we decided to stick it out anyway even if something didn't seem quite right. In any case by then there were no trains back home so we were stuck there overnight anyway. Absolutely freezing cold night with ice forming on the pavement, we has a space blanket each to keep warm and a bottle of whisky for sustenance but in the end had to take it in turns to jog around St George's Hall opposite the Empire to keep warm. By morning a big queue had formed and we felt a bit better that we were not only in the right place at the right time after all but were in prime position at the front. Then around 9:00 a guy came out of the theatre and explained that tickets couldn't go on sale after all as there had been a delay at the printers and they hadn't received the tickets yet. Word got passed down the queue and things looked like they might turn a bit ugly, so we appealed to the guy's better nature and he said he'd see what he could do. Eventually he came out again and said if we went into the box office and booked our seats they'd give everyone an envelope for us to address and they'd send them on to us when they received them. Got four tickets each for both the early and late shows and later managed to get a spare front row seat for Manchester from a friend , plus Birmingham and London from postal applications and then got down to London again for two of the Earls Court shows in June, the most gigs I ever managed in a single tour.

    Starting in 1972 this is the final tally:

    Foxtrot '72 - Stoke Trentham Gardens

    Foxtrot '73 - Manchester Free Trade Hall

    Selling England '73 - Manchester Opera House

    Lamb '75 - Manchester Palace Theatre both nights

    TOTT '76 - Hammersmith Odeon two nights, Stafford Bingley Hall

    W&W '77 - London Rainbow, Birmingham Odeon, Manchester Free Trade Hall, Liverpool Empire early and late shows, London Earls Court 2 nights.

    ATTWT '78 - Knebworth

    Duke '80 - Birmingham Odeon, Manchester Apollo, Stoke Trentham Gardens, Liverpool Empire both nights

    Abacab '81 - Cologne Sporthalle, London Wembley Arena 2 nights, Birmingham NEC 2 nights

    Encore '82 - Hamburg Wihelm Koch Stadium, Birmingham NEC 2 nights, Deeside Leisure Centre, London Marquee

    Six of the Best '82 - Milton Keynes Bowl

    Mama '84 - Birmingham NEC 4 nights

    IT '87- Leeds Roundhay Park, London Wembley Stadium

    Silver Clef Concert '90 - Knebworth

    WCD '92- Leeds Roundhay Park, London Earls Court

    CAS '98 - Birmingham NEC

    TIOA '07 - Manchester Old Trafford

    And that's it for me. Won't be going to the Last Domino tour if/when it happens, not really interested anymore and wouldn't pay that sort of money to see anyone anyway. In hinsight I think I hung on a few years too long after my enthusiasm had waned a bit, I think you can see that from the list, down to one or two shows per tour when we get to the mid-80s. Regret not being a couple of years older so I could have seen them with Ant and a few more times pre-Foxtrot, the 69-72 period is my favourite era.

    I thought it was Trespass, not Nursery Cryme, that was rehearsed at The Maltings, the cottage owned by a family friend.

    They wrote and rehearsed for about six months in Christmas Cottage in Wotton near Dorking, which was owned by Richard Macphail's parents. That's where Trespass was written and rehearsed. The Maltings is in the centre of Farnham, an old maltings that at the time was disused but shortly after was renovated as an arts centre. They began rehearsing there just after Phil joined. Nursery Cryme was rehearsed and partially written at Luxford House, near Crowborough on East Sussex - Tony Stratton-Smith was renting it at the time. There's a picture of it in the gatefold sleeve of Van der Graaf's Pawn Hearts.

    Patricia was part of a six song demo recorded at school friend Brian Roberts' home studio in Chiswick, London, that also included That's Me, Try a Little Sadness, Listen on Five, Don't Want You Back (aka Don't Wash Your Back) and She's Beautiful. Patricia was later re-worked as In Hiding while She's Beautiful morphed into The Serpent. This was the infamous tape that they got their friend John Alexander to leave in Jonathan King's car when he was visiting Charterhouse as they were too nervous to hand it to him in person. I would be very surprised if anyone could actually remember which of these was recorded first though.

    Strictly speaking it wasn't really a Genesis session though, the band didn't exist at that point, they were just four songwriters trying to get someone interested in covering their songs. It was organised by Ant as a way of he and Mike getting some of their material down on tape. Ant asked Tony to come along and play some organ on it and he brought Peter with him and they talked Ant and Mike into recording one of their songs (She's Beautiful) with Peter singing - Ant was originally down to do all the singing. In the end it was agreed Peter had the better voice and he ended up doing all the vocals.