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    I really liked Daryl Stuermer's work on Jean-Luc Ponty's Aurora. His first solo album (Steppin' Out) is very nice too, in a more formatted way. I don't mind his FoF solo - haven't heard it since the Eighties, mind you.

    It's too bad he was never made a full member/allowed to write and record in the studio with the remaining three. Not sure the sales figures would have benefitted (would he have excited Phil's Brand X fiber, or just become the new junior muso in that strange 'democracy' of a band?), but the post-1977 stuff might have gained some staying power beyond the new pop fanbase.

    I would have loved to hear jointly written tunes by those four musicians—make it five: Chester 'deserved' a spot as well—although I'm not sure Daryl had it in him to bring back some of the sorely-missed edge/light and shade PG and SH tended to provide.

    I don't mind them on this magnificent album, but I could do without IKWIL & MFM (very easily in the case of the latter). On the other hand, I can't do without After the Ordeal - it's a baroque mini-epic, highly tuneful and even joyful, and a perfect lead-in to Cinema Show - always loved it.

    Mr. Roine Stolt seems to agree :)

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    Hi everyone - old Talking Shop member on a nostalgia trip here.

    I've loved the 'first' five albums equally since the Seventies (never bothered to listen to FGTR):


    Nursery Cryme


    Selling England By The Pound

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

    I'm also awfully fond of the other two (A Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering), and still listen to all of them a few times a year - mostly the big five, which are the band's definitive body of work AFAIC: adventurous, otherworldly, staggering stuff that's head and shoulders above the rest.

    Those seven studio albums plus Genesis Live and Seconds Out sum up Genesis for me. I liked ATTWT at the time, and didn't mind a few bits of Duke, Abacab, Genesis and even I Can't Dance (hated the other two with a passion), but it was really a different band by then, and I haven't heard any of the post-Hackett albums in eons.

    Oh, and I do tend to listen to those from start to finish, unless I feel a craving for a specific song... and I'm on Y*utube :)