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    This is what I wish Genesis would do most of all. Or would have done when they had the chance. Their individual shows were great (which I'm appreciating a lot now with the concerts on YouTube), it's the static nature of them from night to night across a tour that frustrates me. And over time even some sameness from tour to tour. I get it about the lights and video and all but surely they could have a non-preprogrammed section.

    One of my favorite tours I saw was the smashing pumpkins twentieth anniversary. Each 'gig' was two concerts played on consecutive nights with totally separate setlists. It meant forty or fifty songs, a totally indulgent plunge into the band's catalog!

    Something different would be great though no no no absolutely not for different stuff on different nights. I would guarantee that whatever night I went i would wish to have gone to a different show.

    Well the show will be great. Initially I stamped my feet and threw a wobbler because they gave so little time to organise time to get tickets. Advantage touts. And of course the price. I wasn't going to go . Then best mate phones me. He has time. Do I want him to get me a ticket?? Of course I did. It's Genesis for god's sake. It'll be great. A show like no other. Getting excited now. May not happen this year now I know , but it will happen I'm sure.

    Particularly enjoying reading some people getting fed up with Genesis not embracing their early past history enough and others getting fed up with Steve doing too much of it. !! I love it all anyway.

    I have like most people on the world been so stressed lately.

    Genesis site rescuing me . Haven't been here for a while and thoroughly enjoying trawling through the threads and seeing people arguing about set lists tracks , songs, and all sorts of stuff. You have all been making me smile. :)

    Good to be normal, if Genesis fanatics count as normal.

    Sounds great. Digby ?? What's that? I want to hear it whatever it is

    My weakness here

    I have all the original genesis albums, the definitive edition cds and boxed SACDs and boxed vinyls

    Just bought a load of Kate Bush remastered vinyl and cd s to go.with all the vinyl and cds I already have so now got 4 copies of most her stuff. I have 5 copies of Floyd's DSOTM and multiple others. Plus multiple copies of stuff from other bands here and there, including.Hawkwind Bowie, Sabbath and Zep. Oh and all 4 abacab vinyl covers

    I keep telling myself not to do it, I don't play them enough to justify it, I know they're prices and I keep hitting myself with twigs as punishment for this sin.

    it certainly seems like it was The Freehold that did it. I was wondering whether it was one of those situations where a mistake was made on some website somewhere and everyone has picked up on that same mistake creating an urban myth. Can't think of other examples but it has happened a lot.

    I thought of that but he was very clear when retelling the writing and recording

    I also thought that even taking into account health issues the very first song and recording session would be pretty well imprinted into anyone's mind.

    Ok, I don't think they ever said "we have officially finished" but I thought that it was pretty clear that the TIOA tour was the farewell they never really had as things just seemed fade away. I don't want them to do anymore shows. Firstly I'd have to go and I don't need the stress of worrying about getting tickets

    Secondly I don't mind admitting I had a little tear in my eye at Old Trafford. Having said goodbye it just wouldn't feel right.

    I'm reading Phil's autobiography right now and am reading about the first song he ever wrote, LCD, when in a band called Hickory later Flaming Youth.

    1. I looked it up, it's out there and it's actually good.

    2. Every piece of information about this song has it as recorded by The Freehold, the band he says he left to form Hickory. Nothing at all about Hickory. Sure Phil knows when and how he wrote his first song it's not something you'd get mixed up about, so does anyone know what's going on, why this misinformation is seems so prevalent and unquestioned?