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    I was chatting to someone last night who turned out to a Genesis fan. His favourite album is ATTWT. I think it's a brilliant album but doesn't make my top four. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say it's their favourite.

    Last night; Glenn Hughes at KK's Steel Mill , Wolverhampton, his home city. He played music from the Deep Purple marks 3 and 4 era ( with Highway Star thrown in as bffpart of the encore) celebrating the 50 year anniversary since mark 3 was formed and he was clearly quite emotional , coming home to do it. Apart from Burn, Stormbringer and Mistreated it's not stuff regularly heard. Absolutely brilliant. A great performer smiled throughout , (showing off his pearly white teeth) and telling us stories from over the years. He's 71 and his voice is as good ever it was. It's staggering how he still hits those high notes perfectly and effortlessly.

    Sorry, I'm struggling with this bit. Don't mean to be rude, but why do you play your 10th favourite Genesis album more than the nine you prefer? :/

    I love all the Genesis albums they're my favourite band , so my 10th favourite Genesis album rates highly amongst all time favourite albums. Most played artist is probably Bowie. I don't like.playimg anything too often as I like to keep what I listen to fresh. There's just something about some music that I never really tire of and the Genesis album falls into category. There are so many Genesis classics on live , archive stuff , Steve Hackett live and revisited albums and tribute live stuff etc that I tend not put the main albums on as often . Genesis only has a couple of classics mama and HBTS but I don't hear them so often and I don't tire of them. The other stuff that's on the album I really like so the album tends to get an airing more often than most.

    For some reason I've seen some Genesis albums as being in pairs. NC & Foxtrot, ATOTT & WAW. Also, Abacab & Genesis. For me these albums have similar feels both musically and visually.My first reaction to this album was what a terrible cover!!! All albums prior to Abacab had a certain concept to them, even if no more than the cover . I felt that Abacab was a determined effort to move away from any kind of concept, so the concept became abstract! This applies to the cover and title with Abacab itself being an Abstract song. The cover / covers was/were terrific . I felt that calling this album Genesis was a statement. To me it meant "this is us and up yours" to those who criticised them for not doing what they were doing 10 years earlier. They kept the cover abstract but it didn't work. IMO, awful. I However, I prefer the album to Abacab. I think HBTS is better than anything on Abacab and Mama is better than anything apart from Dodo. I never liked NRAA and all the last four tracks on Genesis are better then all the last four on Abacab . Its easily my 10th favourite Genesis album and probably my most played.

    Bought it on vinyl when it came out, then later on CD then the SACD box set and then again on heavyweight vinyl. Always liked it, especially Mama, That’s All and Silver Rainbow. And of course Home and Second Home are brilliant. But actually liked it all, even the weaker tracks. I do now have to cringe my way through the lyrics and singing on Illegal Alien, but thank God we’ve moved on and it wouldn’t be done like that today. I did always feel it was a little lightweight compared to Abacab, because of side two, but better than the albums that followed. Mama is one of my top Genesis tracks from any era. Fantastic tour to follow albeit I would have preferred another 15 mins of Genesis to the silly encore.

    Ditto. I could have written that!

    1.When did you buy Selling England By The Pound (or have received it as a gift)?

    Not sure . I think around 1979

    2. How old were you when Selling England was released?


    3. Was Selling England your first Genesis album? If not, how many Genesis albums did you own before getting Selling??

    No. Trick was the first . I think I bought all the other Genesis albums available at the time before I bought Selling.

    4. If you had to rank all Genesis albums, where does Selling England stand?

    4. The four albums they made in a row starting with this one are IMO the best run of 4 albums made by anyone. My top 4.ATOTT, W&W TLLDOB and SEBTP

    5. Which track was your favourite when you bought the album?

    Cinema Show although I always prefer the Seconds Out version.

    6. Which track is your favourite today?

    DWTMK. Probably due to over hearing CS.

    7. Which track do you think is the best track on the record despite your own taste?

    Odd question. Best music is always subjective. So the answer is as above.

    8. How many versions of the album have you bought / owned? (Vinyl, CD, Remaster, Cassette, SACD etc)


    Original on Mad Hatter and blue label.

    Remastered vinyl in Box. Definitive CD and SACD in Box

    Yes, the official sites usually habe this blue dot as proof they are the only official site.

    Those scam sites appear daily and nearly every artist has to deal with it. Best thing is simply ignoring anything like that, especially when this site/page wants to be your friend.

    Didn't know about the blue dot . I'm really careful but I did think this site was real. Obviously thought it was weird when the chat came up and was trying to get some sort of verification from here as it happened. As soon as the personal questions came up I stopped. All blocked now.

    At one point in my life I had all the Genesis records and I was very happy with them. Then CDs came out and I was discontented because I wanted the CDs , and then the definitive editions came out and was unhappy again because I had to have definitive versions as they were actually tdefinitive, so I bought them all and was happy again . At a charity shop I saw NC and Trespass in a nice cardboard box called the Genesis collection, so bought that. Then the boxed sets came out and so I bought them to make sure I wasn't unhappy without them. I love my vinyl so I bought the vinyl boxed sets too when they came out. And then Wayne told me about the Original Master Recording of ATOTT so £80 went on that and very happy with that. And of course along the way I had to get all the Abacab covers.

    So they're all coming again.

    I must not buy any more Genesis re releases.

    I must not buy any more Genesis re releases.

    I must not buy any more Genesis re releases.

    I must not buy any more Genesis re releases

    I must not buy any more Genesis re releases........

    Well maybe one to see what it's like.

    Sure it's a con. I've been asked if I have a fan club ID and and an offer from him to send management details so I can purchase from them!! That's not connecting, it's selling . If it really is him would he do that? Maybe I should just send my credit card details direct.

    I've just seen reports from 2 years ago about a supermarket in Denmark that won't let shoppers in unless they smile at it. Its entrance is supposedly triggered by recognising a face smiling. All the reactions to this I've seen are positive, saying "I love this!" and "What a great idea!"

    If it's real and still going, I think it's bloody terrible. What a stupid system. And I'm not just saying that as someone who, while generally positive and optimistic, has a default scowling expression that has to be torturously coaxed into a smile, although it's partly that.

    What's you're problem? With that permanent evil grin on your bright yellow face you would have no problem getting in.

    I've already written 100 lines " I must not buy anymore copies of Genesis albums." I only have 2 copies of FGTR and 3 of TLLDOB. 4 of everything else except 5 ATOTTs and 6 Abacabs!

    I am a bit of a sucker for these things and actually sucker is probably the right word. I find that I now spend too much time analysing the sound rather than just listening and enjoying with no thoughts of comparisons etc etc. Actually I have So on a 45 speed double album. I don't like it. I don't like having to change it so often and the whole thing is too bright.

    Should have posted this last week.after having returned from the wonderful A New Day Festival in Kent UK, which we go to every year. (not to be confused with Newday,) Headline Acts, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, (best of the weekend,),Ozric Tentacles and The Zombies. Other highlights ,, Steve Hillage System 7, Slim Chance (Ronnie Lane's old band), Pentangle , Caravan, Eddie and the Hot Rods,(I had no idea they're really good),.Nine Below Zero, Lindisfarne.and Leatherat. There was a highly impressive Czech instrumental prog band called Cuprum and there's always a one off totally different act on a Sunday afternoon and this year it was The Glen Miller UK Band. Perfect for a sunny Sunday. I'm beginning to feel recovered!