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    Yes tomorrow. A band I've never got round to seeing for some reason although I have gotten into them much more in recent years.

    I guess going to see Yes as they are is bit like going to see Steve Hackett and calling it Genesis although Yes have become somewhat more of a concept than a band. I can't imagine what they will be like without Jon Anderson, I have no idea what thier singer is like however I'm sure it will be a good show and I'm really looking forward

    I've been a labour voter all my life. This time though I can't see how I can vote for them. They're so close to the Tories it's hard to tell them apart. I think they as group are just slightly more honourable. The promise to step down over beer gate if were they found guilty and Angela Rayner's promise to step down if she is found guilty of dodging tax when she was a care worker , of less than half the amount Boris made us pay for one party during COVID, seems the main difference. The Tories would have steadfastly said let's wait and see as they did, then apologise and carry on as nothing happened as both Boris Johnson , Rishi Sunak and many others actually did. I was keen for Keir Starmer to be leader at the time but he has gone back on every one of his pledges that he made to Labour members and now his vision for for the future is blurred to say the least.

    My MP is Labour lap dog as far I can see so she's out. I think I'll go green this time around . We have two green councillors in my ward, but I don't think they'll get in in the constituency. Notice I said slightly more honourable not honourable. It's a low bar.

    Yep. Exactly. A vote should always count. There should be a directly elected Head of State.

    Apparently we a general election on July 4th . The news channels yesterday spent hours and hours and hours telling me. I turned it off. When I turned it back on again they were still telling me. I woke up this morning to the radio and they told me again. Nothing changed. No new news. Labour and Conservative have told me I have a choice to make, just in case I don't know what a general election is. The presenters are making full use of their college media "how to fill airtime with nothing to say" course.

    I have a dodgy bootleg. You hear the audience more than the band. It does bring it all back though.

    HOWEVER .... there is a semi official recording of a rehearsal. I've seen in the mainstream record store , HMV in the UK. I think that would be the nearest you could get to a decent recording even it's not the actual event.

    Restaurants. Please don't serve food ON a napkin on the plate, such as fish in sauce accompanied by salad, as it creates a soggy wad of paper that has to be extracted from under the food and is completely pointless and utterly stupid.

    Thank you.

    And please serve food on a plate. Not on a piece of slate or a slab of wood or a basket or a mini bucket. The human worked out how useful plates are several hundred years ago after thousands is years of evolution. Many modern restaurants now seem think a bit of wood or a flat slate with a little bucket for your chips is an improvement. Mrs Farmer always cringes when she is with me and the food arrives on something unhygienic or a table mat and I ask for a plate! Plates work really well. Just the right thing to eat food from.

    R.I.P. my Dad. 26.04.24. Maybe not what this forum is for but I'm writing this anyway!

    Neil Young once said it's better to burn out than fade away but I'm not so sure. My Dad was 95 and at 62 I'm pretty old lose a first parent and my Dad certainly faded away. My first father in law had some hit records and died after I divorced (28 years ago) in his 50s. He did ok

    My second father in law was full of life, had loads of hobbies and was always keen try everything new. He was a big band fan but gave a one day rock tribute band festival a go at age 78 and liked the Led Zep band having never even had heard of them. He died at 83 from COVID not wanting to go.

    My Dad had a happy family life married for 71 years kept ballroom dancing into his 90s. His last 3 years in a care home with mum were increasingly crap and he literally faded until he could do no more than nod or shake his head about whether he wanted a cup of tea. He fell asleep yesterday morning and didn't wake up. He said 2 years ago he had a happy and good life full of laughter but had lived too long and wanted to go. He was old fashioned with little interest in new things, didn't want to travel the world. He saw his 4 grandchildren grow up ok and saw this 5 great grandchildren, now between 18 months and and 5. Old age and death is always going to be crap but I think a good and happy first 91 years fading for the last 4 but seeing your family grow, being ready to leave life and knowing you're loved is ok. P.S. I'm a little pissed and just listened to It's Gonna Get Better and Fading Lights. I've been not been around here for while but it made me I think of you all. A little tear but I'm ok. I'm atheist but he will stay in me. He's no longer's good . PS. I also got my I/O boxed set today which also made me think of this site.

    (See the PG thread)

    Got mine today. Belated birthday present. At last. I only really fancied listening to the whole album

    Never bothered with the drip feed last year. Saw the show. The songs sounded great. Looking forward to good listen

    There's a problem .I'm not happy. LPs are not labeled. 3 CDs. Dark Side , Bright Side and In Sides. In Side blu ray bit it doesn't say what In Side is.I guess it will say when I put it on but should I have to look it up?

    A bigger problem. Four LPs . Two sides A+B and two side C+D. I have no idea which is the bright and dark sides and which A+B goes with which which C+D.

    A massive book but it looks like info about each track and not about what the contents are. Cand anyone tell me? Piss poor. Maybe it's game where I'm left to work it out.

    I was only thinking of Steve Harley the other day, someone asked me what my favourite gig of all time has been I couldn't say but could list a top 10 and Steve Harley was in it. My one and only time of seeing him was at A New Day festival 2021. I was not a fan, just someone who quite liked what he had heard on the radio. He was wonderful. He struck me as a truly warm human being and the most perfect end to any festival I have ever been to . He gave a wonderfully warm and emotional experience at a time when we had been through the toughest times and lost loved ones and now we could see the light at the end of the tunnel , it was still scary but we were mixing with people again. It was one of those rare moments when I had no real expectations of performance and was totally knocked out. It was a rare and special moment. Myself and my wife promised ourselves to see him again, unfortunately we never did. I don't often feel that emotional at the passing of people I never met however Steve Harley due to the time I spent watching him in that field at that time is one of them.

    Were big Ray fans. He helped us through lockdown. We saw him in Genesis and once after about 20 years ago. We have all his albums. Wish he would play over here again .

    I saw them tonight at the Symphony Hall in Birmingham. Absolutely brilliant. I was only 11 in '73 and hadn't yet heard of Genesis. Having seen a fair bit on youtube the singer had PGs mannerisms off pat the others were spot on. Just brilliant to see what the show would have looked like. Now having seen this excellent recreation, I'm more certain than ever that Peter Gabriel is the best frontman of all time.